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Unleash Your Unique Beauty: Dressing for Your Body Type

Unleash Your Unique Beauty: Dressing for Your Body Type

Unlock the Secrets of Your Diamond Body Type

Here at Queen Anna House of Fashion, we believe that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and when it comes to you, you are the first beholder of yourself. So it is imperative that when you look in the mirror, you first believe that you look good, so that will, in turn, make you feel good.

No matter how nutritious apples and pears are for us, we think that you’re even more special than that, and that's why we scraped the fruit and redesigned our way of thinking to be focused on your unique brilliance; unique and beautiful just like a diamond. Our innovative diamond body shape concept empowers you to make fashion choices that celebrate your individuality and elevate your style ensuring a effortless increase in your personal style and allowing you to have fun getting dressed no matter where life leads you. 

Silhouettes of a Woman Body Types

  • Radiant Diamond Types: Symbolizing a balanced and proportionate body shape, this diamond type lays the groundwork for achieving a harmonious look.
  • Trillion Diamond Types: With broader shoulders and a narrower waist, the trillion type creates a strong, triangular silhouette and emphasizes the importance of balancing proportions.
  • Heart Diamond Types: Featuring a smaller upper body and wider hips, this diamond type encourages you to enhance curves and embrace a romantic style.
  • Princess Diamond Types: Defined by a rectangular body shape, the princess type aims to create the illusion of curves and add visual interest to the figure.
  • Emerald Diamond Types: Representing a fuller, voluptuous figure, this diamond type highlights embracing and accentuating curves while maintaining a balanced and stylish appearance. 

Each woman encompasses one of the five diamond types with the potential to encompass trait of more than one diamond, making your body type that much more unique. Each diamond type has a distinct trait, but before we jump right in, we want to be sure to note that not every trait will always fit; this is not a cookie-cutter template but one that will lay a foundation to understand your body type and how to dress in any setting with your diamond type (pun intended).

General Styling Tips for Any Diamond Body Type
Understanding your diamond type can help you make better fashion choices that align with your body and personal style. Here are a few general tps and tricks for dressing for your body type:
  1. Choose garments that emphasize your assets. Focus on clothes that highlight your best features and draw attention away from any areas you feel less confident about.
  2. Balance proportions. Aim for a harmonious silhouette by balancing the top and bottom halves of your body, creating visual interest and an overall sense of balance.
  3. Experiment with colors and patterns. Don't be afraid to play with different colors, patterns, and textures to create a unique, personal style that reflects your personality and preferences.
  4. Invest in quality wardrobe staples. Having versatile, high-quality pieces in your wardrobe can make dressing for your body shape easier and more enjoyable. 
One Posh Closet and Queen Anna House of Fashion
Your Fashion Partners in Style

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of your diamond body shape and transform your style? Explore our virtual styling services at One Posh Closet and the stunning merchandise at Queen Anna House of Fashion today, and let your journey to embracing your diamond body shape click here to chat more.

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Our Solidarity Against Racism and Injustice

Our Solidarity Against Racism and Injustice

It has indeed been too long and too much going on since you last heard from me.
I am sure many of you follow us on social (and if you don't, this is your chance to catch up @queenannaliving on every platform). You know that we were closed for two entire months only being able to serve you through our virtual experiences, curbside pick-ups from the website, and app purchases (Queen Anna Fashion iOS and Queen Anna Living in the Google Play Store).
Queen Anna house of Fashion App
We undoubtedly tripled our digital content to stay connected with you and deliver the Queen Anna Experience that so many of you are used to with your in-store experiences. I hope that you all enjoyed the virtual masterclasses that we created for you so that while you were at home cleaning closets and drawers, you were also to take advantage of maximizing your closets and wardrobes as well as honing in on your style.

We finally got a chance to open after the pandemic, and then another tragedy happened right in our back doors and from it spawned protests and destructive vandalism and then for the safety of my team and our clients we closed, yet again.
As I sit writing this blog today, I have to have a transparent moment and say that I am not ok. I feel like I am living in a horrific episode of The Twilight Zone, and all I want to do is wake up and go back to my peaceful and semi-worry free, and organized life.

The recent injustices occurring to George Floyd and put on display for the world to see has been traumatic; not just for me but for anyone who has seen the video of the police brutality that he experienced that ended his life. If you have seen it, I think it is safe to assume that you were affected and are working through your sentiments around it, but it has sparked something in me that I am excited to recreate for you, Queen Anna style.

Michelle Obama

We have always focused our social media content and our brand partnerships around Fashion, Philanthropy Culture, Health, and Wellness. Now, when we focus on the philanthropy pillar, we will undoubtedly be zeroing in on the social justice space because I see the need to spend a lot more of my time giving back in that sector, and it would hold to the ethos of who we are.

Being raised by my great grandmother, who was born in 1911, she experienced and endured The Civil Rights Movement and peacefully protested her entire adult life. Being a part of those experiences, one takeaway I gathered from it was that if I didn't stand for something, I would fall for anything. And even if you have to go the unchartered path alone, if it is moving the needle towards the results you are advocating for, then it makes the ups and downs, highs and lows worth it.
My Great Grandmother was a trailblazer in advocating for people of color and often times the only African American at the table fighting for change. Growing up she often reminded me that things remain unchanged until the appointed change agent comes in to pave the way for others to follow (#enterscene Queen Anna). 

Anna Whitten image

Queen Anna House of Fashion, without question or hesitation, is taking a stance to advocate for the equality of black and brown people in America. Through the end of June, we will donate a portion of our sales to the George Floyd Fund for the benefit of his 6-year-old daughter Gianna.

We also will be facilitating several virtual experiences for you to take part in because I genuinely believe that silence on injustice on any level, only perpetuates the systemic problem.
As the owner of QA, I refuse to go back to business as usual. Instead, we plan to facilitate a series of discussions that will be somewhat uncomfortable (for some) but well overdue and necessary.
Nicole and Anna Whitten
I have had the honor of standing by my great grandmother's side to stand on matters that not only impact us but the world we live in, and if she is the muse behind the brand, it only fits that Queen Anna House of Fashion follows suit. We aspire to empower you to uncover, define, and own your style, but we will also be encouraging you to share your truths, stories, and experiences with the injustices that they have experienced or been witness to because stories lead to conversation and conversation lead to knowledge and change.

At this very moment, we will be focusing on empowering people (specifically women) in the black and brown communities on using their voice as their weapon. We want you to share stories about social prejudices and inequalities that many don't know or experience. We to shake up the status quo of out of sight out of mind because a positive change in our communities and our nation must happen.

Don't worry. We will still be showing you how to style the unique designer brands that we carry in the store and be on the lookout for the new brands we bring into QA to keep you looking and feeling unique, luxurious, and beautiful. This week we will be focusing on sharing the philanthropic work and inspired looks of Beyonce Knowles Carter. Who runs the world? Girls!

So get ready to be empowered and inspired to not only level up your look but also your ability to take action in something bigger than you that impacts the world.

Until next time, bye-bye!

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