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Silhouettes of a Woman: Vanessia N.

Silhouettes of a Woman: Vanessia N.

Say hello to the fabulous, Vanessia! Vanessia is a dear friend to us here at Queen Anna. She modeled for us during our Silhouettes of the City fashion show and has provided her exceptional makeup services for countless photo shoots. We're thrilled to be able to share the makeup of her silhouette with you.

Name: Vanessia Norris

Occupation: Massage Therapist, Esthetician and Makeup Artist

The Makeup of your Silhouette: I'm a healer

How would you describe your ideal style? 
My ideal style is anything that Janelle Monáe wears.

Now, what’s your style actually?... 
I would have to say that my actual style is a little more sporty and athleisure.

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you? 
I love my ability to remain calm and grounded in most situations.

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna? 
My favorite Queen Anna purchases are those that have been gifted to others!

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What Type of Tea Are You?

What Type of Tea Are You?

 I was told a story today, and the person said that people are like teabags. Some come wrapped better and even smell better, but sometimes the ones that you would never pick up off the shelf are the ones that are the best when put in hot water. You see, when a tea bag is placed in hot water, the genuine essence filters out. The longer the teabag sits in hot water, the stronger the taste will become, and the tea bag can no longer blend in and look like the rest.

All of that to say, just like you, we’re all presumably in some degree of "hot water." Whether it’s with your business, health, finances, employment, and more. I believe some people have  “hotter" water than others. Still, nevertheless, the true essence of who we are as people is starting to emerge. I wanted to say “emerge like never before," but I can't do that because that wouldn't be true. We are a nation built on trials and tribulations, and some people made our classroom history books because of the positive "essence" that they left behind. Then there are others...who made the history books for the opposite.

After hearing the Governor speak on Wednesday, and hearing the data around COVID-19, the things needed to "lower the curve," him requesting that all schools stay closed until May 4th (last day for my children is May 31st), it hit me, we are making history. We’re about to land in the updated version of our children's social studies books. One thing to remember though is that even after everything that happened, big or small, economic or other….WE ARE STILL HERE AND STILL STANDING.

I was raised by my great grandmother (Queen Anna for those who may not know) who was born in 1921 and had the opportunity to experience The Great Depression, Brown versus Board of Education, sit-ins, boycotts, Freedom Ride, voter registration rally, countless civil rights leaders assassinated, the stock market crash, September 11 and everything in between. I have to say even in my "hot water" no matter how hot it gets my destination to greatness on any level will not change. My course, strategy, and methods will be different than I initially thought, but the end result will still be the same. I refuse to believe that because I need to close my business doors that I need to fire all my staff, cancel orders, and close up shop. What it does mean is that I need to operate as lean as possible and become creative and innovative in ways to give my clients what they need.

As the leader of two businesses, and co-leader with my husband of my family, I operate with a tremendous weight on my shoulders. My weight might be different, but it's still substantial. Your weight is your weight, and it's still heavy, but it doesn't mean you can't handle the load. Do I extend my hand washing routine to a second round of the ABC song to make sure I’m doing my part to keep everyone around me safe? AB-solutely. But it also means I’m leading by example and acknowledging the fact that something is going on around us but not letting the world's fleeting need to stock up on toilet paper, scare me into thinking the world is coming to an end, and neither can you. We need to make sure that when it is all said and done, and the history books are printed that what you’re being recorded doing is something to benefit those connected to you and making a positive difference in which it’s felt in humanity.

As a business owner, managing a brick and mortar (that has had to close) created to empower and encourage women to find their fashionable selves through education style and fashion, an e-commerce site, as well as a full-service experiential boutique that offers a luxury fashion concierge that virtually styles clients and makes fashion accessible and fun again, AND I have four little humans that need (and deserve) me to morph into a homeschool teacher is unrealistic. I learned a long time ago that nothing great is accomplished alone and didn't come at a high cost. My team affords me the ability to be who I need to be for my brand, our clients, and the mission to empower women. Still, even more, they allow me to be where I’m needed the most, and that’s instilling everything I have into my four humans with any time that I have. Will I be making changes to be fiscally responsible and operating much "leaner?" Yes, but the mission of empowering women through fashion will not stop. Queen Anna House of Fashion and One Posh Closet brick the mortar locations will be closed MOMENTARILY. Still, we’ll be offering virtual facetime styling sessions and offering all products and services virtually and online.

When I think of my "WHY" as it relates to the creation of Queen Anna as well as Posh, I have to say that failure will never be an option. Failure to me is throwing in the towel, quitting, or walking away. To put it in perspective, my Queen lived 95 long years and experienced textbook-like history. Her life history and experiences remind me that I can stand steadfast and immovable and look COVID-19 straight in the eye and say, "I WAS CREATED FOR THIS." "YOU AREN'T THE FIRST, AND YOU WON'T BE THE LAST, TO TRY TO TAKE ME OUT AND THAT'S OK BECAUSE VICTORY IS IN MY BLOOD." "I WILL NEVER STOP AND I WILL NEVER QUIT!" I say that with such conviction because I know the part that I’m playing in the more enormous scope of things is not about me but about the people that my team and businesses serve.

I want to encourage anyone who thinks their hot water is too much to handle, you have to remember the same thing: You were created for this, it's not the first struggle. It won't be the last, YOU GOT THIS! Will it be easy, NOPE, but as history suggests, there’s an end, and when it’s all over, what will the history books say about you?

Now, after all that Shop Queen Anna's 25% off Social Shopping Sale, join us for our social distance shopping experience this weekend, our webinars and masterclasses….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 JK... Kinda

No, but in all seriousness, make sure you are supporting small businesses because we need you just as much as you need the services that we provide. Do your part to keep our economy secure during this challenging time. Remember, you have a page in history, and you get the chance to create your narrative. Be remembered for doing something great, and let your teabag leave a positive lasting impression on the world and community in which you live.


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How to Stay Stylish While Working from Home

How to Stay Stylish While Working from Home

Recognizing that working from home is likely a shift in routine from your normal; to help prepare for these changes in our everyday lives, the Style Team here at Queen Anna wants to help you remain stylish and chic even when working remotely at home all while taking the proper precautions to preserve the health of you and your family. Because we know that when you feel good, you do good.

We know, we know,  it's super tempting to stay in your pajamas all day. While that may happen the first few days, even that gets a little old and stale. It’s important to still feel good and confident while you’re working at home. 

Figuring out what to wear while working from home for several days in a row may be a new concept for you, so our stylists have you covered. We’re sharing our top tips on how to stay stylish and build a mini wardrobe capsule while working remotely from home.

Decide the #mood of your day 

Do you have a virtual meeting with your team? Do you have administrative work to do for most of the day? Do you have a virtual conference call? Determine what type of day you want to have. Is it #comfy, #needalltheconfidence or #slayallday. It still stands that clothing is an expression of how you feel or want to feel. This works for your style while working remotely at home too.

WFH Casual Chic vs. WFH Virtual Presence  

WFH Casual Chic is for the days you are mostly solo without back to back virtual conferencing or team meetings. The goal is to make you feel put together enough to be productive, yet comfortable enough to be in your own home.

Here are a few pieces that work great for WFH Casual Chic:

WFH Virtual Presence Style is for the day’s other people will see you. While of course, you do not run your life on the opinions of others, you consider how you may want to show up in different settings. Let’s say you have a virtual meeting with your team, a virtual conference or maybe it’s a really important sales call, this would be the time to select pieces of clothing where you want to channel more power, credibility, and confidence. 

Create your WFH Capsule 

You can avoid overwhelm and decision fatigue by creating a mini-capsule for your work from home attire. This would be about 7-10 clothing and accessory pieces that you can mix and match together to create your WFH outfits. The way to build it is from the bottom layer up (beyond undergarments). Select about 3 tops, 1 bottom, 1 dress (or another bottom), 1 jacket and 1 accessory. You can choose a color theme that allows these pieces to mix and match together. Check out an example of a wardrobe capsule below.

We hope this guide helps you while you are navigating the unplanned work from home days. If you have any questions or would like help to build your WFH Capsule, send us a quick note at clientservices@queenanna.co    

Shop the “Work From Home” and “Video Conference Style” Collections. 

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Fit For a Queen Event Recap & Queen Anna's Next Big Thing

Fit For a Queen Event Recap & Queen Anna's Next Big Thing

One of my favorite past times is reading. And I'm not talking about magazines or small fiction dramas; not that there's anything wrong with that by any means, but I feel like my life is eventful enough that I have taken a love to books that are the exact opposite of excitement or drama. The bigger the book, the better for me. Books that resemble encyclopedias excite me the most. I often have a difficult time proving that I really am winding down and relaxing when I'm surrounded by gigantic books, mounds of sticky notes, and a pack of my favorite highlighters. A relaxed state to me often looks like a scientific research project to others, nevertheless, I enjoy it, and it makes me happy, soooooo… #shrug

I needed to start with that little nugget of information because... I recently read a book called “How Full is Your Bucket” by Tom Rath. Most people know of him from the Strength Finders series that has transformed the way that many see leadership and how they maximize the strengths of their teams. I, too, am an avid believer and fan.

In his most recent book, he focuses on making every interaction meaningful, filling “the cup of others” and making sure that you too remain filled through your daily interactions. 

I found it applicable in so many ways that I ended up using it as my daughter’s pre-game volleyball speech and now, here, in this week's blog. I believe many of us go through life “just living,” which is perfectly fine if that's what you want to do. I think the calling on my life is much higher than everyday traditional living. I know that my decisions and choices affect the things and people I'm connected to, so I try to be as thoughtful as possible in how I spend my time and energy. 

Losing my granny, even at the age of 95, reminded me of something that we all know but rarely think about. Time is a currency that you can’t earn, and once spent, you can never get it back, and the most intriguing thing is that it's held in a bank that refuses to tell you the balance until it hits zero.  

That's why it's so important to us that our clients know that we understand that their time is valuable and that everything that they leave with, whether tangible or not, is something that will be able to be used for years to come. We want every interaction that our clients have with QA to feel like they have been “filled” from the experience that they had with us at QA. 

I want our clients to know and trust that our team values their time and the fact that they're investing it with us. We want every interaction that our clients have with us to feel like they have been “filled” with a memorable experience when they come to QA. 

We recently hosted an event with Allure, an intimates apparel boutique, where they can came in and taught our clients about undergarments and received updated bra measurements. Every year we plan our events after asking a series of strategic questions to our clients. We concluded that we could bring value to our clients by partnering with a specialty boutique to come in and educate our clients about the things that hold us in place, our bras! 

Fit For a Queen: Allure X Queen Anna















I was just as excited about it as our clients. I was shocked to find out that I've been wearing the wrong bra size for the past who knows how long, and when I found out the correct size I couldn’t believe that the bras that I was wearing could even fit! 👀 That’s a different blog for a different day, but know that having Allure at QA was a legitimate game-changer for me and my wardrobe. 

As women, we often try to dress our outer being without thinking about our inner selves, not realizing that our inner directly dictates what happens on the outside. I tell everyone, you can look at my outfit and tell exactly how I feel on any particular day. If you see me in an oversized hoodie and sweat pants, my leather jacket, hat, AND glasses, that means I need a hug, chocolate, and my favorite bottle of Domaine Serene pinot noir. My undergarments in this situation wouldn’t be an issue because being 100% honest, I'm probably not wearing a bra. #facts

Now, if you see me in my Maison de Papillion silk slip dress, it would be safe to assume that I am feeling good from the inside out.

Maison De Papillon Silk shift dress















I'll have put thought into all of the “details” including the undergarments. I like to think of my undergarments like my very own personal “railroad” system. It keeps my body in place and directs my clothes where to go and where not to grab. My commando shorts and my newest perfectly sized Allure bra keeps me and my silk dress sitting pretty. 

Commando Classic Control














Since I want you to sit pretty too, here are a few of the most eye-opening things that I learned during our time with Allure:

  1. Never wear your bra more than 2 days in a row because it stretches out, and it needs time to rebound back to its standard shape. 
  2. Hand washing is best for your bras, but if you need to was them do so on gentle and in a small lingerie bag on a gentle cycle and with a delicate soap made for lingerie. 
  3. Your bra strap in the back should go in a straight line across the back of you. Smiles are made for faces, so take a mirror in hand and check the back of your bras and make sure they have a nice resting neutral face looking back at you. 😐
  4. Your straps should not be able to be pulled more than 2 inches from your body, and if they do, then you should tighten them and watch “The Lift” happen before your eyes; I was so moved I felt like I was watching the sunrise. 
  5. Snapping your bra on the first hook and only tightening as needed with the wear of your bra over time. If you have to have your bra on the very last hook, it might be time to invest in a new bra from our lovely friends at Allure. 

The information that we gleaned from them seriously changed my life. I left the event two cup sizes bigger than when I arrived, and two band sizes smaller; MIND-BLOWING! 

We strive to offer events that we know that our clients will leave with an increased knowledge of a particular area of fashion as it relates to them and be able to walk away with easy to implement skills. 

Our clients value being self-sufficient in their daily fashion walk, and we host events with valuable skills to assist with building their fashion and style knowledge. The next event we will host will be during Minnesota Fashion Week and will be April 26th here at Queen Anna House of Fashion from 3p-5p. 

I will be hosting it with my Super Bowl Champion, now bodybuilder, husband Greg. He now has a better understanding of the pain that I feel when my favorite jeans no longer fit. Although purposeful, he has a better understanding of what it takes to get dressed, knowing his body is evolving.

We are going to be coming to you with the beginning of our style series with “Style for Days: Creating a Capsule Wardrobe for an Evolving Body.” He and I will be discussing the dynamics between the way I have to buy and maintain my wardrobe to deal with the evolution of my body versus his purposeful dilemma of gaining weight for bodybuilding and having to adjust his wardrobe. I'm biased, but I have to admit, my guy has SWAG for days, so it's interesting to see him have to put more thought into getting dressed.

It'll be the first time that we have worked together in this capacity, and I am excited to be able to share both perspectives with you. I'm even more excited to share with you my better half, who completely balances every side of me, which has never been done in front of an audience before, so I'm excited to see what that looks like all by itself!

I can’t wait to share and stay tuned for all of the fun behind the scenes things we have lined up for this exciting series!

Until next time, bye-bye!


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Office Fashion: 4 Workwear Pieces to be 9 to 5 Chic

Office Fashion: 4 Workwear Pieces to be 9 to 5 Chic

A new year brings new looks to both your personal and workwear wardrobe. This year we invite you to add a few new additions to your "business casual" collection. We've rounded up four pieces that allow you to up your office style game by injecting new trends and styles that make you feel confident and work for your body.

Trench Coat

One of the most practical items in your closet. The classic trench coat effortlessly transcends seasons and is a key piece of work clothing. Typically seen as a topcoat, this season take it a step further with a sleeveless trench. This playful take on a classic look allows for a patterned blouse to be paired underneath, or if long enough rock the trench as a dress - just add a pair of shoes!

We love this new sleeveless trench coat by J.ING. Featuring an oversized collar, double-breasted closure, and a belted waist, this trench is just as flattering as it is fun.


J.ING Exposure Sleeveless Trench Coat

For those in need of a full-sleeve coat check out this dreamy lavender raincoat by SOIA & KYO. The large hood creates a dramatic effect on the shoulders and the stretch-cotton, water repellent fabric will keep you dry on those rainy days.


SOIA & KYO Mist "Arabella" Rainwear Coat


A tried and true staple, give your blazer game an update. This season we're looking at vibrant jewel tones, silks and satins, and exaggerated shoulders - all of which make quite the statement.

First up, a classic and clean blazer by Amanda Uprichard. Truly a timeless piece that will go the distance in your closet. The crisp ivory is perfect for spring and easily pairs with all of your favorite trousers, plus it makes those vibrant work shirts pop!


Amanda Uprichard Shawl Collar Blazer

Next, we can't get enough of this yummy hue! LA-based Allen Schwartz created the most modern (must-have!) suit for the season. Made with a matte satin in a teal blue, this suit is sure to command the board room.

Wear the blazer or pant separately - they're stunning on their own. Paired together, the oversized fit of the blazer and the wide leg trouser make it an extremely comfortable choice for 9 to 5 chicness. For those who love a classic full suit this one's for you.


Allen Schwartz "Wesley" Blazer and "Ty" Wide Leg Pants

Looking for business attire that will make a statement? Vogue suggests a monochrome suit look or an oversized black blazer. Classic.

Leather Jacket

If you've read any of our previous blog posts, watched our series Q&A with QA or if you follow us on social media @queenannaliving then you know that we love a good leather jacket.

At Queen Anna, we carry Bano eeMee's collection of leather jackets and vests. The Canadian leather designer is known for its ethically-sourced and beautifully made leather goods.

A piece that you'll treasure forever, many wouldn't think of a leather jacket as typical workwear, but don't rule it out just yet. This year go beyond the classic moto jacket silhouette and look for a leather jacket in a blazer cut, tunic or even a crop.

A couple of our Bano eeMee favorites include a striking silver perforated jacket with three-quarter sleeves and hidden snap detailing and a collared crop jacket in a rich teal with snap buttons and side slit detail. Both stunning, both oh-so-different. The tunic is ideal for popping on over silk shell and slim-leg pant, while the cropped jacket can be worn over a sheath dress.

For an off-duty weekend look pair your leather jacket with your workout clothes and go from yoga to brunch and beyond. You can't go wrong!


Bano eeMee "Ayla" Jacket


Bano eeMee "Kor" Jacket

Shirt Dress / Duster

Rounding out our top workwear picks, the shirt dress. As Net-A-Porter also shares, the shirt dress should be on your wear to work radar this year.

Perfect for the warmer months in the office, a silky sleek shirt dress is effortlessly chic. It's a one and done look that fits into your summer lifestyle.

Our top pick is this bright citron short sleeve shirt dress by One Fell Swoop. With a tie waist and midi-length, it's both flattering and office appropriate. Pair it with your favorite espadrilles or wedges during the week or dress it down on a casual Friday with your go-to sneakers.

Another option, create a totally new look by wearing the shirt dress as a duster over a simple t-shirt and slacks. We're all for versatile pieces that work for you.


One Fell Swoop Forme Short Sleeve Shirt Dress with Tie 

How many pieces of clothing do you actually wear in your closet? It might be time to consider building a capsule wardrobe. If you're looking for assistance, let our stylists help you navigate the world of women's work attire.

Specializing in contemporary women's clothing, here at Queen Anna we're here to help you build a stylish and practical everyday wardrobe. Stop by our North Loop boutique or shop online at queenanna.co and enjoy free shipping.

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Silhouettes of a Woman: Kayla O.

Silhouettes of a Woman: Kayla O.

Say hello to Kayla! Kayla is a fellow North Loop business owner and someone we're thrilled to have as an amazing client. She was also a model in our Silhouettes of the City fashion show during FWMN last spring. Learn more about this boss lady's silhouette...

Name: Kayla O'Rourke

Occupation: Owner of The Bar Method. A barre studio in the North Loop 

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Mom, wife, business owner and friend

How would you describe your ideal style? 
My ideal style is classy and chic, but most certainly not boring! :)

Now, what’s your style actually?... 
I would say my style is actually the same as my ideal style. I like my outfits to be a mixture of classic and chic pieces. 

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you? 
I love my perseverance and work ethic. I never give up!

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna? 
My favorite piece is what I wore in the Queen Anna Silhouettes of the City fashion show! Along with the amazing Wish Australia duster vest in a beautiful bronze color that I purchased in the fall. 

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5 Must-Have Pieces for your 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

5 Must-Have Pieces for your 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

It's a new year and with that, we usher in a new decade. This year we look to the 2020 clothing trends to identify our latest closet must-have pieces and what, if anything, should be added into the rotation.

When building a capsule wardrobe there are a few things to consider... What do I already have? What do I have that needs to be replaced? What do I need to add to my closet entirely?

If you're looking to create a capsule wardrobe for the first time, check out our recent post on how to get started with a capsule wardrobe and build off those initial timeless pieces.

Now, if you're looking to refresh your current closet, let's jump right in. Here are five pieces to add to your 2020 capsule wardrobe.

Travel-Friendly Blazer

Jet-setters rejoice! We have found the ultimate travel blazer. Wish Australia's collection of travel-friendly blazers are equally comfortable and stylish. Plus, their tailored, slim-fit design doesn't add bulk to your look.

From the board room to the airport lounge, these jackets look polished and professional without sacrificing comfort.

Wish Australia Persuit Jacket

Updated Trench Coat

A top 2020 fashion pick, the updated trench coat. While a classic trench coat is always a good idea, this season look for a sleeveless trench (like this beauty from J.ING)  that can be worn multiple ways - add tights or leggings and wear as a dress or pair with a turtleneck and trousers for a chic workwear look.

J.ING Exposure Sleeveless Trench Coat

Remix the Classic T-Shirt or Sweater

Every closet must-have a basic white t-shirt, even better, the softest white t-shirt. Our favorite basic t-shirts are from Commando.

Made from luxurious European model blends, their selection of tank tops, t-shirts and long-sleeves will take you from season to season. We love the Commando Covet Oversized Tee in the winter. It can easily be worn under your favorite cardigan or on its own due to its drapey look.

For those that have already found that perfect white tee, opt for updating your white button-down shirt, a wardrobe staple.

Covered in the classic white shirt department? Take inventory of your sweaters. Neutral hues in cashmere are the perfect way to get you through the cold weather months and great for transitional temperatures. If you're looking for something a little bolder, check out a classic crewneck cut in a color blocking or two-tone pattern.

Either way, you can't go wrong. Both the classic crewneck sweater and t-shirt are must-have wardrobe-essentials.

Maison de Papillon "Ronika" Colorblock Sweater

Silk Dress

Fashion trends come and go, but the LBD is here to stay. This year invest in a timeless piece that can be layered, worn alone, dressed up, dressed down... the options are endless with a silk black dress. With a flattering length that hits just below the knee, this dreamy Maison De Papillon tank dress can be worn all year round.

Maison de Papillon "Therese" Silk Slip Dress

Leather Pants

Joggers, cropped flares, leggings, trousers, you name it, we love it when it comes to leather pants. As one of the main 2019/2020 clothing trends, leather has taken over.

A seasonal favorite here at Queen Anna, pleated leather trousers. Complete with pleats and leather-feel the J.ING Yooni Faux Leather Cropped Trouser provides all of the chic. The edgy pants pair perfectly with a simple turtleneck, button-down blouse or sweater.

Really loving leather? Level up your look ever further by mixing and matching leather separates - throw on a faux leather moto jacket, or accessorize with a leather micro bag for a fun winter outfit.

Feeling good about your winter style and the capsule wardrobe you've built for the season? Look ahead to spring styles, including an updated denim jacket (dark wash denim, anyone?), vibrant fluro pieces and leathers in pretty spring shades.

As always, shop our curated selection of women's clothing on queenanna.co, in our mobile app or visit our North Loop Minneapolis boutique.


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Silhouettes of a Woman: Tenzin C.

Silhouettes of a Woman: Tenzin C.

Say hello to Tenzin! Tenzin is one of our fabulous clients who participated in our spring fashion show, Silhouettes of the City. Learn more about her silhouette...

Name: Tenzin Chokey "Chuki"

Occupation: Dental Hygienist

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Daughter, Mother, Career Woman

How would you describe your ideal style? 
My ideal style would be if I could dress up everyday!

Now, what’s your style actually?... 
I don't get to dress up every day, as I have to wear scrubs on the weekdays, but I enjoy dressing up on the weekends (when possible!).

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you? 
I love my spontaneity!

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna? 
My favorite piece is the "Simone" asymmetrical top by Allen Schwartz. It's fabulous!

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Silhouettes of a Woman: Style Masterclass Recap

Silhouettes of a Woman: Style Masterclass Recap

Are you a pear shape or an apple shape? Have you ever heard that question before to describe your body shape? While it’s understandable and even relative, I think it’s time to move on to a different way of describing the unique shapes of our bodies.

In 2019, Queen Anna House of Fashion launched a movement coined “Silhouettes of a Woman." This movement was created to celebrate womanhood at every stage of life continually. Our mission is to help women positively embrace who they are and every silhouette, while also exposing societal imposed barriers and breaking-free of the mental limitations we place on ourselves as women. 

We aim to empower, embrace and encourage one another to be comfortable with our authentic self regardless of shape, size, race, and roles we fill every day. 

To move forward with our mission, on Thursday, September 19th, we launched our very first Silhouettes of a Woman Style Masterclass: How to Dress for your Body Type, to help shift the perception & relationship we have with our bodies. By using empowered language, kind adjectives, and diamond shapes as our new body type descriptors, we hosted an intimate group of women to share our evolving journey and how we can continue to stylishly dress our bodies.

queen anna style masterclass

It was an evening of raw vulnerability, wardrobe liberation, and creative inspiration on how clothing can positively impact how we feel & decide to show up in the world. Finding what works for our body does not have to feel like a daunting or overwhelming chore. The combination of understanding personal fit, preference and style provides clarity that will save you time and money daily.

queen anna style masterclass

We look forward to continuing our style masterclass series and breaking barriers, one stylish session at a time. 

queen anna style masterclass

If you are interested in learning about our next style class send us an email at contact@queenanna.co. Limited spaces are available.

Learn more about Silhouettes of a Woman and check out our recent Silhouettes of the City Fashion Show.

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