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An Editorial View: Live This Summer Like A Queen

An Editorial View: Live This Summer Like A Queen

June 21st is the official date for the summer equinox. Most are already in a summer state of mind with the opening of pool season, school out, kids summer camp schedules starting or possibly opening your cabins for the first time this season. 

For those of us who live in cold weather, states will be in official countdown mode. June 21st is the one day this year where we will get the most extended amount of daylight, but will officially be decreasing in sunlight after that.

Having snow on the ground a little over a month ago, to now having rays of Vitamin D coming at me left and right, I want to make sure I take the time to enjoy the short time we "Mid-Westerners" have of summer. 

Here are a few things I am I am doing to make sure I enjoy summer like a Queen should this summer:

1. Poolside Dance Party

There is nothing more fun than being with friends or family, turning on music and having a dance party. It's an absolute summer must!


   2. Outdoor Reading

One of my favorite past times is reading. I have a love for knowledge, so my books of choice are all business based or on non-fiction systematics (outside of my InStyle, Vogue, Ebony and O Magazine). And when I say books, I mean REAL books; ones that you hold in your hand and have to flip the pages, not swipe. 

I have yet to experience literary mental stimulation outside in the sun, with a cold beverage of choice and without out background noise. I haven't done it yet, but it is definitely in the queue.


3. Taking a Walk

I am always rushing off somewhere (generally because I am always late) but I can't remember the last time I leisurely walked anywhere. Even when I am walking outside, I have a destination and purpose in mind. 

I am looking forward to taking a Sunday and walking downtown in the Northloop of Minneapolis, just to brunch and explore. Not only is the Northloop home to Queen Anna, but also home to amazing trails, food, and shopping.

If you're in Minneapolis you should make the trek too; every Sunday through Labor day, Queen Anna will be hosting its summer series Muffins and Mimosas and partnering with various Minneapolis based vendors to display the best of Minneapolis throughout the summer. Not to forget, we also host bi-monthly yoga classes for all of the interested yogi's out there; destination shopping at it's best. 

Outdoor Voices Yoga Dress  Perfect for Yoga at QA and Brunch afterward

 4. Taking a Nap

As absurd as it sounds trust me...JUST DO IT!

I was anti-catnap for years and one day sitting in the car line at school, and as cliche, as it sounds, it just happened. 15 minutes of sitting still and quietude and I was asleep. It must have been instant REM sleep because I woke up feeling refreshed and energized for what was going to be a Part 2, to the day I already started at 5:45 a.m.

Next time I plan on multiplying my cat nap by 4 and take it outside, with a refreshing beverage and underneath an umbrella. #Royalliving


Slip Eye Covers- I love them because they help my lashes stay put in the midst of my cat nap.

There is nothing more fulfilling than living a royal life and doing it with the people that matter the most, so whatever your summer intentions are may they be Royal and make you feel like you are living life like a Queen!



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