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Designer Spotlight: The Classics

Designer Spotlight: The Classics

Our Queen Anna royal family is filled with designers we admire and we’re delighted to welcome The Classics Paris.

Founders and co-owners, Sarah and Sara believe in the versatility of outfits while they pack to do what they love most, which is to travel. That became the passion behind their line: creating pieces that were convenient for every occasion and sensible to pack in their suitcases. Feeling like they should be prepared for any occasion, without the stress of having to pack so many outfits. Keeping both the idea of comfort and chic in mind, they began to create. The Classics was then born, over conversation and champagne.

Sara and Sarah are involved in the entire clothing creation process from sourcing to the completion of the final product. They ensure quality fabric and ethical working environments. The women of The Classics value having close relationships with each individual involved in the process of making their clothing designs come to life. The pieces are visually satisfying, they're comfortable and we just think they look amazing on. Each piece is 100 percent made in Paris. 

Below are some of the pieces we carry in-store.

The "Eloise" Tee 

The "Eleanor" Tee

"Antoinette" Dress

"Charlotte" shorts

"Amelie" skirt

"Aurore" Dress 


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