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Silhouettes of a Woman: The Ladies of Silhouettes of the City

Silhouettes of a Woman: The Ladies of Silhouettes of the City

Since we launched Silhouettes of a Woman we have been spotlighting the beautiful women that make up the movement. This month we'd like to share a group of amazing women who participated in our Silhouettes of the City fashion show, multiple Queen Anna House of Fashion photo shoots and so much more. Please say hello to these incredible ladies!


Name: Nicole Brown

Occupation: Software Engineering Program Manager

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Me, then daughter, sister, friend, mentor, multi-$M detail manager, and artist

How would you describe your ideal style? 
My ideal style is imperfectly me...

Now, what’s your style actually?... 
My actual style is an imperfect representation of my mood at any given moment that takes me from the gym to a gala and everything in between. So, whether I'm in my J's or 120 mm designer pumps, I'm comfortable. It displays creativity and attention to detail. 

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you? 
I love that I embrace all parts of me, which allows me to love from a place bigger than me and be authentic in all situations.

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna? 
What I'm currently wearing...

silhouettes of a woman

Name: Tara Stone

Occupation: Banking

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Mom, encourager, singer, teacher and business woman

How would you describe your ideal style? 
I would describe my ideal style as sleek, tailored, crisp, edgy and business couture. 

Now, what’s your style actually?... 
My actual style is a mix of edgy and tailored.

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you? 
I love my height!

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna? 

silhouettes of a woman

Name: Pam Milliren

Occupation: VC Operations Manager

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Mother and friend

How would you describe your ideal style? 
I would describe my ideal style as Jennifer Aniston mixed with Victoria Beckham and a bold edge. 

Now, what’s your style actually?... 
My actual style is super casual with a Queen Anna House of Fashion twist.

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you? 
I love my personality! I'm very easy going. 

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna? 
All of my purchases! One of my favorites is my grey ABLE jumpsuit.

silhouettes of a woman

Name: TaMica Tody

Occupation: Project Coordinator and Manager

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Mother of five (5) human beings, daughter, sister, boss-babe and artist

How would you describe your ideal style? 
I would describe my ideal style as unique, sexy, comfortable and stylish, of course!

Now, what’s your style actually?... 
My actual style is all of the above. I definitely wear what speaks to me and what I feel good in.

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you? 
I love that I am comfortable in my skin and with myself.

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna? 
Everything! Shoes, a Fifth Label dress, and lilac coat. Up next, a white jumpsuit and a silk, lilac wrap dress - I hope!

silhouettes of a woman


Name: Hillary Kline

Occupation: Senior Public Relations Specialist, On-Air Host, Emcee, Beauty Expert

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Curvy, Tall and Genuine

How would you describe your ideal style? 
I would describe my ideal style as classic and minimalistic. I really love flowy pieces with statement accessories, too. 

Now, what’s your style actually?... 
My style is a mix of colors and prints, but my signature style is and always will be, accessories. I feel out of sorts if I'm not rocking some sort of accessory. I'm a big believer of the phrase, "The bigger and bolder the better!"

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you? 
I really love my tenacity and my willingness to branch outside of my comfort zone. We oftentimes get stuck in our own ways and get complacent and I vow to myself to not do that. I continue to try to break the mold and crush stereotypes, all while being (and staying) authentic in who I am.

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna? 
Definitely my new Rachel Zoe bag from One Posh Closet. It's so hip and stylish. 

silhouettes of a woman


Name: Karen Preston-Cornelissen

Occupation: Nutritionist, Hospital Business Manager Nutrition

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Wife, mom, employee and self-employed

How would you describe your ideal style? 
I would describe my ideal style as J-Lo. I love her entertaining and daring fashion sense that's fun and fearless.

Now, what’s your style actually?... 
My actual style is sexy, elegant, and/or feminine edgy.

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you? 
I love that I believe in myself.

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna? 
My favorite purchase is my Allen Schwartz striped set and fun shoes too!

silhouettes of a woman karen p.c.


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Elevate and Amplify: A Black Business Experience

Elevate and Amplify: A Black Business Experience

Elevate and Amplify Black Business Experience 👑

There have been many Black-Owned Businesses that operated in excellence long before recent public recognition. As we navigate a new normal in the business marketplace, it is essential to continually recognize Black-Owned retail businesses that run their company with excellence even when no one is looking. Black companies deserve to be seen, heard, and met with equal opportunity. We want to create a platform to lift the presence of Black-Owned Businesses and turn up the volume for Black voices in the retail marketplace.

As I was preparing for this blog it was staggering the data that I found as it relates to Black Businesses in America. The Center for Responsible Lending, a nonprofit research and policy group, sounded alarms in April about the Paycheck Protection Program, estimating 95 percent of black-owned businesses and 91 percent of Latino-owned businesses were tiny companies with slim chances of receiving a loan in the initial round. Most of those companies are the owner’s primary source of income, according to the report.

"Elevate & Amplify: A Black Business Experience" was created to provide an accessible platform for all to experience Black- Owned businesses and services as well as allow for consumers to utilize these businesses as resources to fulfill their potential business or professional needs. This unique event will also be a resource for consumers as it will allow for them to gain access to a diverse group of businesses, their unique offerings as well as needed learning opportunities in breakout sessions that will be available within a VIP ticket purchase.

Thursday, August 27th through August 30th, join us for an elevated virtual experience with nation-wide Black-Owned businesses.

General Admission: FREE

  • Grants you access to all vendors virtual shopping booths.

VIP Ticket $50:

  • Virtual Swag Bag made up of free digital gifts from vendors and sponsors.
  • Access to workplace-based diversity and inclusion breakout sessions
  • Virtual mixers
  • Recording of the entire experience and the breakout sessions.
  • Shopping, Health and wellness demos, and more!

Break out sessions Included with VIP Ticket:

Thursday, August 27th

"The True Meaning of Diversity & Inclusion with a certified D&I Specialist."

Included with VIP ticket

Join us our DE&I Specialist as they unpacks what it truly means to incorporate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in your business, or organization.

People need new ways to think about and talk about diversity. Leaders need new skills to enable equity and inclusion in the workplace. And organizations need scalable ways to ensure that their diversity & inclusion initiatives avoid common mistakes and are solid and sustainable. 

"Amplifying the Experiences of Black Business Owners in the Twin Cities" 

Come out and hear what these Black entrepreneurs have to say about owning a business in the Twin Cities and their experiences of own triumphs and challenges and how they pull on their community as they strive for success as a Black business owner. Learn how you can do your part to support, uplift, and recognize companies right in your backyard. 

Join us as we hear from Black Business Owners in the Twin Cities as they share their realities and experiences "Owning a Business While Black."

 Saturday, August 29th

"Opening the Door to Uncomfortable but Necessary Conversations Round Table w/ Nicole Jennings."

Included with VIP ticket

Join the Owner and Founder of Queen Anna House of Fashion as she has a live roundtable on ways to properly engage in uncomfortable but necessary conversations surrounding race in the business setting.

Sunday, August 30th

"How to Create Impactful Allyship in Business"

Included with VIP ticket

Join us for a roundtable discussion with Black business owners as we answer a question that is being talked about around the world; " How to be an Ally" and doing so understanding what goes into being an impactful ally as it relates to business .


Be sure to join us for the first of many Black Business Experiences hosted by Queen Anna House of Fashion.

"Elevate & Amplify: A Black Business Experience"

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Empowering Graphic Tees can Elevate Your Mind

Empowering Graphic Tees can Elevate Your Mind

So much has gone on in 2020 and now we are into the second half of the year. I feel like the snow just melted and my humans just got out of school. In actuality my kids are (potentially) going back to school in less than 30 days, I am 75% through a brief summer due to COVID and being in the house and have not left the state of Minnesota in so many months I have lost track.

I think of the sunlight as this beautiful thing that makes the earth warm, helps flowers grow, and keeps me sane. Literally. I love waking up at 5 AM when the world and my house are still (and quiet) and I can enjoy the sunrise and find my center and intention for the day.

If the later doesn't occur, my day has a habit of finding a way of spiraling out of control and I go to bed feeling unaccomplished, regardless of how many fires I put out in one day.

When it came time to evaluate the current inventory assortment that we have available in Queen Anna, that is when I took the opportunity to incorporate empowerment t-shirts because I knew that given the day I might need to be reminded of one or all of the sayings on the shirts. Plus, if for some wild reason they haven’t appreciated the way that I appreciated them, they would still be great to look at hanging on the wall, any time of the year; but who am I kidding, that would never happen (would it?👀)

Resilient Tee

Between the empowerment graphic tees for daily and fashionable reminders about how resilient you are and what a phenomenal woman you are and the sequin masks to stand in for the sparkle from the sun on the days its none existent, I think we women are covered through the end of the year and we can look forward to starting 2021 out with a bigger and especially better start on the year.

By no means am I saying the year is over or throw in the towel (you all know that is not in my DNA) I just know how many of us had goals set for the year and how a New Year generally is equated to a fresh and clean start, and if that is you then our latest graphic tee and sequin mask collection is here to fill your joy reservoir until then.

I'm Gonna Win Tee

I believe that even though the year hasn't been what many of us had originally envisioned I am still able to find silver-linings woven throughout the entire first six months of 2020. Navigating life is 90% about your mindset and 10% of anything else you need to make it through. I have found myself reflecting on the things I played a part in and things that were out of my control and the difference in how I responded to the various situations regardless of how big or small always boils down to how I chose to look at the situation.

With the recent shift in listening ears to the voices of people of color, I have had the honor of telling portions of my life experiences as a Black Woman to people who really want to know how they can help and to others who want to unlearn what they once knew as normal in hopes of changing their mindset and outlook on the world around them; which has been wonderful.

With August being Black Business Month, we have decided to create yet another platform in which we will be Elevating and Amplifying not only Black Voices and Experiences but Black Businesses too!

Elevate & Amplify

So many people are being more thoughtful about where they are spending their resources and want to be more strategic in partnering with Black businesses but not sure how to start those conversations. Elevate & Amplify will be doing that and much more. I have been explaining it like a Black Business Marketplace meets Diversity and Inclusion Forum meets Networking, put into a Queen Anna House of Fashion blender, and then packaged with an elegant gold wrapping paper and a big red bow🎁.

We will be putting more information out within the coming week, but for now, make sure to hold space for us in your calendars because you are not going to want to miss the opportunity to surround yourself with these innovative and excellent Black-Owned Businesses.

Stay tuned! And until next time! Bye-Bye❤

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The Sisterhood of Queen Anna House of Fashion

The Sisterhood of Queen Anna House of Fashion

Queen Anna House of Fashion has always strived to build a community of strong women, a tight-knit sisterhood that includes the brands we carry, the stylists, and of course our clients; all of these crucial parts make Queen Anna House of Fashion what it is today.

This week, Queen Anna House of Fashion is continuing to celebrate women through their iconic style and talents. Hidden Figures, the inspirational story of three brilliant black women, Katherine Globe, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan who worked for NASA, and played a crucial role in the 60s American-Soviet space race.

The film follows racial and gender-based tensions in the workplace that the three hidden figures must overcome all while working in a segregated wing of the space station. It’s unfortunate that we haven’t learned about these women in our history classes; which is a part of the reason they are dubbed “hidden figures,” but Queen Anna House of Fashion is excited to help change that narrative and shed light on their incredible accomplishments but also some of our favorite looks worn by the strong actresses who play these three astonishing women. But first, let’s get into some of our favorite strong female business owners and brands that we are proud to carry and call a part of our sisterhood. 

Tah Bags is an exceptional handbag line that is one of our favorites at QA. Not only do they craft their bags using high-quality leather with solid brass details, but they also offer a lifetime warranty on all of their products; that’s how much they believe in their product! Owner, Angelina Marie, designs and produces all of her products, which is the definition of a boss lady! She has fine-tuned her designs to emulate a combination of quality and functional design while offering a durable product that stands the test of time. Versatility is also at the forefront of the Tah Bags designs, as many of the bags come with additional and convertible straps that allow for multiple uses. We love the message behind Tah Bags and the products they craft, they have definitely become apart of the fabric of the sisterhood at Queen Anna House of Fashion.

Maison de Papillon is another woman-owned brand that Queen Anna House of Fashion is proud to carry. Maison de Papillon is a collaborative luxury clothing line started by Danielle Salinas and Shriya Bisht Misra that is centered around effortlessly chic clothing designed to transition from travel and loungewear to ready-to-wear; all while keeping in mind their mantra that simplicity is the ultimate luxury. Maison de Papillon is one of the top brands amongst our clients as they offer clothing crafted in luxury textiles like silk! Maison de Papillon has become an integral part of QA’s sisterhood, not only because of their beautiful clothing but because of their women empowerment message that the QA team so deeply believes in.

The core idea of sisterhood is perfectly displayed through the three women of the Hidden Figures film, and we are excited to share the looks we recreated using iconic looks of Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monáe, and Octavia Spencer who star in the film.

The first two looks feature pieces from Inclan Studios, including the Morgan Dress and the Paola Maxi Dress. The last look includes a skirt from another one of our woman-owned brands Tayor Jay paired with a simple And Comfort button-down top. Each actress from the film has their own flair, yet they all exemplify a fashionable finish, just like the sisterhood here at Queen Anna House of Fashion; we embrace the differences and diversity among our clients, which makes up the unique mosaic of women. The sisterhood of strong inspiring women is what fuels our brand and the mission behind it; to empower women to look, feel, do, and be better.

Shop the exclusive Hidden Figures looks as well as all the other recreated looks of our iconic women online, in-app, and in-store. Also, take advantage of our buy-one-get-one 50% off promotion on all of our full-price merchandise through July 31st. Don’t forget that you get free shipping on all orders over $50 & free returns! We’ll see you next time on the Style Mark Blog.

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A Size For All: Inclusively Sized Fashion

A Size For All: Inclusively Sized Fashion

This week, Queen Anna House of Fashion is continuing the celebration of the diversity within women’s body types, as we strive to include clothing options for every shape and size at our store. This week we are also highlighting the movie The Greatest Showman, which leaves us with the lasting impression that pursuing, and believing in your dreams is paramount. We love this message, and seek to make our clients feel confident, special, and ready to achieve all of their goals, no matter your shape or size we have something for you!

As we continue to bring in brands with extended sizing and as we grow our plus-size collection, we wanted to highlight some additional brands that we don’t carry, but have the same values as us, and make inclusive sizing their main mission. 

Zelie For She is a black-owned plus-sized clothing brand that is founded on the “unapologetic expression of one's individuality,” which is also a cornerstone here at Queen Anna. This brand brings the concept of fashionable leisurewear to life. Their merchandise includes casualwear with a twist; that can be dressed up depending on how it's accessorized. Just adding a pair of heels and layering some jewelry on top makes all the difference! Zelie For She is designed and produced in Los Angeles by designer Elann Zelie. 


Jibri is an inclusively sized clothing brand, that offers sizes ranging from a 10-28, while still offering fashionable options. Jibri is dedicated to creating garments for the fashion-conscious curvy woman, which aligns with one of our missions here at Queen Anna, making every client feel refined and stylish, no matter their shape. Jibri designs have been featured in publications such as Essence Magazine. and are designed by American fashion designer, Jasmine Elder. 

Since our focus this week is on the movie The Greatest Showman, we have recreated looks inspired by one of the stars of the movie Kaela Settle using our own inclusively sized brands that we carry at Queen Anna. This look features a top from European Culture and a pair of wide-leg pants from Ripley Rader. Both of which offer a variety of sizes, and super forgiving silhouettes. We love these brands because they keep real women in mind, and design clothing based upon the busy reality of many women's lives. Gravitas, And Comfort, and Taylor Jay are a few more of our favorite size-inclusive brands that are expertly crafted and designed to address the needs of real women. 

Keala Settle Iconic Woman

Queen Anna House of Fashion prides itself on making every woman who walks into our doors feel more confident and ready to take on life by the time they leave, and offering options that fit every body type is crucial to make our mission a reality. 

Shop our size-inclusive brands and more in-store, online, and in our app. Don’t forget that you get free shipping when you spend over $50 & free returns! Come back next week to see what theme we are highlighting and the iconic looks that we have recreated for you right here on the Style Mark Blog.

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How to Embody Your Beauty and Boldness: Inspired by Chaka Khan

How to Embody Your Beauty and Boldness: Inspired by Chaka Khan

This week our focus is on the concept of being bold and beautiful. We are highlighting a woman whom we consider to be a force to be reckoned with, and the epitome of bold beauty, Chaka Khan.  

All month long, Queen Anna House of Fashion is doing its part to celebrate women coming from all walks of life, celebrating the beautiful diversity that is present among women, as well as giving women a chance to see a glimpse of themselves within the iconic women that we choose to highlight.

Chaka Khan

We celebrate the diversity and beauty found among women by being able to offer a selection of size inclusive pieces that accommodate women of many sizes. Brands like Gravitas, And Comfort, Taylor Jay, Inclán Studio, Ripley Rader and more that design clothing with the everyday woman in mind. 

Chaka Khan

Be inspired by this timeless Grace Willow Gael Sleeveless Jacket that can be worn as a dress or as a vest! To mimic Chaka's styling, we chose to style it as a dress. Add finishing touches with the United Nude Molten Calla Mid Mesh Sandal, some gold accessories like the Janna Conner Evelina Curved Disc Earrings and lastly the Bent by Courtney Cayman Bracelet

Chaka Khan

In this last ensemble we recreated an edgy Chaka look that includes leather! We pair our super soft organic cotton graphic tee, under the Bano eeMee Organza Trench Coat. For a sleek look, add Piperwest Mini Mesh Minimalist Wrist Watch, the Bent by Courtney Hammered Hoops, and one of our favorite inspirational charm bracelets, the Expressions Bracelets Faith Over Fear Charm Bracelet and out the door you go. 

A Renaissance Woman; Chaka Khan is exudes boldness in her singing, songwriting, producing, visual art, author, actress, philanthropist, entrepreneur, activist and mother. a 10 Grammy Awards winner, and philanthropist, she initiated the Chaka Khan Foundation that assists women and children through programs and initiatives who are at risk. Chaka Khan organized a rally against violence towards black people, and to lend support to grieving mothers of black children who have been victims of police brutality. 

One of our main purposes here at Queen Anna House of Fashion is to make women feel valued and offer something for every kind of women; which is why we carry brands that prioritize inclusive sizing.

As we continue to celebrate the beauty of diversity in women, we will be hosting, Fit for a Queen, a virtual trunk show event featuring inclusively sized brands on July 30th at 5:30pm. Join us for some size inclusive shopping and retail therapy, RSVP using this link

Be inspired by more looks by the 10 Grammy Awards winner, and philanthropist on our social media channels @QueenAnnaLiving, so be sure to follow along!


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Individuality Powerhouse: Mindy Kaling

Individuality Powerhouse: Mindy Kaling

Our focus this week at Queen Anna House of Fashion is centered around the theme of individuality and the beauty that lies within being truly authentic to yourself. We are highlighting American actress, writer, producer, and comedian Mindy Kaling, whom we consider to be an individuality powerhouse; as she is confident in her skin, and visibly owns who she is through her work. Individuality is one of the core values we aim to instill in everyone that walks through our doors, so it is fitting that we highlight an icon that places that value at the forefront of their craft as well.

Some of Mindy's projects include the movie A Wrinkle in Time, which stresses the theme of valuing individuality over conformity, which we think is so important when it comes to feeling truly confident, and owning who you are and what your style is. Mindy Kaling also starred in her own series titled The Mindy Project on Hulu, which follows Kahling as she navigates her world as a gynecologist as well as her personal life. Even her on-screen characters invest their time in making women feel safe, healthy and empowered, which makes her an inspiration to us here at Queen Anna House of Fashion. Mindy Kaling has used her platform on several occasions to vocalize her passion and support of young people influencing the status quo of the country. She was quoted at the Harvard Law School's Class Day gathering that "[young people] are responsible for the language of justice, young people take words and turn them into infrastructure that keeps our world stable..." Mindy's words say all we need to know about her value system, and we respect her use of her platform to invoke change wherever she see fits. 

We have chosen to highlight Mindy Kaling for all of these reasons and more. Shop some of our favorite Mindy looks that we have re-created with a Queen Anna House of Fashion twist.

Our first look includes the Taylor Jay Wrap Skirt/Dress which can be worn as a strapless or halter dress, or a skirt! We have also added the simple Commando Cami Top which we knotted at the bottom to add some flare. We accessorize this look with the Sancia Babylon Bar Bag, the United Nude Raiko Sandals and some gold jewelry including the Janna Conner Fionnoula Circle Drop Earrings, the Chan Luu Birthstone Necklace, and the Mod and Jo Emmy Bangle.  

Our next look is created using one of our favorite designers and brands Bano eeMee in the perforated leather jacket, paired over the Maison de Papillon Lily Sweater. We use the tailored Gravitas Susan Plus Size Skinny Crop Pant to complete the look. We add the Tony Bianco Latoir Sling Back Heels and the Tah Bags Envelope Mini to add a classic finish. 

Our last look is perfect for summer! We use the Taylor Jay Collection Ali Dress paired under the Amanda Uprichard Grandpa Shirt, which we have knotted at the bottom to give some shape and interest. We use some classic black accessories including the Sol Sana Marisol Heels and the Sancia Gigi Mini Bag. We add some gold accessories including the Janna Conner Wiley Wide Textured Ring, the Janna Conner Cristabel Geometric Chandelier Earrings and the Collections by Joya Jordan Freshwater Pearl Cuff to elegantly complete the look.   

Be inspired by Mindy Kaling's individuality and the warm spirit she shares both on and off screen, while adding a little bit of her style into your wardrobe!

Shop these looks and looks of other iconic women online and in our app. Don't forget that you get free shipping on all orders over $50 & free returns! Come back next week and see which iconic woman you might find right here on The Style Mark Blog. 

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The Beauty of Diversity in Womanhood, Fashion, Philanthropy & Culture

The Beauty of Diversity in Womanhood, Fashion, Philanthropy & Culture

I love diversity because, without it, there would be no beauty: only mundane, the monotony of everyday life, and eternity. Without diversity, we would all be living life to exist. Without diversity, there would be no "you" or "me". As a believer that we each have a higher purpose in life, with each of us destined to impact the world in unique and powerful ways, I can't imagine living without the concept of diversity.

A life with us all having the same body type, the same hair, the same house, and clothes would be unbearable; and with most of our closets black, navy blue, grey and void of prints or patterns, YIKES, that would be a pretty basic and colorLESS world we would have to endure. We would all make the same mistakes with no one to guide us through, we would all have the same strengths and weaknesses, and all love the same things work the same jobs and not being unique or special in any way.

MIndy Kaling

I don't believe that we exist to endure but to LIVE life, and the very best life that we should all have equal access to. If we could all live and experience and appreciate the uniqueness that we all have within one another, our conversations today would be much different. The fact that we live in a solar system that has multiple planets, with different attributes, and the inhabitants of the earth have different characteristics, on each of the various parts of the land, with unique food, culture, thoughts, and beliefs implores me to believe that we each have something so beautiful to us that even if it's not the same as the next person, others should be able to see the beauty in the diversity of who I am and without judgment or a feeling of superiority.

We should be able to travel across the ocean and explore foreign land and experience cultures different from our own, learn about their history and tradition, and be in awe of their beauty and unique value to civilization.

Our brand continually delivers fashion, philanthropy, and culture to you in unique ways, purposefully. We are a retail and lifestyle brand with a passion for making positive, long-lasting change in you and the community. Over the next 3 months, we will focus on "The Beauty in Diversity." Whether it's the beauty of diversity in ethnicity, culture, fashion, body shape, body sizes, or businesses, whatever aspect that we think is important to you, we will aim to highlight the unique value in it for us all.

As a black woman and business owner, living amidst the civil unrest of our time and experiencing overt racism and prejudice because I am not like the majority is a story that just doesn't belong to me but to many, but it impacts us all. That's why we will continue to empower women to show up how they want to be seen, and when you get there, in your Queen Anna ensemble, make a difference.

We opened the week with a peek behind the brand, on our Youtube channel with a fun and vigorous 50 impromptu questions that I asked my husband Greg to get a glimpse behind behind the scenes. 😂

This week we will highlight the beauty in diverse cultures using film, like "A Wrinkle in Time" and the music from its soundtrack. We will also be highlighting one of my favorite people in the movie, Mindy Kaling, who plays "Mrs. Who," who also adds diversity to the world being an Indian American Actress.

Philanthropically we will be using our voice to highlight the unjust killing of Breonna Taylor and will be donating a portion of our proceeds to her cause the entire month of July. We will also be sharing resources on ways to create positive change within yourself as well as the world around us.

Last but not least, in-store and online, if you spend over $150, you will receive a free two week trial for personal styling from our luxury concierge service, One Posh Closet.

Be empowered in your uniqueness and beauty, knowing that an unmentionable amount of events had to occur, both small and large, for you to be created, just as you are. Like my Great Grandmother (Anna) told me, and now I am telling you, you are a rarity, a hot commodity, a vintage piece, and you deserve to be treated as such. Anyone that dares to tell you anything different doesn't deserve your time, energy, or space.

Being told that every day and now have the chance to repeat it to my children and infuse it in my brand empowers me to now share those same sentiments with you. I hope you, too, feel inspired to share it with someone else so that the light of love and the embrace of individuality and appreciation of diversity can overcome the fear of differences and the unknown.

Stay inspired and empowered. Until next time!



A Wrinkle in Time
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Business Boss, Creative, and Pioneer of Inspiration and Hope: Issa Rae

Business Boss, Creative, and Pioneer of Inspiration and Hope: Issa Rae

One of our values here at Queen Anna House of Fashion is instilling hope and inspiration to everyone that walks into our doors. This week we highlight one of our favorite leaders of hope, and business bosses, Issa Rae.

Issa Rae is the first black woman to create, produce and star in a premium cable series, as her hit television show Insecure, had humble beginnings as a YouTube show and became an underground sensation that was then picked up by HBO. Issa Rae is a strong advocate for the black community and uses her platform to impart hope and encouragement to the people that enjoy her art so much.

We would be remiss to only explore Issa Rae's style since she has contributed to her community philanthropically as well. Issa Rae brings light to many topics and issues that affect the black community throughout her HBO comedy, and that is representative of the things she's passionate about. She has donated $30,000 to the Black and Missing Foundation, as children who are black and go missing, especially girls, are under-reported and tend to receive less media attention. Even her character on Insecure works for a non-profit!

Issa also has a passion for social justice and helping marginalized communities when she can. She has spoken publicly at several colleges and other institutions on social justice and women's health topics where she explains how too often entertainers are reduced to entertaining and don't speak where it's necessary. Issa is also famous for a red carpet Emmy interview in which she comically responds that she is rooting for everybody that's black to win awards that night. This speaks to her natural comedic personality, but also her values, which are apparent in her identity and art. 

Issa Rae has dedicated her acting career to creating a series that explores race, culture, and social issues, which falls into the culture pillar that Queen Anna House of Fashion holds so close to its core; that is why we are so eager to share some of our favorite Issa Rae looks with you all this week. 

This first look has just the right pop of color for summertime! We pair the Able The Popover Chambray Button-Up Top with the Britt Sisseck Kornelia Pant. To add a cool, casual feel, we throw on the Tah Bags Nomad Fanny Pack with some of our Established Eyewear Havana Fade Sunnies. To finish this look off we add some gold accessories including the Janna Conner Minna Chain Hoop Earrings and the Janna Conner Wiley Wide Textured Ring. We finish this look off with the Sol Sana Marisol Heels.

This next look we have re-imagined is a super easy look as we use our Inclan Studio Cory Dress with the United Nude Rockit Op Sandals. We add the Tah Bag Work Traveler Wallet in red for a pop of color to the look. We add some gold accessories including the Collections by Joya Veronica Earrings, the Amanda Deer Jewelry Lucky Horseshoe Necklace and some of our Stella Grey Studio Cuff Bracelets

Our next look is perfect for a night out! We pair the Allen Schwartz Tara Blouse with the Amanda Uprichard Spenser Pant in a crisp white color, perfect for summer. We add in the Alias Mae Dua Sandal to add some color and texture to the look. We finish this outfit off with silver jewelry including the Piperwest Mini Mesh Minimalist Wrist Watch, the Chan Luu Mix Post Stone Earrings and one of our Mantra Band Bracelets. We finish off this look with the Tah Bags Envelope Mini

The next look we have created is the perfect daytime look. We pair our brocade patterned Amanda Uprichard Bronson Blazer over the Amanda Uprichard Montgomery Top. We add the Able The High Rise denim for a refreshing look. We add some neutral accessories including the Sol Sana Judith Mule, the Able Noemi Knotted Belt, and the Tah Bags Everyday Clutch and Backpack that is convertible! We add the Janna Conner Fionnoula Circle Drop Earrings and the Collections by Joya Starburst Lapis Ring and the Chan Luu Open Cuff Bracelet to finish off the look. 

Our final look is one that uses some of the presale pieces that we are so excited to receive! We have paired our new Allen Schwartz Nissa Blazer over the Maison de Papillon Kendall Silk Camisole matching back with the Allen Schwartz Katie Wide Leg Culotte. We have paired the gold Janna Conner Mina Chain Hoop and the Alias Mae Sling Heels to finish off the presale look.

We hope you find inspiration from Issa Rae's work on and off the screen. Take-away some of our styling tips and incorporate a little bit of Issa Rae into your everyday style. 

Shop these looks and the recreated looks of other style icons online and in our app. Don't forget that you get free shipping on all orders over $50 & free returns! Come back next week and see which iconic woman we are featuring right here on The Style Mark Blog.

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A Fearless and Resilient Woman: Serena Williams

A Fearless and Resilient Woman: Serena Williams

Our theme this week is centered around resilient women, and although we had many viable women we could highlight, we decided to go with 23 Grand Slam winner Serena Williams. Fashion, philanthropy, and culture are who we are at the core of our brand, and Serena "brings the heat" in every one of those pillars.

As we explore her style, philanthropic, and philanthropic efforts, we would never forget to mention her impeccable work ethic that has translated into her tennis game, leading her to win 23 Grand Slams, including 7 Wimbledon's, does it get any better than that? Oh, but it does. After her first child, Serena's complications with her pregnancy led her to invest $3 million dollars in Mahmee, a black-owned startup aimed at improving prenatal and postpartum care for women; which also contributes to the reduction of the maternal mortality rate, particularly among black women who are 3 times more likely to die in childbirth or from other pregnancy-related causes.

Serena Williams has also been a strong advocate for equal pay in sports and beyond and has made efforts to address financial abuse among women, which is present in 99% of abusive relationships. Serena partnered with Allstate on The Purple Purse initiative which focuses on supporting survivors of domestic abuse by providing job training, financial literacy, and funding grassroots organizations.

Criticized by many for often standing up for herself and letting her stance known; one that resonates close to home for us here in Minneapolis is her statement on the murder of Phillando Castile at the hands of the police. Following her 2016 Wimbledon victory, she made a public statement on her thoughts surrounding police brutality, as her victory happened after the death of Phillando Castile at the police's hands. Billie Jean King followed thereafter commenting that Serena should "focus her energy on the sport and not her philanthropic efforts."

During the summer of 2019 when Serena lost the Wimbledon prize, she made it a point to respond to tennis icon Billie Jean King's comment saying, "The day I stop fighting for equality for people that look like me will be the day I'm in my grave."

And is why we are highlighting the iconic Serena Williams on this week's style blog. Take a look at our most memorable looks inspired by Serena Williams.  


In this first look, Serena sports a corseted dress that we liken to our Allen Schwartz Calla Bustier Jumpsuit. We add the Able Tigist Clutch to play off the flower detail in the jumpsuit. We accessorize this look with classic silver jewelry including the Piperwest Marble Minimalist Wrist WatchThe 'Believe' Mantra Band Bracelet, the Chan Luu Petite Hammered Hoops, and the Nina Bernato Ego Arrow Ring. And of course, this summer look wouldn't be complete with a classic black sandal in


Our next Serena inspired look is a casual warm-weather take that we love! We pair our One Fell Swoop, Ashton Midi Dress, under the Able 'The Yuli' Jacket along with the perfect pop of color with the Sol Sana Milvana Heels. Throw on the Sancia Mini Gigi Bag and gold accessories like the Starbuck Designs Equation StudsThe Glamrocks Gold Bandit Necklace. the Sol Sana Marisol Heels. 


This is the Serena we know and love, it is the perfect glimpse into her edgy side! We recreate this look with two leather pieces; the Commando Faux Leather V-Neck Bodysuit with tucked into the J.ING The Fringe Black Leather Midi Skirt. We accessorize this look with the United Nude Molten Calla Mid Mesh Sandal, the Océanne Initial Necklace, and the unique Janna Conner Noe Acrylic Disc Earrings

The last Serena Williams look includes the perfect splash of color for summertime! We pair our Maison de Papillon Therese Silk Slip Dress in a vibrant cobalt blue shade with the daring snakeskin print Alias Mae Dua Snakeskin Mule Heel. We pair the Able Debre Minimal Wallet with the Tribe and Glory Ankole Horn Bangles and the Chan Luu Freshwater Pearl Small Earrings to simply accent the look. 


Our next inspired look is reminiscent of some of our new pre-sale items! We pair our Amanda Uprichard Pierre Dress, which is a summertime staple with the Alias Mae Ami Heels for a sophisticated touch. We finish off this look with some essential gold jewelry, including the Mod and Jo Pendant Necklace, the Able Caesar Stud Earrings, and the elegant Collections by Joya Jordan Freshwater Pearl Cuff

Be inspired by both Serena Williams' efforts on and off the court. Find your voice and use it for good, find your style, and own it for the world to see!  

Shop these looks and looks of other iconic women online and in our app. Don't forget that you get free shipping on all orders over $50 & free returns! Come back next week and see which iconic woman you might find right here on The Style Mark Blog. 

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