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Reflecting on 2020 & The Many Lessons Learned

Reflecting on 2020 & The Many Lessons Learned

Reflecting on 2020 & The Many Lessons Learned

Well, here we are... the year I have coined as the "Year of the Unexpected." 2020 has been difficult, but as I progressed through it, I recognized that it was up to me on the perspective and approach that I took. When I changed my perspective and mindset to find what I like to call "pockets of gratitude," I was enlightened in more ways than one.

I was enlightened about myself, about others that I thought I knew, about things that mattered, something that didn't, as well as reconfirming my purpose in life. Owning and operating Queen Anna House of Fashion and One Posh Closet in such a time as this and being the person I am was necessary. The platforms that I have been blessed with and the opportunities I have been afforded allowed me to do things this year I would have never thought I would do in a million years. Even now, I still find myself challenged, mentally, physically exhausted, and at times emotionally drained. All areas of my life have their own set of challenges; as a working mother who now homeschools her children, a wife, identifying as a Black Woman, and let me not forget operating the two businesses that I own..but even in the midst of ALL of that, I am yet, filled with joy.

One of the first things that I learned this year that has changed my perspective on life is that autopilot is only made for automobiles and airplanes but not for humans. Autopilot is only supposed to be a guide and used for a while. The plane, train, or car can only go so far before stopping so that it can be refueled. Not us as humans, we go, go, go until we can't go anymore.

We continue to press on as if our life depends on it, not realizing that actually, our life is counting on us stopping to refuel, just like cars. Before you know it, you look up, and then once 5 pounds 11-ounce baby you brought home from the hospital is in high least that's what happened to me anyway.

Nicole's Daughter Amya

I learned that toilet paper is essential in a pandemic and not dry noodles or rice. At least that what the isles showed me when we walked through the stores earlier this year. And Amazon confirmed it when they stopped my auto-shipment of toilet paper that I have had for years due to the shortage. You do learn something every day. When we have our financial planning session, I am eager to buy stock in whatever toilet paper we can so that the next time we have a pandemic of this size, our rear end will be covered! HA! (super corny, but I had to.) But in all realness, I think stock in toilet paper is the way to go for sure.

I learned that people believed that we lived in a society where all men were treated as equals; and until the murder of George Floyd, had no idea that police brutality, racism, or the systems that allow it to be woven into our lives so much that it is undetectable, was a thing.

I learned that l had been lulled to sleep in the comforts of my own privilege and keeping my kids safe that I forgot to put into action anything for the kids of others who have the same skin color as my kids but not the same privileges. As other people were becoming woke to the concept of racism, police brutality, and its systemic roots, I was coming to grips with knowing all about it and not actively doing what I could to take a stand against it like I do anything else that goes against my value system of dignity, love, and respect for all humankind.

 I learned that there is power in your voice and that as minuscule as I thought it was, I realized that my voice carried weight. It mattered, and some people wanted to hear my voice more, and these people were not friends, family, or loved ones. They were people who truly wanted to know more about my world as a Black woman entrepreneur who was also a mother and a wife and valued my experiences motivating many to also use their voice and do what they could for not just me but others that look like me. The adventures of hurt, loss, and despair have been felt in several ways this year by all. Still, I used that emotion for good. I used my voice to start my own podcast on uncomfortable but necessary conversations. Although the topics of discussion are not topics that I wish I needed to talk about, it was still enlightening and liberating, to say the least, that I could use my voice for something bigger than myself and that people cared about what was being said.

I learned that if I went on that TV show "Are You Smarter Than a Second Grader," I might not win if I couldn't use Google. The number of times that I had to research how to do homework with my second grader this season as we were homeschooling was wild. But it showed me that there was a part of his life that I had been so removed from as it relates to him and homework that I need to rethink how we got to that point, so I can know and understand his assignment and not miss out on this part of his life even as an entrepreneur. Believe it or not, I love having our kids at home as long as I was there too.

There is always a level of "mom guilt" that I experience on any given day. Still, nothing compares to the level of mom guilt I feel when my humans are all at home, and I am at work 8-10 hours of the day. So the days that I am home with them and we get to work in the same space, eat lunch, and take gym breaks together was a joy and one that I would not have brought the chance to experience if it weren't for COVID.


2020 exposed many things and people for who and what they indeed are, and that includes me. I had so many areas in my life on autopilot that until I slowed down and experienced a complete shutdown in my business and wholly altered life as I know it at home, did it rear its ugly head. It was like I had miniature holes in areas of my life that were covered by cute little area rugs, and they had been there so long that I never questioned them or what was under them. It wasn't until COVID hit, and I had the chance to do some internal "house cleaning," did I notice that there were areas that needed to be addressed, internally and naturally, too. Nothing, and no one, went untouched by the pandemic or the racially driven civil unrest in the world, but we all had choices to make afterward. Were we just aiming to get by and wait for things to pass over, or were we impacted enough to make life-altering changes for the betterment of ourselves and for others? I chose the latter.  

2020 and all that came with it doesn't end on January 1st, 2021. The change that everyone is so eagerly looking for started many weeks back for me and my personal "mini holes." If I need to put a date on it like we traditionally do, 2021 started about 6 weeks early for me, and I have been on a mission to get things in order ever since. It was when my perspective on things changed that I felt like everything else did too. My mission as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur has changed and very different than ever before. It feels good to know that for once in my adult life that, I didn't "auto-pilot" these findings. Instead, I was forced to slow down, live, listen, learn, and adjust. If it weren't for 2020, I can't say that I actually would have and for that reason alone, I will be forever grateful for the lessons learned, the challenges that made me tap into my bucket of resilience that I never knew was there, for the lives changed by my voice and for all that is to come from the many holes in my life that I had the chance to fill.

Vision Board Event

I talk through my process on January 16th and walk you through a strategies  that may help get your thoughts in order as we progress through another year of life. Cheers to 2021 as we enter into a New Year, and cheers to you for being a part of it along with the rest of the Queen Team and me. We are grateful for all the support and look forward to being a part of great things with you in 2021.

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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season has arrived for all! From mothers, best friends, to yourself. We have carefully picked out our top picks for the holiday season!

Mothers can be challenging to shop for, but we have got you covered! Check out our top picks for your mother or mother-in-law this holiday season.

alibi-nyc-organic-diffuser-oil        phenomenal-women-action-campaign-phenomenal-mother-t-shirt

ALIBI NYC Organic Diffuser Oil - $45

Phenomenal Women Action Campaign Phenomenal Mother T-Shirt - $50


Soia & Kyo "Meena" Leather Gloves - $120

J.ING Long Scarf - $45


Mothers love to feel relaxed because of the responsibilities they have on a daily basis. So we recommend the ALIBI NYC Organic Diffuser for ultimate tranquility. The Phenomenal Women Action Campaign Phenomenal Mother T-Shirt also serves as a lovely tribute to all mothers as well.

In the winter, one always needs good protection. Choosing gloves from Soia & Kyo and a scarf from J.ING will give your mothers the warmth she needs this holiday season.

 alibi-nyc-organic-hand-sanitizer-spray        the-copper-cul-de-sac-element-candle

ALIBI NYC Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray - $15

The Copper Cul de Sac Element Candle - $60


Know Purpose 'Resilient' Sweatshirt - $65

J.ING Mickey Colorblock Oversized Sweater - $180


Whether she is your best friend, co-worker or sister, something she could use is hand sanitizer in these uncertain times. We are loving the ALIBI NYC Organic Hand Sanitizer this holiday season. 

Candles also make beautiful gifts as they provide a sense of comfort for your loved ones. This candle from The Copper Cul de Sac is stunning and unique! For your always resilient best friend, gift her the Know Purpose Resilient Sweatshirt.

For your sister, give her the beautiful J.ING sweater for her everyday life. She will surely stand out in this piece! 

 dress-the-population-emilia-dress        tony-bianco-latoir-sling-back-heels

Dress the Population Emilia Dress - $290

Tony Bianco Latoir Sling Back Heels - $190

allen-schwartz-holiday-turtleneck-top        allen-schwartz-trinity-shirred-waist-pant

Allen Schwartz Holiday Turtleneck Top - $290

Allen Schwartz Trinity Shirred Waist Pant - $330


Even though we aren’t celebrating the holidays the same way this year, we can still have a blast! First, try pairing this sequin dress from Dress the Population with classic black heels from Tony Bianco. 

If you aren’t a dress gal, try this two-piece outfit idea. Pair this Allen Schwartz sequin turtleneck with shirred waist pants. Whether you are in your living room alone or out with family, you can still celebrate with fun and laughs.

We hope you love our holiday picks for 2020 this season! Here at Queen Anna House of Fashion, we encourage you to be your unique and authentic self. 

Our team enjoys putting together fashion and style tips for your ease and convenience. Have a fun and safe holiday with your loved ones this year! Cheers to 2021! Find more gift ideas here!

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Queen Anna House of Fashion Presents: 2020 Holiday Season Gift Guide!

Queen Anna House of Fashion Presents: 2020 Holiday Season Gift Guide!

As the season for gifting falls upon us, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic, it can be especially difficult to shift our focus from everything that we have endured throughout 2020 to gifting and the nearing holidays. Although this holiday will probably be unlike any we’ve experienced, it seems more important now than ever to show those around us how much they are valued. 

Queen Anna is happy to help you take the guesswork out of gifting this holiday season by providing you with comprehensive gift guides throughout the remainder of the season that will make your shopping simple. Whether you’re the last minute gift giver, or you plan weeks in advance we’ve got you covered.

Our world has changed so much in the past 8 months which means so has our gift guide ideas. Queen Anna carries all of the essentials you will need to stay stylish all while in the middle of a pandemic; (who would’ve thought face coverings and hand sanitizer would become some of the most practical gifts?!) We are all wearing face coverings, for good reason, but they have tended to take a toll on our skin. Silk is a cool and breathable textile that causes less friction which helps to prevent breakouts. Our KES The Dreamer Silk Face Covering is the answer to breakouts and lackluster face coverings. The KES Silk Face Coverings come in several varieties; give the gift of good skin!

Silk Face Coverings

Since many of us are spending ample time in the house, our ambiance should be impeccable; that’s where candles come in! Queen Anna has a special affinity for candles, as we light the same scent everyday to set our own ambiance. The Voluspa candle in the scent prosecco rose is our in-store favorite! (and it doesn’t hurt that it’s scent is reminiscent of a popular adult beverage). We have these candles in several sizes and other gift set combinations that will be perfect for gift giving this holiday! These sets have a variety of scents including bourbon vanilla, prosecco bellini, crisp champagne and more! (more adult beverage scents, right up our ally!)

Voluspa Candles

Along with maintaining the good energy throughout our homes, it is important to keep our good energy and spirits high as well! Motivational mementos are some of the best ways to do that. Giving the gift of inspiration and hope is unmatched, particularly with the 2020 that we have all experienced. Expressions Bracelets is black women owned brand that we carry throughout Queen Anna that provides just the right messages of encouragement that we all need. From keychains, to super stylish cuffs, Expressions Bracelets has the perfect reminders of resiliency and strength that we all could use a little bit more of this year. 

Expressions Bracelets
Now moving on to gift giving for the fashionista in your life; we’ve got them covered too! Since it is winter and many of us have been pulling out our extra layers, so we have some fashionable options for that special someone. Our Allen Schwartz Mel Faux Fur will make the ultimate style statement. Gift this piece with a cashmere hoodie to complete the chic, yet comfortable look. The Grace Willow Caspian Coat is another fashionista must. This coat comes in two hues and is so fashion forward. Gift this piece with a stylish neckerchief to complete the look. 

Hue and Stripe Look

We are here to take the heavy lifting out of the holiday season. We have compiled a gift guide catalog through our luxury fashion concierge styling service that will easily guide you directly to the gifting ideas mentioned above. Click here to browse these top gift giving picks and more! Queen Anna will help you give the gift of inspiration and style which is something we could all use a little bit of this holiday season.

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10 Easy Outfitting Ideas for a Quarantined Holiday

10 Easy Outfitting Ideas for a Quarantined Holiday

Welcome back to the Style Mark Blog! We are ecstatic that the holidays are upon us, and find there to be even more cause to celebrate especially after the 2020 we’ve all had. STILL, we are not on the other side of Covid-19 just yet, so we must stay diligent and continue to mask up for the remainder of the year. 

Just because we are practicing social distancing and quarantining ourselves in the house doesn’t mean that our style has to be compromised. Join us as we take you through some easy outfitting tips that are festive and work perfectly for a quarantined holiday season! 

#1 Sport your Favorite Matching Sweatsuit or Tracksuit 

Whether it’s tradition in your household to get the entire family matching pajamas for Christmas or you just crave comfort, a matching sweatsuit is the place to start! Our Maison de Papillon Eros Hoodie and Jessica Joggers are the most luxurious way to sport your sweat suit as they are crafted in all-over cashmere. Just throw on a pair of slippers and you are ready to open gifts with your family all Christmas morning long. 

 Cashmere Hoodie and Joggers

#2 Dress Up for Fun! 

So many of us have been stuck in the house for months working from home which hasn’t permitted anyone to really get fancy, but what better time to change that then in celebration of the holidays? Pull out your sequins and heels for holidays at home and snap a few pics while you’re at it! Our new Allen Schwartz Holiday Top paired with the Allen Schwartz Carolina Skirt would give your look just the right amount of “extra” to appropriately celebrate the holidays.  


#3 Mix and Match Casual/Comfy with Dressy Pieces 

Use the holidays as an excuse to still get wear out of your going out pieces, but style them more comfortably with casual pieces! Take our Phenomenal Women Action Campaign Crewneck for example and layer that underneath a Bano eeMee Leather Jacket and your look has the perfect balance of dressy and comfort. 

#4 Wear Something that is a Conversation Starter 

Maybe you haven’t seen your family or in-laws in several months and the traditional small talk has begun to run dry, wear a comfortable graphic tee that has a statement that you are passionate about and let it do all of the talking. Try pairing one of our Know Purpose Tees with joggers or denim and explain to your family what your t-shirt means to you! 

Graphic T-Shirt and Joggers


#5 Add Excitement with Color! 

The holidays are the perfect time to add some color to your look, and it doesn’t just have to be red or green! Try an unexpected shade like the lime green of our One Fell Swoop Forme Dress or a royal blue similar to our Amanda Uprichard Keely Top to add a pop to your outfit! 

#6 Bring Back the Culottes! 

The nature and silhouette of culottes just automatically lends them to be comfortable, which makes them especially ideal for any food belly that may occur! Whether your a leather person or tend to prefer a printed style we have options! The Grace Willow Vera Leather Culotte comes in two shades and will have you reaching for them constantly this fall and winter. The Inclan Studios Andi Culotte feature a subtle houndstooth print that makes for the perfect touch of variation to your outfit.

Culotte Style Pants

#7 Support Your Feet! 

Whether you are in the kitchen serving up holiday meals or you are spending coveted time with your family it’s a must to make it a priority to preserve the comfort of your feet. Our new Vision Quest Shoes Pebble Grain Shoes are the perfect combination of style and comfort. They are crafted with environmentally conscious materials and feature a foot bed of memory foam that provides all the comfort!

 Vision Quest Shoes

#8 Bring Out the White

Snow is likely falling where you are and the holidays are in full swing, so why not incorporate some winter white into your wardrobe to compliment the season. Try a cream outerwear piece like the Grace Willow Caspian Coat; this shearling coat is so cozy and versatile that it will work layered over a hooded tracksuit or over a more formal dress or jumpsuit.

#9 Use Jewelry to Accessorize and Let your Family Know Who’s the Queen of the House 

At Queen Anna we strive to make everyone that walks through our doors feel like the royalty that they are, and we have some jewelry pieces to complement that sentiment. The Nina Berenato line of crown jewelry features earrings and rings that give all of your visitors this holiday season a subtle reminder of who’s castle they’re staying in ;)

Crown Earrings

#10 Silk, Silk, and more Silk!

The holidays are the best excuse to pull out your luxurious silk pieces, even in the house! Now is the time to reach for our Maison de Papillon Josephine Silk Blouse and use it as a layering piece this holiday. Throw a cardigan on top and your look is both luxurious and comfortable. 

Use this holiday season to be grateful that we have almost made it through 2020 and are headed into a new year. We hope you have the opportunity to spend time with your families whether distanced or simply in your homes and find these quarantined styling tips helpful this season. At Queen Anna and One Posh Closet we are always standing by to assist with any of your styling or fashion related needs! Click Here to fill out a simple form to begin your journey to securing your very own personal stylist. Meet us back at the Style Mark Blog for more holiday themed fashion! Continue reading

"Easy Dressing" this Holiday Season🦃

"Easy Dressing" this Holiday Season🦃

Effortless Dresses for the Holiday Season

I am sure that by the title and the fact we are in November that you think I am referencing the dressing that can accompany your turkey for Thanksgiving. Since I am not big on cooking (especially Thanksgiving dinner), it is essential to point out that I am actually talking about legit dresses. I created a holiday guide to effortless dresses that has a few of my favorite dresses and accessories that can be worn with them.


One Posh Closet Styling Service

"The New Normal"

"The new normal" has been anything but easy. From homeschool to working from home to racially driven civil unrest, losing jobs, and the list goes on and on. It has still nonetheless been challenging for those of us that have the privilege to continue somewhat on the level of normalcy, so a good jump-in and go dress would definitely fit your needs.

As a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and now an actively engaged member of the community for several social justice initiatives, I know the challenges we face as women when we try and balance 1001 glass plates and hope that none of them fall. I have come to find out that some of the plates that I thought were glass were actually not glass at all. I like to think of them metaphorically as the charming "fake china" from Costco that we only buy to present the store-bought cookies, like they were fresh out of the oven? Or am I the only one who does that?? I like to play along until one of my kids outs me, "Mommy, these Jerry's cookies are sooo good, we need to buy more on the way home!" (Blank Stare; Blink Blink).

Needless to say, every time I felt like one of the metaphorical plates were on its way tumbling down, someone was waiting to either lighten the blow or catch it before it hit the ground each and every time. As a women's retailer and lifestyle brand, we want to be that person waiting in the wings for you. Whether through fashion and style, philanthropy, culture, or health and wellness tips, we are positioning ourselves to assist the whole woman, and not just the outer. Are we therapists? Nope. But if you just happen to be in the store shopping and it comes out you need one, and we know somebody, who knows somebody, who is; we most certainly point you in the right direction.

Our Fashion Concierge Services 

Queen Anna House of Fashion is here for your fashion related needs in the very same way. We are all about relationship building and being a resource to our clients related to fashion, style, philanthropy, and culture. We believe that if you look good, you feel good and will go out and do good in the world and the lives of others that need you the most, and you get to do it looking and feeling like the Queen you are. 👑

Queen Anna House of Fashion Concierge Service

This holiday season doesn't have to be filled with long work from home days where your impeccable from the waist up and then in sleep shorts from the waist down. Our Luxury Fashion Concierge Service One Posh Closet is readily available to you with any of your everyday fashion needs or even your holiday shopping stressors. One Posh Closet is a Luxury Fashion Concierge SERVICE, so please, instead of worrying about what you're going to wear to the next zoom holiday party or what to get your Mother-in-law for secret Santa, either way, our concierge service is ready to be of service to you. 

We often get questions about the services, and without all of the technical details, the services provided are currently all done virtually and include:

For more information or generalized questions, check out this FORM or even take a peek at the attached video.



Easy Dresses for The Busy Woman

Moving on to a few of my very personal favorite easy and effortless dresses for this holiday season. I used the styling app to highlight a few of them, and by clicking the link, it will also take you right to the dress for all of the details.

Just as simple as it is for you to check out the dresses, it's just as simple for us to create a similar set up for the clothes in your closet as well. Don't forget to set up a time to chat using the link, and we can get your holiday season off on the right foot (and dress). Click to be whisked away to Nicole's Effortless Dress Land.

Until next time, bye bye!👑



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Queen Anna House of Fashion Recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Queen Anna House of Fashion Recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In commemoration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Queen Anna House of Fashion is honored to bring further awareness to women’s health this month, along with some of the stories of our brave clients who have remained warriors throughout their entire battle with the disease. Please check out our Royal Reports from this month located on our Facebook page to see our owner and founder have amazing and inspiring conversations with some of our extremely strong clients who have battled the disease and won. In celebration of all of the incredible, resilient and powerful women we have styled some outfits that feature some of our brand new pink items. Enjoy our celebration of women as you shop these creative pink looks!

This first look includes one of our favorite style tips; layering a t-shirt underneath a blazer to dress down your look, and give it a more casual feel, especially with the current circumstances of the world, where not many of us are going anywhere.

Luxury Fashion Concierge Service

We have paired our brand new Grace Willow Oliver Jacket and Pants with one of our softest tees, the Know Purpose ‘Resilient’ Tee. Just throw on the Katie Dean Initial Studs for a personalized touch, and a pair of sneakers (which our luxury fashion concierge service, One Posh Closet can find you the perfect ones for you)  and you are looking so cool and casual! 

Our next look is perfect for cozy days, whether you’re running to the grocery store or staying in, this look is the one!

Luxury Fashion Concierge Service

We have Layered the Grace Willow Caspian Coat over the Know Purpose Resilient Hoodie (which is so soft!!),  and added the Grace Willow Vera Leather Culottes for an edgy twist. Just finish this look off with the United Nude Zink Patch Booties and a pair of Bent By Courtney Earrings and your look is complete.

Our last look is one that will work perfectly if you do have plans and want to dress up a little more than what most of us have been doing; plus it includes a leather piece from one of our favorite leather brands!

Luxury Fashion Concierge Service

We pair the Bano eeMee Attica Jacket with the wearable Ripley Rader Turtleneck with the Grace Willow Oliver Pant to give that brilliant pop of pink! We have added the Ripley Rader Sequin Face Covering as well as the Alias Mae Ahnika Boots to top off the look. 

Join us in uplifting the strong women in our lives this month, and every month! Shop more of our pink items online and within the catalog feature located through our services at One Posh Closet. Our stylists at One Posh Closet are standing by to assist you in styling looks for you like the ones above and so much more! Click here to get started with your own personal stylist!  

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2020 Fall Fashion Forecast: All About Prints & Patterns!

2020 Fall Fashion Forecast: All About Prints & Patterns!

This week Queen Anna House of Fashion is giving you all another sneak peek into the world of style and fashion forecasting; this time with our focus on prints and patterns! We are excited to again bring you all an exclusive look at the prints and patterns that will be all over the fashion industry and retail coming this fall and winter 2020. At Queen Anna, we will show you how to incorporate some of the most popular prints and patterns into your wardrobe, all while giving you tips on how to transition those prints in patterns in ways to ensure that they will never go out of style. 

There are some prints that we especially love here at Queen Anna House of Fashion that are forever in style. One of those being Animal Print!! We love a good snake or python print around hare, and depending on which color animal print you go with, that makes all the difference in your look. If you are someone who is wary about incorporating animal print into your wardrobe, start small with animal printed accessories, like a shoe or handbag, and that pop of pattern will make all the difference in your look. Queen Anna is embracing animal print this season with a few of our new pieces; one being the Allen Schwartz Langley Wrap Dress. This is a statement piece that will be the centerpiece of your look. We've even incorporated animal print into some of our face coverings that we offer! You will be up to date with the fashion world this season and beyond no matter how you choose to include animal print into your wardrobe. 

Fall 2020 Fashion Forecasting

Plaid is another exquisite print that will be prominent this fall and winter and far beyond. Typically crafted in woolen clothing, when we think of plaid, we often associate it with a powerful, traditional warmth that is always in style. Plaid is unique yet professional and wearable depending on which plaid pieces you choose to wear. Queen Anna is presenting a few new outerwear pieces this season, one of course being in plaid! The Soia & Kyo Floriana Blazer finished in a unique moss green plaid, is a statement outerwear item, one that will be so relevant this season! Try pairing a patterned plaid piece with a rich jewel toned solid piece and let your outfit do all of the talking! 

Fall 2020 Fashion Forecasting

The last print that will be all over the fashion and styling world is big floral prints. Typically floral is a constant in spring and summer fashion, but it has its place in fall and winter fashion as well! Autumnal floral and abstract prints are one way to add interest and color to the typically darker hued winter color palette. A Queen Anna brand favorite, Grace Willow has designed some floral and abstract printed tops and blouses that we will be featuring this coming season that will add an exceptional pop of color and pattern to your fall and winter wardrobe. The Grace Willow Ellis top features a poppy flower print that serves as a simple way to add floral into your wardrobe. A bright floral along side a stark winter white would create a rich contrast that is unexpected, yet classic all at the same time.

Fall 2020 Forcasting

If you are looking for a capsule wardrobe like this personalized for you, the stylists at our Fashion Concierge Service at One Posh Closet can curate a specialty lookbook to fit your lifestyle all while incorporating print and pattern! Between our fashionable collection at Queen Anna and the skills of our stylists in-store and at One Posh Closetwe can make 2020 your most stylish year yet. Click here to get started with our stylists now. 

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Fall '20 Fashion Forecast: Timeless Fabrics

Fall '20 Fashion Forecast: Timeless Fabrics

In this week's installment of the Fall Fashion Forecast, Queen Anna House of Fashion is excited to share with you some of the most exciting textures that will be all over the fashion world this season. Texture adds an entire dimension to your wardrobe and offers your look another element of style. Textures like leather, cashmere and silk are ones that will be around not only this season, but will be staples in fashion for seasons to come; so it can be really valuable to your wardrobe to invest in quality textures that will outlast time and trend. At Queen Anna and One Posh Closet, our stylists will show you how to wear your textured investment pieces in ways you haven’t thought about before as well as the ways to wear your investment  pieces season after season.

Leather is a texture that is a Queen Anna and One Posh Closet staple! From leather jackets, to leather pants, to leather skirts, to a leather bag, it is nearly impossible to go wrong when adding a leather piece to finish off your look. All types of leather are gorgeous depending on how you wish to style it, but if you are new to wearing this texture, try to aim for wearing neutral hued leather like black or brown to subtly introduce the timeless textile into your wardrobe. A classic leather motorcycle jacket is another staple layering piece that every wardrobe should have. Layering either a turtleneck under your leather for a more classic look or pairing your leather with a hoodie for a more casual look, gives you the edgy look of leather while Try wearing a leather legging or trouser, like the Grace Willow Vera Culotte as a replacement for denim and watch your look transform! 

Cashmere is another texture that we adore at Queen Anna and One Posh Closet. This luxurious textile is one of the rarest natural fibers in the world; as most cashmere is harvested from goats in a tedious, detailed process to sort fine fibers of goat hair. Cashmere is something that will keep you extremely warm all while possessing an indescribably softness that you just have to feel for yourself; So stop into Queen Anna to do so:). Try incorporating cashmere into your wardrobe with casual wear first, like with the Maison de Papillon Giovanna Joggers. Cashmere is such a comfortable texture that works so well for casual wear. The Maison de Papillon Eros Cashmere Hoodie is another great casual piece that pairs well with other textures like layering underneath a leather jacket. 

Silk is another one luxurious delicate texture that is so versatile and can be used and worn in so many different ways! Inclan Studios is one of our favorite women of color owned brands that uses silk to bring their designs to life. Pieces like the Ardin Top and the Paola Maxi Dress use silk in an unconventional way with pattern and color blocking. Silk is a natural protein fiber originating from silkworms that is spun to create a textile; it is one of the finest of all natural fibers, as well as one of the strongest. Renowned fashion designer Oscar De La Renta likens silk to diamonds in its rarity and exquisite make. Try pairing a silk top with a leather bottom to create an interesting mix of textures that work so well together. 

Try incorporating these classic textures into your wardrobe; while having confidence that they will never go out of style. Allow our stylists at Queen Anna and our luxury fashion concierge service One Posh Closet to introduce your wardrobe to these textures as well as many others that will forever be in style. Click here to secure your very own personal stylist now. Continue reading

Queen Anna House of Fashion I Fall '20 Fashion Color Forecast

Queen Anna House of Fashion I Fall '20 Fashion Color Forecast

Your trust in our ability to be a style resource to your fashionable needs means the world to us. With our Luxury Fashion Concierge: One Posh Closet as one of the most exciting resources we can offer our clients, we have been even more diligent with staying on top of our fashion knowledge game. 

With the transition of the season, we are bringing added value to what it is we can do, in the form of a 2020 Fall Fashion Forecasting display, as it will play out in our store and offerings here at Queen Anna. Our 2020 store forecast might look different than what you see in Vogue Magazine, and that is purposeful.

Just like you, we are a unique women's lifestyle retailer and brand that specializes in taking you from day to night, and everything in between with ease and doing so in a manner in which you do so looking steller as your authentic and individual self. The only way for us to succeed in that space is for us to find smaller independent lines that specialize in creating on-trend but not trendy, unique, and timeless designs, and the colors, materials, and overall silhouette of that concept is what we hope that you see in our 2020 Fall Fashion Forecast.  We are excited to offer a glimpse of what is to come inside our space here at  Queen Anna House of Fashion this fall. 

Pantone Color Golden Harvest

This color has notably become more prominent in fashion and design due to its natural/earthy nature, which perfectly emulates the fashion industry's strides towards sustainable and environmentally considerate fashion.

This color will be essential in clothing for seasons to come, as it can be paired with brighter hues or alongside many different textiles, like denim, leather, and suede. This straw-like hue is versatile and will work beautifully in various textures, like this Grace Willow Vera Culotte.

Pantone Color Bloodstone,

A deep burgundy that transitions so well out of fall and into holiday and winter, this is a color that is an absolute must-have this season. Inspired by the mineral hematite, this color looks beautiful next to neutral shades or with anything ranging from a pastel tone to another more vivid jewel tone.

The Allen Schwartz Suki Jacket is an elegant example of the Bloodstone hue at in action. This piece is an ideal layering item and will allow you to incorporate this rich Pantone hue into your fall and winter wardrobe.

Pantone Color Copper Coin

This lovely shade of blush will wear many names, depending on the designer. Pink, blues, or copper coin, whatever the name is a staple of ours at Queen Anna. Depending on how it is styled, this is a color that transcends seasons and would be a perfect color year-round. The lovely Grace Willow Oliver Jacket is a perfect example of this.

Style this Pantone color with a rich brown shade or with a jewel-toned teal to take things to the next level.

Fall Fashion Forecast

There is so much more of this to come, so make sure you follow us on our social platforms, as well as download our Queen Anna Fashion App in the iOS Store or Google Play Store and subscribe for notifications for the most up to date information we are putting out.

If you are looking for a capsule wardrobe like this personalized for you, the stylists at our Fashion Concierge Service at One Posh Closet can curate a specialty lookbook just like the ones above but specialized just for you. Between our fashionable collection at Queen Anna and the skills of our stylists in-store and at One Posh Closetwe can make 2020 your most stylish year yet.

Click here to get started with our stylists now. 

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From The Desk of Our Founder

From The Desk of Our Founder

As I write this blog, my body is still recouping from our memorable Elevate & Amplify: A Black Business Virtual Venue Experience weekend. It was such an honor to partner with so many Black-Owned businesses, both locally and nationally. The much-needed conversations that we had and shared with others in such a safe space allowed others to hear Black businesswomen and entrepreneurs' hearts and listen, learn, and grow from their experiences. If you happened to miss the event, we have the entire event available for replay here.

elevate & Amplify

We take pride in aiming to listen and hear the things that are most pressing to our clients. We strive to position ourselves as a resource for women of all walks of life-related to Fashion & Style, Culture, and Philanthropy. Being a business owner, I understand the need to deliver authentic content that is valuable to you. You have so many people and things fighting for attention. I don't want Queen Anna to be just another brand that tries to sell you clothes and filling your inbox with random promotions. That does nothing for you and is also a waste of time for us as well. We want to speak your language by speaking to your fashion needs. 

September Focus

For September, we are focusing on the many transitions that are taking place right now and support you by giving you content to assist you in those transitions. Whether it is going back to school, homeschooling, working from home, balancing a closet change, whatever it may be, we will be delivering the content that will support you and hopefully bring value to your lives in some fashion (no pun intended).

As you continue to navigate your version of the "new normal," our team here at Queen Anna House of Fashion will continue to navigate it with you. We want to be the brand you look to for authentic conversation on all things fashion related, knowing that whatever the content is, that we curated it with you in mind. Check out the latest episode of The Royal Report to hear more on our Fall Fashion Trend Inspo for 2020.

National Hispanic Heritage Month 

This month, we will also be spending time highlighting National Hispanic Heritage Month and the impact that this nationality continues to have on the fashion industry. We so often go through life experiencing things and appreciating things without thinking about the person or people responsible for creating that brings you so much joy. 

For that reason, we will be highlighting Hispanic Heritage and their culture and the many ways that they continue to impact things that we have come to know and enjoy in the fashion world. 

In-Store Promotions

Another aspect of life that can be troublesome around this time of year is transitioning wardrobes. Regardless of whether it is too many clothes or the feeling that you don't have enough, it can be challenging to navigate either way. We offer the services of our luxury fashion concierge service One Posh Closet regularly but never like this. If you spend over $150, the items you purchase will automatically be styled and sent to you in a virtual closet.

One Posh Closet

Check out an example virtual closet here for an example of what can be done for you. Aiming to combat any post-purchase mental blank on how to style the things you purchase. Our goal in adding value comes from allowing you to take photos of things you currently own and then upload the images into your virtual closet. Your stylist will make outfits with your current wardrobe in your closet that you own. Insane right? I know. 

One Posh Closet

 In closing, "as the world turns," and things continue to transition in your life and around you, I encourage you to think about yourself. As women, we usually put ourselves at the end of the totem pole. Now is the time to recall the flight attendants saying, "put on your oxygen mask before helping others."

It is ok to take care of yourself, just like you would anyone else. So with that, my friends, I am closing out letting you know that we are here to help support you woman to woman and remind you to remember your mask...your oxygen mask (and your N95 too!).

Until Next Time, Bye Bye Bye!

😘😘 XOXO,



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