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Silhouettes of a Woman: Embracing the Realities of Womanhood

Silhouettes of a Woman: Embracing the Realities of Womanhood




  1. the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, especially in dim light.

synonyms: outline, contour(s), profile, delineation, form, shape, figure, shadow, features, lines, curves, configuration

silhouettes of a woman, butterfly

Just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, we too transform within the silhouette of each of our female bodies. Any woman that stands before you is presenting the silhouette of themselves to you, as she wants you to see her at that moment.  It is very possible that the core part of who she authentically is, may not necessarily be representative of what meets the eye.

Embarking upon my second year in business in a physical retail location, I have evolved on all levels including being a business owner. I went from being online only, to opening a store, buying clothes and hoping that the community of women like them; transitioning to finding out what our clients like or dislike, and adjusting accordingly.

Queen Anna has THE BEST clients ever, and I have had the opportunity to meet with many of them personally.  Each woman is bringing her own genuinely amazing spirit along with them and each being from all walks of life. Even with their visible differences of shape, size, color or job title, they all had one thing in common, they all want to feel good wearing the purchases they have made, and we want that same thing for them.

Here at Queen Anna, we aim to empower, embrace and encourage one another cultivating a lifestyle that makes a woman feel supported enough to be comfortable with their authentic self, and letting their inner light shine - gracing the world with the fullness of their fearless and bold inherent selves.

No more of just sharing the outline of who you are - let's allow our inner beauty to flow out, to be unapologetically imperfectly perfect, and to be truly comfortable in that.

"Silhouettes Of a Woman" is a movement coined within Queen Anna to celebrate womanhood at every stage of life; tearing down the limiting barriers and mental limitations of shape, size, race, and roles.  

It is easy to share a part of who we are with the world when we’re confident and comfortable with that particular reality including being a wife, mother, daughter and a friend who loves to get dressed up, even with no place to go.

But what about the other parts of me that can occasionally be uncomfortable to share or go unseen by the naked eye of those who know me by my everyday silhouette and not an authentic one?

Like the fact that my arms are a size large and the rest of my top half is a medium making it extremely hard to buy nice tops that fit right. Or how about the fact that as much as I love being an entrepreneur, and confident in my decision making skills to build a brand that positively impacts the world for years to come; I can still struggle with “mom guilt” for not being a stay at home mom like a lot of women I know.

And voila, just like that, someone much different than me in every way just read that and found out that she isn’t the only one who thinks like that and feels that way.

Whatever phase of life you are in within the inevitable evolution of a woman, Queen Anna has beautiful offerings that will fit the need of that particular phase in your life. Mom Boss, Caretaker, Plus Size, or Petite, whatever you identify with, so do we.

You read it here first. Queen Anna House of Fashion is a boutique lifestyle brand, based in the North Loop of Minneapolis, and we are breaking down barriers while simultaneously bridging the gap through fashion.

We are #silhouettesofawoman #inheritthelifestyle


The carpooling, book reading, size 10, sandwich making, fashion loving, shoe-obsessed, occasionally hormonal, fearless, foodie, otherwise known as Nicole


Upcoming Silhouettes of a Woman Events:

silhouettes of a woman - women in business panel

silhouettes of the city fashion show

This movement was coined to celebrate womanhood at every stage of life continually. We intend to expose societal imposed barriers and mental limitations we place on ourselves as women. We aim to empower, embrace and encourage one another to be comfortable with our authentic self regardless of shape, size, race, and roles we fill every day.

What the world sees is just the silhouette of who you truly are. We are the #silhouettesofawoman

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The Top 5 Spring Trends To Invest In Right Now

The Top 5 Spring Trends To Invest In Right Now

Time to lose the outerwear and break out the bold colors and dresses without tights. With temps on the rise so are the hottest spring trends.

We share five of the top street style to everyday style looks that we're crushing on in our spring trend report.  

Oversized Blazer

Not just for the office. Bust out your boyfriend blazer (the bolder, the better!) and cinch it with a belt it. Feeling really daring? Try pairing with shorts or sneakers for a fun twist on the 9-5 look.

SOIA & KYO Black "Carlina-B" Double Breasted Tailored Jacket, Queen Anna

Allen Schwartz "Finn" Double Breasted Blazer, Queen Anna 

Pattern Overload

Animal print, patchwork, polka dots and more. Infuse some color into your spring wardrobe by playing with patterns in cheery hues. Start with a skirt or pants and work your way into head-to-toe pattern glory, or dare we suggest mixing and matching prints? Go wild!

Caara Print "Krefeld" Dress, Queen Anna

Stella Jean Floral Colorblock Midi Skirt, Shopbop

Statement Sleeves

Let your shoulders do the talking this season. We say, the bigger the better. Puff up your sleeves with billowy and drapey pieces that hit in all the right places. 

Keepsake Ivory "What If" Knit, Queen Anna

MES DEMOISELLES Daniella tie-waist cotton kaftan, Matches Fashion


We don't think we could love a look more. Dubbed the easiest all-in-one outfit, jumpsuits are ruling street style and soon, our closets. From utilitarian long sleeve options to playful rompers, there's something for everyone.

ABLE Black "Ashleigh" Utility Jumpsuit, Queen Anna

One Teaspoon Paradise Utility Jumpsuit, Revolve


For those days when you're feeling a 'lil rough around the edges. Moody black pieces with a touch of sass will do just the trick. Choose from pieces with leather or vegan leather, sheer organza, lace, burnout velvet, or silk. You can't go wrong. 

Bano eeMee Black "Agua" Organza, Queen Anna

NANUSHKA Ayona belted vegan leather maxi skirt, Net-A-Porter


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We Say "I Do" To These 5 Spring Garden Wedding Looks

We Say "I Do" To These 5 Spring Garden Wedding Looks
Spring has sprung, which wedding season is in full swing! It's time to start planning those outfits for the plenty of "I do's" this spring season. The trends we're seeing for Spring 2019 are lots of color block, florals (what a surprise), yellow, silk fabrics, midi-length dresses, and jumpsuits.  Continue reading

Jump Into Spring! 8 Jumpsuits For Any Occasion

Jump Into Spring! 8 Jumpsuits For Any Occasion

Get a jump start on restocking your closet this spring with one of the season's hottest trends - jumpsuits, playsuits, rompers, we'll take them all please! 

After dealing with the frigid cold temps and snow (SO much snow!) that has blanketed most of the midwest this winter, we're ready to shed some layers. Spring can be quite volatile with the temperatures ranging from winter chill to summer heat, and to ease ourselves into the sun-shiny days ahead we suggest streamlining your ensemble by opting for an all-in-one option. 

Jumpsuits can be easily styled on their own or paired with your jacket of choice depending on the occasion. Top it off with pair of booties, sneakers or dare we say sandals?! Too soon? 

Without further adieu, here are eight jumpsuits for every occasion to snap up this season. 

Wear to Work

Your alarm goes off and you've hit snooze one too many times. What do you do? Throw on a jumpsuit, a piece of statement jewelry or spring scarf and a blazer. They're just SO easy. You're out the door looking perfectly put together in no time. 

Keepsake Navy "Luminous" Jumpsuit, Queen Anna House of Fashion

Faithfull the Brand Sainte Marie Jumpsuit, Revolve

Runaround Weekend

Pull yourself together after a long week by popping on a jumpsuit that does all the work for you. From brunch with the ladies to weekend errands and everything in-between, go for a bold color or utility detail, because why not? It's the weekend. 

Amanda Uprichard Pink Lacquer "Merritt" Jumpsuit, Queen Anna House of Fashion

Boyish Jeans The Guy General Denim Jumpsuit, Intermix

Night Out

Look perfectly polished for an evening out with friends or date night by slipping on a jumpsuit in a luxurious fabric, such as velvet or a one-and-done long sleeve option with wrap detail. All that's missing are a pair of statement heels. 

Caara Olive "Bryantt" Jumpsuit, Queen Anna House of Fashion

Ripley Rader Navy Blue Plus Size Long Sleeve Jumpsuit, Queen Anna House of Fashion

Elegant Evening

Spring galas and weddings are just around the corner. As jumpsuits and their popularity continue to rise the formal options are becoming just as favorable as traditional LBDs and eveningwear. We're here for the one-piece trend, it's reminiscent of an elegant tuxedo with the structure and detail. We invite you to give it a try.

Allen Schwartz Magenta "Calla" Bustier Jumpsuit, Queen Anna House of Fashion

Self-Portrait Off-The-Shoulder Ruffled Satin Jumpsuit, Net-A-Porter

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Top Spring 2019 Shoe Trends

Top Spring 2019 Shoe Trends
Shoes aren't something you wear on your feet, they complete your look! We're ready for spring weather and fashion, so here are the best shoe trends for spring 2019.  Continue reading

Take a Little Time for Yourself. Introducing Self-Care Sundays

Take a Little Time for Yourself. Introducing Self-Care Sundays

Long office days, busy home life and limited hours for off-duty obligations can leave little to no time for yourself. 

We're all busy. We know that. But we believe in order to be your best self for those around you, you need to take care of yourself first. Ways to approach health and wellness come in a variety of forms and we're excited to offer up different opportunities for our clients and their friends. 

Our Operations Manager, Char Dobbs invites you to learn more about our health and wellness initiative. Take a peek here

Start your journey to self-care with our first pop-up workout series of the season, Self-Care Sundays with Pure Barre.

Our friends at Pure Barre - North Loop invite you to experience the very best of Pure Barre Classic through a barre sampler series at Queen Anna House of Fashion. Come "embrace the shake" with a low impact, high-intensity 50-min workout will help lengthen and tone your entire body using small isometric movements.

Purchase all four classes for $50 and receive a pair of Pure Barre sticky socks. Individual classes are available for $15 each.

Sunday, February 24 at 9AM
Sunday, March 10 at 9AM
Sunday, April 14 at 9AM
Sunday, May 19 at 9AM

Class begins at 9AM and parking is available connected to the boutique - marked "Retail Parking."

Please bring your own mat and a water bottle. Join us afterward for post-workout snacks and refreshments. Sign up for individual classes or all four here


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Style Tips: How to Dress Smart & Chic as the Seasons Change

Style Tips: How to Dress Smart & Chic as the Seasons Change

By this time in the season, I find it difficult to live in a cold-weather city. I’m at the point of being done with oversized coats, sweaters, scarves and boots and ready to pull out the sandals and shorts for the spring.

Even with that I still find myself, browsing all of the fantastic sales, trying to stock up for the next year, but still eyeing all of the new arrivals at the same time. Through the years I have learned how to pair current cold weather pieces with spring pieces for a fun and unique look that can be worn out on the town or in the office.

As we prep for spring, I want to share a few of my secrets on how to align your look with the current season all the while hinting at the upcoming warmer months. 

Follow these steps to look both seasonally appropriate and fashion forward.

1. Layers- The rule of thumb is to always dress in layers. Too hot? Remove your outer sweater. Too cold? Pop on a coat or scarf. My all-time favorite is a heavyweight sweater paired with a soft and silky dress. Wear it in the office or out on the town, either way, you will be stunningly appropriate.

2. Blazers- “The Rule of Three.” When getting dressed on a Friday and you're allowed to wear jeans, but you don’t want to "toe" the line of inappropriate - throw a structured blazer on over whatever you're planning to wear. You'll instantly be classified as a “smart chic” fashionista.

3. Tights- I remember as a child I hated wearing tights because I figured out early on that anytime I had to wear tights it was because I was going somewhere that I would have to sit still and be quiet for a long period of time. Now, I know that’s not the case. I like to wear tights to pull in style and professionalism when I want to wear shorts in January or add a little buffer to an "almost too short” mini dress. I do have to admit that even though I love tights now, I still don’t enforce them with my children. 

Shorts and Tights

Being able to mix the old with the new is the strategy that I implement in my closet but has come after years of practice. Blending your pieces as the seasons' change makes it more comfortable in the end to switch your wardrobe over for the next season (if that's what you do).

As spring embarks upon us and vacations start to arise make sure to subscribe to the blog and follow along for fun ways to mix up your everyday wear as well as critical things for your closet.

Remember you're a queen and continue to live royally!


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6 Perfect Galentine's Day Gifts for your Bestie

6 Perfect Galentine's Day Gifts for your Bestie
Galentine's Day is a day of celebration all around the world. It's all about ladies celebrating their unbreakable bonds and the joys of female friendships. These six fail-proof gifts for your bestie will be remembered for years to come. Continue reading

Designer Spotlight: Cop.Copine

Designer Spotlight: Cop.Copine

Queen Anna is starting the New Year off with a new designer. Introducing... Cop.Copine. 

Cop.Copine was created in 1986 by two brothers, Alain and Leon, who wanted to offer a range of collections with a more creative, youthful, and dynamic spirit. Their goal was to make it accessible to all women wanting to play with trends and tear-up the ready-to-wear rule book. Cop.Copine dared to be different and has gone on to become a cultivating brand. 

"Blur" Blazer Jacket / Coming Online Soon!

Cop.Copine can be described as "casual" but classifiable. Each design plays around with a compelling detailing, yet anchors each piece with a classic component. The intriguing detail could be an asymmetrical hemline or texturized jacket which is then complemented by classic details such as neutral colors (ex. black & white), or simple clothing styles such as trousers or a blazer.  



"Moscou" Stripe Blazer Jacket

"Vilnius" Stripe Pants

Queen Anna strives to carry designers that have pieces that are versatile, and Cop.Copine is the perfect designer that represents that goal! One of our favorite new arrivals by the fashion house is the asymmetrical "Zagreb" dress.

Here’s how to wear it from day to night...
1)  Show off the asymmetrical hemline in the workplace with pumps or flats.
2)  Transform this beauty into an evening ensemble by pairing it with your go-to leather jacket and booties for an edgy, yet comfortable night-out look.
3)  Show off that sporty, fitted waistline going to a sporting event for your kids by sliding on some sneakers and a bomber jacket for a casual, everyday look. 
That’s three looks, for three different occasions from day to night! Shop their collection online, in our Queen Anna Fashion app or at our North Loop boutique. 
We hope you love their designs as much as us!


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