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Style For Days: Defining Your Personal Style


The journey of stepping into our own truths is an intricate, lifelong process, but one that is extremely gratifying. Our personal style plays a significant role in expressing to the world exactly what our truths entail, making it imperative that the clothes we wear are representative of the person we have become. 

While many facets of our lives are consistently evolving, we mustn't forget to tap into and pay attention to the transformations of our personal style. Seeing that most of our personal wardrobe probably doesn't include the exaggerated printed flare pants of the 70s, as that was the trend of an era that has come and gone, it still may be subtly integrated into our evolving personal styles.

To reflect the personal growth we constantly undergo, our wardrobes should do the same; Style for Days: Defining your Personal Style Masterclass intends to provide you with tools and concepts that will allow you to realign your wardrobe to represent how you want to currently show up in your everyday life. 

Throughout Defining your Personal Style, you will learn to:

  • Assess your season of life and how it impacts your style
  • Choose clothes that truly channel who you are and what you want to express
  • Visually reflect your personality and preferences in your clothing to build a wardrobe you love
  • Challenge yourself and push the boundaries to experience more freedom in your style
  • Experience more confidence and less stress when you get dressed every morning


This virtual masterclass is live on Saturday, May 23rd @ 11 am. Sign up now! Add the virtual masterclass to your cart, checkout, and you'll receive