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Does This Make My Butt Look Big?

Does This Make My Butt Look Big?

Does This Make My Butt Look Big? 

The Emergence of Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

Every woman has asked once or twice (or more) in their life the infamous trick question, "Does this make my butt look big?" Depending on who you ask dictates how the remainder of the scenario plays out. It's usually one of three ways:

  1. No...not you, NEVER... says the smart significant other
  2. Awkward SILENCE with a deer in headlights expression


If you have realistic and frank friends or family in your life, as I do, you may get a response similar to what I got, one that came with extreme honesty, truth, and love. It also changed my perception of how I forever viewed the question. When I asked my beloved sister K, the infamous question, her response was: "Well being that your butt wasn't small before you put it on and unless it miraculously shrank when you got dressed, then it's still big and Nicole, that's ok." She went on to say, "Now, if you're asking me if your outfit is grown and sexy, then the answer is yes, and you look good."

Her sentiments not only hold for me, but for every woman that has ever asked that dreaded question. Once we stop needing validation from others and start asking ourselves those deep internal questions, we would be light years ahead. But that's ok because it's never too late to start. The next time you feel the urge to ask, "Does this make my butt look big?" Stop at that moment and think to yourself, "Does this outfit make me feel good about myself? Am I going to show up the way that I want to be seen, and am I comfortable with it?"

With the emergence of this year's spring fashion trends upon us and so much of it being patterns and bright colors, I want to not only educate you but also encourage anyone whose go-to look is wearing all black.

I don't encourage investing in trends that may be "in" this year and out next or ones that you're unfamiliar with how you can integrate them into your current collection. Regardless, let's take our spring 2020 style by storm together and elevate our perception of how we see prints and bright colors as well as our womanly figures. Here are a few of my top favorite spring 2020 fashion trends that will transcend seasons and worth adding to your capsule. And guess what, if you have any questions about how you could add these pieces to your wardrobe, our luxury concierge service just launched a styling app that can build outfits in your closet only by taking a picture. So, we are here for you!

Without further adieu, please take a peek at a few of my favorite spring fashion trends for 2020 that will be able to transcend seasons with ease. 

Retro Prints



The Spring 2020 runways were filled with all types of prints and patterns and not just one, MANY; making it easier for you to chose one to fall in love with. One of the newest brands that we will be carrying this season is Britt Sisseck and she is a mastermind designer that creates timeless silk pieces with similar prints.  

Pair the retro print on the part of your body that you're most comfortable with (for me it would be my shirts) and wear a solid complementary color on your other half to wear this type of print with ease. 

For those ready to take it to the next level check out this video on how to comfortably mix and match patterns like these retro prints. 



Trenchcoats are an absolute essential for your spring wardrobe without a doubt. This type of jacket is never going out of style. It can be worn anywhere, and you will be appropriate. One of my favorite ways to style a trenchcoat is by wearing it as a dress with a high heel.



Here to stay are jumpsuits. It's a style that we try and keep in the store year-round because it is one that can be worn to a black-tie event, work and pending the style, can be worn comfortably running errands around town. Being a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, I must be able to take one piece and wear it several ways, and pending the style, you can do that with a jumpsuit for sure.

Paper Bag

According to Vogue Magazine,  the paper bag trend continues but is one trend that will be around for a while. This is a pant that works well for anyone who has a little waist and thick thighs (aka me) and can be found on skirts and shorts alike. Tuck your shirt in with this style to play with dimensions and silhouettes for a more slimming appeal. 

Spring Leather


At QA, we will have leather year-round. Its a staple piece that can be worn on top of an elegant dress and give your ensemble an elevated chic appeal or can be worn with a white tee and denim for a biker chick look. Whatever look you're going for can always be accomplished with a leather jacket. Leather jackets are also those pieces that can last decades if it's taken care of.   

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