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Valentine's Night Inspiration

Valentine's Night Inspiration

The Queen Anna team is counting down the days to Valentine's Day and we're so overjoyed to pull out the best romantic looks we have to offer. No matter what kind of celebration you're going to be having for Valentine's Day this year, we are here to present you with the best outfits for every occasion, whether it be intimate and low-key or the more luxurious event imaginable.

When it comes to creating the perfect outfit, we want to make sure it's comfortable and stylish and expresses your unique personality perfectly. Our expert team of Queen Anna stylists has curated the chicest and fashion-forward looks on how to make this night perfect and memorable. (Photo from Brooklyn Blonde)

What to Wear

Starting with your body shape will help you find that perfect Valentine's Night style. Your clothes will fit you better and you'll be your most confident self. Which one are you?

1. Radiant Diamond: Your shoulders may be wider than your hips and you might have more muscular legs and thighs.

  • Look for styles that will “fake” a waist and create illusion of curves
  • Line skirts, skater skirts, high-waisted trousers, wrap dresses will all create illusion of a narrower waist

2. Heart Diamond: Your bust, waist is typically wider than your hips, but are all relatively close.

  • A-line skirts and bold patterns look great on this body type
  • Slightly roomier cuts and darker color bottoms look great
  • Layering and adding structure using longer attire will elongate this body type
  • Straight or slim pants options always look great (avoid a too form fitting look)

3. Trillion Diamond: Your hips are typically wider than your bust and chest area.

  • Want tops that accentuate your top half as well as define your waist
  • Look for light, bright colors
  • Compliment tops with slightly roomier cuts and darker color bottoms

4. Princess Diamond: Your bust and chest area measures at about the same as your hips, but your waist typically measures smaller.

  • Soft draping fabrics such as knit and/or jersey
  • Wrap dresses look great on this body type, typically those with straight or tapered skirt.

5. Emerald Diamond: Your measurements are fairly even throughout your bust, waist, and hips and you typically have a more athlete build.

  • If you are going bulkier or more voluminous on top, opt for something more fitted on the bottom to create balance

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Casual or Formal?

Wherever the night takes you, our Queen Team has styling down to perfection. We've taken our inventory of some of the most unique, luxe, and high-quality pieces and pulled together brilliant looks that will be perfect for that new upscale restaurant date or a wild night on the town with your best girls.

Check out our lookbook for more on-point outfits.


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The Classic Colors

Pink and red are the two classic shades for Valentine's Day and undoubtedly, they evoke the right vibes for the night. If you're a fan of pink, you can try incorporating it into your look with a bright and cheerful skirt, or a fun pair of shoes. For those who like red, a bold, statement-making top or a chic pair of trousers can be a great option. If neither color is something you have in your fashion arsenal, purchase a statement piece such as a wool coat, cashmere cardigan, or even a beret in one of the colors. That way, you can still be part of the tradition without feeling like you have to go all out. 

If you want to get creative, move away from the classic blush pink and classic red tones. Hot pinks, magenta, raspberry, crimson, and burgundy colors are chic alternatives. 

Conversely, if you're searching for something more stylish and punctuating, a sleek, solid-color suit or dress with a pop of red or pink via a lip color, amazing shoes, or a statement clutch is also a winning ensemble and extremely fashionable.

Finishing Touches

From your makeup to your accessories, make your lasting Valentine statement with this step. If the temps are still low where you live, a sweet on-theme scarf or hat with matching gloves can top off the look perfectly. Go for luxe shoes that make you feel great but also feel great on your feet. A fiery red manicure may be all you need to add that bit of themed fun.

We're so blessed to be privileged to share beautiful clothes and looks with you on one of the most romantic nights of the year. Enjoy, have all the fun, and celebrate all the love! Happy Valentine's Day/Night!

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