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Celebrating Women-Owned Brands: Chan Luu

Celebrating Women-Owned Brands: Chan Luu

From Black History Month to Women's History Month, we are overjoyed to celebrate one illustrious month after another. The strides and obstacles that women have overcome are inspiring, but there is still a long way to go. It is a blessing that we live in a time where we can celebrate women's achievements and watch them continue to break barriers. 

As a Black- and woman-owned company, Queen Anna House of Fashion recognizes the importance of supporting businesses and brands that deserve recognition for their hard work, talents, and innovation. In honor of Women's History Month, we are highlighting one of our favorite women-owned brands, Chan Luu, to continue that unrivaled support by spotlighting her amazing success story along with her wonderful products. The jewelry that this line offers is timeless, bold, and always a luxurious addition to any outfit.

Who is Chan Luu?

Fashion designer and creator Chan Luu sits on the porch with her dog
(Photo from Girl Intuitive)

Born in Nha Trang, Vietnam, Chan Luu emigrated to the United States in 1972, determined to start a new life despite the challenges of leaving her war-torn country. Although she was passionate about art, her parents encouraged her to study business, and Chan embraced this decision, working hard to excel in her studies. She graduated from Boston University in just three years, and then headed west to Los Angeles promptly after graduating in 1975 where she quickly found work at a clothing store and began building her career.

Early Beginnings

Chan had a natural talent for drawing and design, but lacked formal fashion experience. Undeterred, she proactively sought opportunities to develop and hone her skills. She immersed herself in the industry, taking on various roles including salesperson, manufacturer's assistant, private shopper, and fashion buyer to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business. Remarkably, Chan adhered to the adage "slow and steady wins the race", accumulating invaluable knowledge over 20 years before launching her own jewelry line in 1996.

While Chan began her own brick-and-mortar clothing store in 1983, something felt amiss to her.

“I was earning money, but retail didn’t give me a future,” she says. “I wanted to go further.”

Big Break

After 13 years, Chan closed her store and made a complete turnaround. In 1996, she redirected her focus towards jewelry design and has not looked back since. She began humbly, operating out of her garage, but her extensive knowledge of the fashion business gave her a strong foundation for where she wanted to take her company.

“I designed, and I answered the phone. I knew every facet of my business, from top to bottom.”

Through Chan's financial success, she was able to expand her operations and move into a studio, hire employees, and take her designs to New York to find a showroom to represent her. Her hard work and dedication paid off when she was offered the opportunity to earn $2 million a year by a particularly interested showroom.

Jennifer Aniston wearing the Chan Luu pendant necklace at the Armani fashion show with Brad Pitt and George Clooney

When Jennifer Aniston was seen wearing one of Chan's necklaces at an Armani fashion show with Brad Pitt and George Clooney, she skyrocketed into fashion stardom. This led to an increasing demand for her painted seashell pendant necklace and other notable pieces. Chan's exceptional work led her to establish a clothing line in 2004, further boosting her revenue, which has continued to impressively grow every year since. Today, while all of the Chan Luu pieces are beloved, the wrap bracelet has become a timeless, sought-after piece for many.

Giving Back

Today, the Chan Luu brand is still proudly operating as a women-led business. In 2021, Chan Luu's niece, Tessa Tran, became the CEO and creative director, ensuring that the company's ethos, vision, and brand mission remain consistent to Chan’s original ideas.

Jewelry designer Chan Luu with her niece and CEO of the Chan Luu brand, Tessa Tran
(Photo from Chan Luu)

One area in which the brand has always maintained ethical practices is in its treatment of workers. Though Chan outsourced her work to international countries for her jewelry line, she fought to follow the United Nations' labor standards for equitable wages. The brand has provided reliable and profitable work to hundreds of women overseas, and its efforts were recognized by the United Nations when it partnered with the Chan Luu brand in the United Nations Ethical Fashion Initiative.

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It is so inspiring to know that a women-owned brand we support also supports women across the world. It reinforces the importance of community and that we will only thrive and succeed through the helping hands of others who are helping and encouraging us and are rooting for our success. From all of us at Queen Anna House of Fashion, Happy Women's History Month!

“It’s up to you to decide whether you support what I do or you don’t. The people who make this get paid fairly and have a safe place to work. And some people buy my jewelry only because they love it, but other people do care about those things…”

Buy Our Favorites

At Queen Anna House of Fashion, we take pride in offering the exquisite women-owned Chan Luu line. Our collection boasts intricate, one-of-a-kind pieces that exude timeless luxury. These stunning pieces have become a staple of our jewelry lineup and we relish the opportunity to showcase our absolute favorites. Due to high demand, we encourage you to act fast and add your favorites to your cart to ensure you don't miss out on experiencing the luxury for yourself.

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Queen Anna House of Fashion is proud to feature Chan Luu. Shop the collection online or in our app now and pick your favorite pieces to add to your collection.

Queen Anna House of Fashion Celebrating Women Women's History Month Chan Luu boutiques in Minneapolis

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