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Silhouettes of a Woman: Sami M.

Silhouettes of a Woman: Sami M.

Please say hello to Sami! Sami and her mother Pam are an incredible dynamic duo, and we're pleased to call them our clients. Sami was a model for us in our Silhouettes of the City fashion show, along with our most recent F/W 2019 photoshoot. Learn more about this lovely lady's silhouette...

Name: Sami Milliren

Occupation: Nanny

The Makeup of your Silhouette: I'm a supporter

How would you describe your ideal style? 
My ideal style is casual chic with a little bit of an edge. 

Now, what’s your style actually?... 
I would say that my actual style falls more in the athletic chic category.

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you? 
I love my ability to go with the flow. 

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna? 
My favorite piece that I've purchased is a gorgeous all-white jumpsuit by Dress the Population. I wore it in the Silhouettes of a Woman fashion show.