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Our Story

Since inception, Queen Anna House of Fashion has positioned itself as a leading women's contemporary retailer offering brands from influential fashion houses, independent and emerging designers.

Being forward thinking and innovative, Queen Anna was strategically designed to offer clients a shopping experience that rivals what they have come to expect from today's retailers.

From the signature scent of Prosecco Rose, the contemporary art that meets you at the door, or the "QA" gold emblem gleaming from the back of the store; once you step into the ambiance, you know you have entered into a unique space that has already left a royal impression on you.

Queen Anna champions in the nonprofit arena, supporting charitable organizations and advocating for a cause that not only impact the community in which it resides but philanthropic efforts affecting the world as well.

Queen Anna looks to partner with brands that are environmentally safe with the way that their designs are created as well as brands that have a philanthropic branch of their brand in which the foundation of their brand is established.

Queen Anna located in the North Loop of Minneapolis Minnesota