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Level Up Your Basics: 5 Ways to Level Up Your Closet Essentials

Level Up Your Basics: 5 Ways to Level Up Your Closet Essentials

Maybe you've already checked cleaning your closet off your list and shedding those pieces you don't need anymore. It feels so great to see all of that empty space, but then you're probably wondering how you're going to fill that space back up. We want to intentionally add beautiful outfits and timeless essentials that are high quality and will never fade out of style. The best place to start when it comes to adding exciting pieces is with your basic closet essentials. Whether it's a neutral sweater or relaxed jeans, here are our favorite ways to level up the must-haves in your fashion arsenal.

1. Relaxed Jeans

Model is wearing Etica Denim Bryce Pinch Boyfriend Jeans with button-up shirt

Recently, skinny jeans have more or less disappeared and while we say love whatever you want to love, we DO love how great relaxed jeans feel. Once you find a pair that fits you perfectly, like any piece you buy, make sure you never let that go. The looser cut is great with ankle boots or combat boots, sneakers, and even heels. Pair with a boyfriend shirt or fitted t-shirt and blazer. The options are endless.

2. Classic Crewneck T-Shirt

Model wearing Ripley Rader Fitted Tee with black pants

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A basic white crewneck t-shirt that is beautifully tailored to you and is made of high-quality materials is a closet essential that everyone must have. No matter what, it'll go great in any casual setting and it can be versatile enough to even dress it up if executed well. Wear it with a maxi skirt, your favorite pair of jeans, or even a matching blazer and pant set with stilettos for an elegant night out.

3. Non-Neutral Blazer

Model wears red Ripley Rader Ponte Knit Oversized Blazer with brown pants


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We all have a black, white, gray, or beige blazer hanging in our closets, but we're veering toward more color in our essentials for 2023. Consider a bright color to wear with your outfits to bring a fun pop of color. Go as daring as you want, from red, blue, or even a bold orange. Add it to your monochromatic outfit or dress it up with an eye-catching color-blocking ensemble. 

4. Neutral Sweater

Model is wearing Leap Concept Cashmere Crop Sweater with gray cashmere pants

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We've got a few more weeks of winter until all of our cold-weather clothes are put away, so snatch up some neutral-toned sweaters for this season and the next. Keep it handy as luxe loungewear or wear it with a boyfriend blazer, some slacks, and loafers for a classic modern workwear look. Bonus: find sweaters made from lighter fabrics so you can carry them into spring and summer. 

5. Casual Midi Dress

Model is wearing yellow Ocean Prairie Sundrop Silk Slip Dress

A versatile midi dress is definitely one of those closet essentials to have in your closet for 2023. A midi-length dress brings comfort and to style it, your choices are unlimited. Wear it with cardigans, a cropped denim jacket, or even turn it into a midi skirt by wearing a shirt or sweater over it. 

Start your 2023 with new and fresh pieces that will go with anything else you're keeping in your closet. Download our app to shop or shop all of these closet essentials at Queen Anna House of Fashion now.

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