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New Year, New You: Refresh Your Closet and Life with These New Year Essentials

New Year, New You: Refresh Your Closet and Life with These New Year Essentials

The new year is such a wonderful time to really take hold of starting great habits, letting go of things that do not serve you, and reviving spaces that need some extra oomph. Our closets, for example, are one of those places that really need a revamp at the end of the year. After a whole 365 of accumulating clothes, shoes, and accessories, we're going to start you off fresh with the new year essentials to have in your wardrobe and life kit for 2023. 

An Essential Wrap Dress

ETICA Mira Denim Wrap Dress denim wrap dress wrap dresses new year essentials
If you don't have a wrap dress yet, this one is great to start you off. Wrap dresses are timeless pieces, but you can definitely take the ETICA Mira Denim Wrap Dress throughout the seasons. Wear it in the cooler months with fun knee-high boots, and take it into the warmer seasons with fun sandals or your favorite sneakers.

The Classic Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Ripley Rader Fitted Tee white tshirt basic white tshirt women's essential tshirts new year essentials

Commando Cloud Short Sleeve Tee basic black tshirts black tshirts for women women's essential tshirts new year essentials


We have to say it: a basic, high-quality short sleeve t-shirt will be your best friend for years to come. The Ripley Rader Fitted Tee and Commando Cloud Short Sleeve Tee are so versatile for anything you'll pair them with. Start off with the essential black and white ones and add other colors to your liking. 

Baggy Leather Pants

Commando Faux Leather Paper Bag Pants faux leather pants black leather pants new year essentials


If leather pants seem daunting but you DO want to get on the leather/faux leather trend, take the leap with these Commando Faux Leather Paper Bag Pants as opposed to skin-tight leggings. They'll go great with a basic top (cue the t-shirts above) or a solid turtleneck if it's still cool outside.

Formal Maxi Dress

Dept Anonym Silk Halter Maxi Dress silk party dresses holiday party dresses on sale women's clothing sale red dresses new year essentials


Whether it's for a wedding, a great girls' weekend away, or even a holiday party in 2023, buy your formal dress now when the end-of-the-year sales are hot, like this Dept Anonym Silk Halter Maxi Dress in the most gorgeous burgundy. You'll have at least one event where you need to be dressed to the nines, so make sure you're already prepared.

The Classic Jumpsuit

Etica Denim Kingsley Flightsuit women's denim jumpsuits women's jumpsuits women's denim new year essentials


We love a good jumpsuit over here. The style is edgy and comfortable, and any outfit where you can wear heels OR boots OR sneakers is a huge win for us. Versatile picks like this Etica Denim Kingsley Flightsuit are great to have. You'll have endless outfit ideas with just one piece and you'll instantly see your wardrobe transformed.

A Quality Denim Jacket

Amanda Uprichard Greyson Jacket women's denim jackets women's jean jackets lightwashed denim jackets new year essentials


Denim jackets are styles everyone loves, but we love when styles get switched up and elevated. Not only is the silhouette on the Amanda Uprichard Greyson Jacket so flattering thanks to the tie waist, but it has all of the traditional elements of the classic jean jacket we all know and adore. From the washed color, the pockets, and the metal buttons, we would wear this with nearly everything in our closet.

Skincare Essentials

Tao Radiance Rose Quartz Roller jade face roller rose quartz face roller new year essentials


If your skincare regimen needs to be updated, start off with a new routine that relaxes you and gives you anti-aging benefits. Rose quartz rollers really do offer some amazing pros to your skin, like this Tao Radiance Rose Quartz Roller. Tip: double-up and do your roller right after your morning and night routines to ensure your products really get into your skin.

Jot It Down

Thoughts Journal Thought Catalog 2023 journals black journals new year essentials


Journaling is an old, old practice, but if you've never done it before and you're curious, this is the new year to start. Don't get bogged down by thinking there's a right or wrong way to journal; just let the thoughts flow freely and write it all down. Use the Thoughts Journal from Thought Catalog as a way to capture great, in-the-moment ideas for work or life; write down your manifestations and watch them happen; or vent and release what weighs you down. 

Luxurious Slippers

Pissenlit Sheepskin Slippers fuzzy slippers fluffy slippers black fluffy slippers gray fluffy slippers grey fluffy slippers new year essentials


These Sheepskin Slippers from Pissenlit are if "treat yourself" was an actual item. Comfort is something we all strive to achieve and it doesn't have to be difficult to attain. After a long day of working hard, you should also relax hard, too. Slip these on and start your much-deserved self-care.

A Daring Shoe

United Nude Wa Long Boots black knee high boots women's boots black women's boots new year essentials


Maybe you're looking at your shoe game and you need to shake things up in 2023. A bold shoe like the United Nude Wa Long Boots are perfect for those epic days and nights is a must-have in all closets, we think. 

We're so glad to start this new year with all of you! Our gratitude for all of you knows no bounds and we can't wait to keep dishing out the latest and greatest in all things fashion. Let's step into 2023 together and make it count!

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