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5 Timeless Fashion Styles Inspired by YOU!

5 Timeless Fashion Styles Inspired by YOU!


In the world of fashion, timeless fashion styles are always reintroducing themselves generations later, sometimes with a new spin and other times, they are just as we remember them. This 5 Timeless Fashion Styles Inspired by YOU list was inspired by those traditions thriving in the 1970’s that have come back around to become a staple for any generation to add to their wardrobe.

Regardless of the era you grow up in, younger generations can bond to wiser generations through fashion. From raiding your mother’s shoe collection to inheriting your grandfather’s pullovers to digging deep at the local Goodwill, clothing has always presented a thread of connection between lived experiences and the past. Here’s to shedding light on how anyone, of any generation, can slay fashion this fall.

#1 Suits with Sneakers + Docs with Jeans

This season is all about a hybrid style of business up top and cozy on the toes and here at QA we couldn't be more excited! Gone are the days we need to choose between style or comfort and the requirement to wear stilettos for hours on end to be taken seriously.

You may have fond memories of snooping through your mother’s closet as a teenager only to discover, you are both perfectly the same shoe size. Shoes, unlike clothing, seem to transcend many barriers of body type, size, style, and age.

Happening upon a few staple shoes can be a gold mine for a young creative trying to pin down her style. A solid pair of shoes can be uniquely paired in many different ways from dresses with ankle boots, rompers with Birkenstocks, and finding ways to rock boots that give fashionistas a double take.

It is beautiful to find a way to bond with our elders and explore our femininity at a young age without sacrificing comfort. We were so stoked to stumble upon this season's highlight that we remember from the 90s that is now coming back in 2022.

This fall we are loving the casual shoe with boss lady outfit up top. ICHI has it right with the gorgeous Monis Dress paired with a comfortable and functional shoe.

Model wearing mid-shin ICHI Monis dress paired with black combat boots

#2 Combat Boots

Doc Martens released their iconic shoe in the 1960s and the combat boot grew in popularity in the 1980s with the punk rock and gothic music scene. We distinctly remember the crop of kids who discovered the shoes in the 1990s as they became popular in the grunge scene.

From the textbook art kid who is required to wear closed-toed shoes in the pottery studio, to the teacher who wants a shoe to walk the halls in comfort, to the concert goer who doesn’t want their toes stomped on, the combat boot helped your problems in childhood and continues to bring solutions that transcend generations.

We remember needing to find a shoe to hit all levels of high school importance; comfort, following the rules, and not looking like a complete dork. Years later, from the perspective of the elder, we are enjoying the timelessness of the combat boot as they find their way back in the fashion trends of today.

QS Jamila has taken on the combat boot and added some sophistication to the classic look. We are all about her approach to adding style to function this fall.

Brown Leather Booties by QS Jamila Captoe

#3 Flannel

If you were anywhere near the midwest in the 90s, there were three key elements to knowing it was fall; college football, the smell of apple cider, and the plethora of flannel literally everywhere. You couldn’t look anywhere without seeing flannel layered upon everything.

From farmers to scarecrows to your math teacher, flannel was everywhere. Gen Z has brought back flannel and made it trendy. They may not be wearing it in the classical style we remember, but using a flannel shirt as an accessory tied around your waist is never a bad idea.

Making that flannel shirt oversized is even better. Whether you were repurposing an old sweater of your grandfather’s or rummaging through a garage sale there was something cozy in those pullovers and large flannels that takes us back to childhood.

It is like wrapping yourself in a familiar long hug and being transported back to the moments you shared with that special person in your life. Flannel seems to keep a piece in many heart spaces and, lucky for those hearts, there is no escaping it this fall. Flannel is everywhere there are changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and lightly falling snow, so grab a couple of your favorite colors and layer up.

Try slipping this ABLE Denim Jacket over your favorite flannel this fall for a crisp evening look that will be perfect for the football stands, a bonfire or night out.

Model wearing black relaxed fit ABLE denim jacket

#4 The Puffy Jacket, The Puffer and the Padded Down Jacket

The name you give to this timeless jacket depends on when you were born but the base idea has stayed the same. A warm fashion forward jacket intended for the crisp fall evenings when warmth in a necessity. There is a long history of the padded down jacket dating back to the 1930’s. This jacket has found a way to stick around through the decades and doesn’t seem to be fading out anytime soon.

Kylie Jenner wearing a black puffer jacket in 2022Model wearing white puffer jacket. Image from Harper’s Bazaar, October 1938.  Photography by Horst P. Horst 

If you live anywhere where temperatures drop below 50, you’ve worn some version of the puffer. Eddie Bauer invented the first puffer jacket nearly 90 years ago in 1936. He called his creation The Skyliner.

It was made of down feathers within quilted fabric and was created out of personal necessity after Bauer nearly lost his life to hypothermia whilst on a fishing trip in mid-winter.

From then until now, the padded down jacket has been a staple for many wardrobes at least four months out of the year and although it has evolved a bit since its creation, we can’t seem to get enough.

QA is proud to bring the Nap Loungewear Buttoned Faux Leather Coat to your closet this fall. This piece brings a modern twist to the classic puffer and is an outerwear staple for the modern woman.

Model wearing an off-white faux puffer leather coat


#5 : Denim

There have been many discussions debating who has the denim style correct: Millennials, Gen Z, or something in between. What most young people don’t know is that the 1970s is whom they need to be thanking.

Denim was all the rage in the 70s from hippies to big city fashion, jeans were a staple for many. It is common for a 16-year-old born any time in the past 30 years to find pair of jeans at a local thrift store only to bring them home to their parent’s amusement.

The amount of conversations that can be had from a piece of denim is infinite. Our memories are tied to images and nostalgia and a pair of jeans can transport someone from to their youth, from the fashion to the music to the protests to the lack of internet!

2022 is not sleeping on denim and QA has you covered this season from our new arrivals collection. The ÉTICA Birdie Halter Jumpsuit brings together the denim trends of many generations into a single piece that will be a staple in your fall collection.

Model wearing a denim halter long jumpsuit

Timeless fashion will always find themselves back into rotation so before you throw out that staple piece you’ve had for 20 years, show it to your daughter, niece, or cousin and let the conversation unfold. You may begin to reminisce about when you first acquired the piece or you may learn it has come back into trend.

You could also turn on a creative light bulb in your young person’s life or there is a small chance they may call you cringy and move on with their adolescence. Whatever the case may be, give your inner fashionista a chance to spread her wings and soar this fall by revisiting the trends of generations past now with a 2022 twist.

QA has you covered with the current fashion while simultaneously honoring your timeless style. Shop our fall collection here.

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