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Silhouettes of a Woman: Nicole J.

Silhouettes of a Woman: Nicole J.

We are counting down the day until our Silhouettes of the City Fashion Show with the introduction of MY personal silhouette. I wear many hats and can become many things depending on the situation, this intro goes beyond my silhouette and takes you into the heart and soul of who I truly am.

Every day leading up to the fashion show you will be introduced to another amazing woman allowing you access beyond the outer shell of her silhouette and giving you a sneak peek into who she really is at heart.

I hope you enjoy getting to know these amazing women at their core, and maybe you love it so much you will want to join us and grant access to someone to get beyond your silhouette.

Name: Nicole Jennings

Occupation: Mompreneur

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Wife, Sports Mom, Entrepreneur, Girl Scouts Leader, Technology Loving Book Worm with a love for finer things. 

How would you describe your ideal style?
Victoria Beckham mixed with Jennifer Lopez-ish mix of classy, sexy, chic with a tattoo sleeve.

Now, what’s your style actually?...
Comfy, casual and chic with no tattoo sleeve.

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you?
I love my small waist and thick thighs.

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna?
The list is way too long to just choose one but it would have to be one of my trench coats from C/MEO or Allen Schwartz... but then there is also all of my amazing leather pieces from Bano eeMee, I’m so torn...

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