Silhouettes of a Woman: Kayla O.

Silhouettes of a Woman: Kayla O.

Say hello to Kayla! Kayla is a fellow North Loop business owner and someone we're thrilled to have as an amazing client. She was also a model in our Silhouettes of the City fashion show during FWMN last spring. Learn more about this boss lady's silhouette...

Name: Kayla O'Rourke

Occupation: Owner of The Bar Method. A barre studio in the North Loop 

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Mom, wife, business owner and friend

How would you describe your ideal style? 
My ideal style is classy and chic, but most certainly not boring! :)

Now, what’s your style actually?... 
I would say my style is actually the same as my ideal style. I like my outfits to be a mixture of classic and chic pieces. 

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you? 
I love my perseverance and work ethic. I never give up!

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna? 
My favorite piece is what I wore in the Queen Anna Silhouettes of the City fashion show! Along with the amazing Wish Australia duster vest in a beautiful bronze color that I purchased in the fall.