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Designer Spotlight: Cop.Copine

Designer Spotlight: Cop.Copine

Queen Anna is starting the New Year off with a new designer. Introducing... Cop.Copine. 

Cop.Copine was created in 1986 by two brothers, Alain and Leon, who wanted to offer a range of collections with a more creative, youthful, and dynamic spirit. Their goal was to make it accessible to all women wanting to play with trends and tear-up the ready-to-wear rule book. Cop.Copine dared to be different and has gone on to become a cultivating brand. 

"Blur" Blazer Jacket / Coming Online Soon!

Cop.Copine can be described as "casual" but classifiable. Each design plays around with a compelling detailing, yet anchors each piece with a classic component. The intriguing detail could be an asymmetrical hemline or texturized jacket which is then complemented by classic details such as neutral colors (ex. black & white), or simple clothing styles such as trousers or a blazer.  



"Moscou" Stripe Blazer Jacket

"Vilnius" Stripe Pants

Queen Anna strives to carry designers that have pieces that are versatile, and Cop.Copine is the perfect designer that represents that goal! One of our favorite new arrivals by the fashion house is the asymmetrical "Zagreb" dress.

Here’s how to wear it from day to night...
1)  Show off the asymmetrical hemline in the workplace with pumps or flats.
2)  Transform this beauty into an evening ensemble by pairing it with your go-to leather jacket and booties for an edgy, yet comfortable night-out look.
3)  Show off that sporty, fitted waistline going to a sporting event for your kids by sliding on some sneakers and a bomber jacket for a casual, everyday look. 
That’s three looks, for three different occasions from day to night! Shop their collection online, in our Queen Anna Fashion app or at our North Loop boutique. 
We hope you love their designs as much as us!


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