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Gifts with a Purpose: How to Be a Thoughtful Gift-Giver This Holiday Season

Gifts with a Purpose: How to Be a Thoughtful Gift-Giver This Holiday Season

And just like that, it’s November! 2022 has zoomed past us all and now we’re gearing up for the heyday of the holiday season. Our excitement for gift-giving (and let’s be honest: gift-getting) is palpable. We’re all about being intentional at Queen Anna, so we wanted to showcase how to take the concept of gift-giving and turn it into something that will leave a bigger, more indelible mark on your family and friends.

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Reframe Your Mind

Studies show that it’s really not just “the thought that counts” anymore when it comes to gift giving. We can pick out a gift that we think is the “best” gift for someone, but ultimately, it’s best practice to consider their current wants and needs.

Has a sibling or parent mentioned something in passing to you lately? Pay close attention to these sharing moments because you can take out all the guesswork for what they would really appreciate receiving.

Experiences Matter

Gifting an experience has been gaining a lot of speed and we can see why. Instead of buying items, consider a new or much-loved experience your best girlfriend or heavily-loved boss would love or have already enjoyed. It gives them the opportunity to get out, and the excitement build-up of this adventure adds to how great experience gifts are.

Support Their Interests

Did your grandparent start a fun hobby? Has your niece or nephew joined a club or started a new sport? Do some searching to see what things you could purchase to help foster their new interest. It could be extra arts or crafts supplies, a tote bag to haul all of their essentials in, or even purchasing follow-up classes so they can keep the momentum going.

Brenda Grands Jewelry Aspen Initial Necklace

Brenda Grands Jewelry Aspen Initial Necklace

Sentimental Gifts Always Mean So Much

This one can be a tearjerker for everyone involved, but sentimental gifts rank so high on our list of gift-giving ideas. The holiday season can be a difficult time for anyone, especially for those grieving. There are beautiful gifts out there to give in honor of a loved one, like a custom-made quilt with their clothing, a painted picture, or jewelry pieces bearing an initial, a date, or even a photo.

Offering Your Time

If you’ve ever felt like you needed a break or an extra set of hands, you’re definitely not alone. If one of your closest friends is a new parent or your neighbor has a big life change going on, offer to come over to help with home tasks, run some errands for them, and cook some easy-to-make, easy-to-heat meals.

Sometimes, it’s not about the quantity or cost, but the quality of the gifts. When you give something that’s really meaningful, the impression can last a lifetime. Check out our Queen Anna store for more top-shelf gift ideas for the holidays.

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