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"Easy Dressing" this Holiday Season🦃

"Easy Dressing" this Holiday Season🦃

Effortless Dresses for the Holiday Season

I am sure that by the title and the fact we are in November that you think I am referencing the dressing that can accompany your turkey for Thanksgiving. Since I am not big on cooking (especially Thanksgiving dinner), it is essential to point out that I am actually talking about legit dresses. I created a holiday guide to effortless dresses that has a few of my favorite dresses and accessories that can be worn with them.


One Posh Closet Styling Service

"The New Normal"

"The new normal" has been anything but easy. From homeschool to working from home to racially driven civil unrest, losing jobs, and the list goes on and on. It has still nonetheless been challenging for those of us that have the privilege to continue somewhat on the level of normalcy, so a good jump-in and go dress would definitely fit your needs.

As a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, and now an actively engaged member of the community for several social justice initiatives, I know the challenges we face as women when we try and balance 1001 glass plates and hope that none of them fall. I have come to find out that some of the plates that I thought were glass were actually not glass at all. I like to think of them metaphorically as the charming "fake china" from Costco that we only buy to present the store-bought cookies, like they were fresh out of the oven? Or am I the only one who does that?? I like to play along until one of my kids outs me, "Mommy, these Jerry's cookies are sooo good, we need to buy more on the way home!" (Blank Stare; Blink Blink).

Needless to say, every time I felt like one of the metaphorical plates were on its way tumbling down, someone was waiting to either lighten the blow or catch it before it hit the ground each and every time. As a women's retailer and lifestyle brand, we want to be that person waiting in the wings for you. Whether through fashion and style, philanthropy, culture, or health and wellness tips, we are positioning ourselves to assist the whole woman, and not just the outer. Are we therapists? Nope. But if you just happen to be in the store shopping and it comes out you need one, and we know somebody, who knows somebody, who is; we most certainly point you in the right direction.

Our Fashion Concierge Services 

Queen Anna House of Fashion is here for your fashion related needs in the very same way. We are all about relationship building and being a resource to our clients related to fashion, style, philanthropy, and culture. We believe that if you look good, you feel good and will go out and do good in the world and the lives of others that need you the most, and you get to do it looking and feeling like the Queen you are. 👑

Queen Anna House of Fashion Concierge Service

This holiday season doesn't have to be filled with long work from home days where your impeccable from the waist up and then in sleep shorts from the waist down. Our Luxury Fashion Concierge Service One Posh Closet is readily available to you with any of your everyday fashion needs or even your holiday shopping stressors. One Posh Closet is a Luxury Fashion Concierge SERVICE, so please, instead of worrying about what you're going to wear to the next zoom holiday party or what to get your Mother-in-law for secret Santa, either way, our concierge service is ready to be of service to you. 

We often get questions about the services, and without all of the technical details, the services provided are currently all done virtually and include:

For more information or generalized questions, check out this FORM or even take a peek at the attached video.



Easy Dresses for The Busy Woman

Moving on to a few of my very personal favorite easy and effortless dresses for this holiday season. I used the styling app to highlight a few of them, and by clicking the link, it will also take you right to the dress for all of the details.

Just as simple as it is for you to check out the dresses, it's just as simple for us to create a similar set up for the clothes in your closet as well. Don't forget to set up a time to chat using the link, and we can get your holiday season off on the right foot (and dress). Click to be whisked away to Nicole's Effortless Dress Land.

Until next time, bye bye!👑