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Silhouettes of a Woman: Style Masterclass Recap

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Silhouettes of a Woman: Style Masterclass Recap

Are you a pear shape or an apple shape? Have you ever heard that question before to describe your body shape? While it’s understandable and even relative, I think it’s time to move on to a different way of describing the unique shapes of our bodies.

In 2019, Queen Anna House of Fashion launched a movement coined “Silhouettes of a Woman." This movement was created to celebrate womanhood at every stage of life continually. Our mission is to help women positively embrace who they are and every silhouette, while also exposing societal imposed barriers and breaking-free of the mental limitations we place on ourselves as women. 

We aim to empower, embrace and encourage one another to be comfortable with our authentic self regardless of shape, size, race, and roles we fill every day. 

To move forward with our mission, on Thursday, September 19th, we launched our very first Silhouettes of a Woman Style Masterclass: How to Dress for your Body Type, to help shift the perception & relationship we have with our bodies. By using empowered language, kind adjectives, and diamond shapes as our new body type descriptors, we hosted an intimate group of women to share our evolving journey and how we can continue to stylishly dress our bodies.

queen anna style masterclass

It was an evening of raw vulnerability, wardrobe liberation, and creative inspiration on how clothing can positively impact how we feel & decide to show up in the world. Finding what works for our body does not have to feel like a daunting or overwhelming chore. The combination of understanding personal fit, preference and style provides clarity that will save you time and money daily.

queen anna style masterclass

We look forward to continuing our style masterclass series and breaking barriers, one stylish session at a time. 

queen anna style masterclass

If you are interested in learning about our next style class send us an email at Limited spaces are available.

Learn more about Silhouettes of a Woman and check out our recent Silhouettes of the City Fashion Show.

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