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Silhouettes of a Woman: Cheryl W.

Silhouettes of a Woman: Cheryl W.

As we continue our Silhouettes of a Woman series (post-fashion show!) we're delighted to share with you our stunning clients who shined so bright on the runway at Silhouettes of the City.

Name: Cheryl J. Winston

Occupation: Executive VP of Sales at Make It Simple Inc.

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Wife, Mother, Sister and Daughter

How would you describe your ideal style? 
Anything that the stylists at Queen Anna pick out for me! 

Now, what’s your style actually?... 
Currently, it’s all over the place, but I’m transitioning to be more “Queen Anna.” It's amazing that I can get pieces for work, social and mom life. They make the shopping experience feel so much better.

Tell us, what’s one thing you love about you? 
I love that I never give up when I set out to accomplish something.

What’s your favorite purchase from Queen Anna? 
My Bano eeMee black leather jacket. I love being able to wear it for an important business meeting or to go out with friends.