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Silhouettes of a Woman: Embracing the Realities of Womanhood

Silhouettes of a Woman: Embracing the Realities of Womanhood




  1. the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, especially in dim light.

synonyms: outline, contour(s), profile, delineation, form, shape, figure, shadow, features, lines, curves, configuration

silhouettes of a woman, butterfly

Just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, we too transform within the silhouette of each of our female bodies. Any woman that stands before you is presenting the silhouette of themselves to you, as she wants you to see her at that moment.  It is very possible that the core part of who she authentically is, may not necessarily be representative of what meets the eye.

Embarking upon my second year in business in a physical retail location, I have evolved on all levels including being a business owner. I went from being online only, to opening a store, buying clothes and hoping that the community of women like them; transitioning to finding out what our clients like or dislike, and adjusting accordingly.

Queen Anna has THE BEST clients ever, and I have had the opportunity to meet with many of them personally.  Each woman is bringing her own genuinely amazing spirit along with them and each being from all walks of life. Even with their visible differences of shape, size, color or job title, they all had one thing in common, they all want to feel good wearing the purchases they have made, and we want that same thing for them.

Here at Queen Anna, we aim to empower, embrace and encourage one another cultivating a lifestyle that makes a woman feel supported enough to be comfortable with their authentic self, and letting their inner light shine - gracing the world with the fullness of their fearless and bold inherent selves.

No more of just sharing the outline of who you are - let's allow our inner beauty to flow out, to be unapologetically imperfectly perfect, and to be truly comfortable in that.

"Silhouettes Of a Woman" is a movement coined within Queen Anna to celebrate womanhood at every stage of life; tearing down the limiting barriers and mental limitations of shape, size, race, and roles.  

It is easy to share a part of who we are with the world when we’re confident and comfortable with that particular reality including being a wife, mother, daughter and a friend who loves to get dressed up, even with no place to go.

But what about the other parts of me that can occasionally be uncomfortable to share or go unseen by the naked eye of those who know me by my everyday silhouette and not an authentic one?

Like the fact that my arms are a size large and the rest of my top half is a medium making it extremely hard to buy nice tops that fit right. Or how about the fact that as much as I love being an entrepreneur, and confident in my decision making skills to build a brand that positively impacts the world for years to come; I can still struggle with “mom guilt” for not being a stay at home mom like a lot of women I know.

And voila, just like that, someone much different than me in every way just read that and found out that she isn’t the only one who thinks like that and feels that way.

Whatever phase of life you are in within the inevitable evolution of a woman, Queen Anna has beautiful offerings that will fit the need of that particular phase in your life. Mom Boss, Caretaker, Plus Size, or Petite, whatever you identify with, so do we.

You read it here first. Queen Anna House of Fashion is a boutique lifestyle brand, based in the North Loop of Minneapolis, and we are breaking down barriers while simultaneously bridging the gap through fashion.

We are #silhouettesofawoman #inheritthelifestyle


The carpooling, book reading, size 10, sandwich making, fashion loving, shoe-obsessed, occasionally hormonal, fearless, foodie, otherwise known as Nicole


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This movement was coined to celebrate womanhood at every stage of life continually. We intend to expose societal imposed barriers and mental limitations we place on ourselves as women. We aim to empower, embrace and encourage one another to be comfortable with our authentic self regardless of shape, size, race, and roles we fill every day.

What the world sees is just the silhouette of who you truly are. We are the #silhouettesofawoman

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