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5 Thoughtful Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

5 Thoughtful Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

It's the most beautiful time of the year! There'll be many things that should bring you good cheer because it's the most beautiful time of the year...At least, that's what we have all been conditioned to think. That's why we have curated a gift giving blog that will help you give a gift straight from the heart. 


5 Ways to Give Impactful Gifts This Holiday Season.


After an eventful 2020 and a seemingly not too far off 2021, we have found that the things that once mattered had little to no significance or impacted the world in a significant way. So this year, we are proposing giving something to your loved one bigger and better than the hottest new iPhone. If you're stuck on what that might be, we have just the list to get your creative gift-giving juices flowing. 


Maybe you want to be thoughtful about shopping with women-owned or BIPOC owned businesses; if so, we have a collection of thoughtfully curated options just for you. Is the environmental sustainability of brands vital to you or charitable contributions? We strive to connect our clients in meaningful ways through fashion, style, philanthropy, and culture, so connecting our clients to give impactful gifts perfectly aligns with our brand.


Gift Idea Number 1:

A women-owned and operated brand that ALSO designs and distributes her own handbags AND stands behind them 100% offering a full refund for LIFE. GASP! Yes, we said for life! You have to love the concept of buying a handbag and knowing that if the brass hardware or leather are ever defective beyond repair, you have a brand that is ethically founded and run to reach out to. And did we mention the brand is women-owned??  Tah Bags is hands down one of the best handbags you will find for the professional or busy woman on the go. 


These handbags are not only fashion-forward but, most of all, functional. Tah Bags creates its products on-demand, a sustainable production method that allows fewer products to waste. One of our favorite go-to's is the Tah Bags Perfect Mini. Perfect to gift to anyone conscientious on where products are made, love women-owned brands, and need a multipurpose handbag. 


Tah Handbags


Gift Idea Number 2

ABLE is another brand carried at Queen Anna House of Fashion that prioritizes women by offering them crafting jobs that allow them to support themselves and their families. Women across the globe benefit from ABLE's mission. The receiver of an ABLE gift will benefit as well because they make super fashionable and practical pieces. Giving back while being in-style; what could be better?! From Jewelry to shoes to clothing, ABLE offers quality pieces perfect for everyday wear and will never go out of style. Shop our collection of ABLE pieces and give back while you gift give! 


Able Fashion Brand Clothing Line at Queen Anna House of Fashion


Gift Idea Number 3

Now, there is no better gift for the wine lover in your life than a bottle of One Hope Wine. One Hope has a mission to nourish future generations with every bottle of wine sold; they fulfill this purpose by giving organizations access to clean water, hunger relief, health research, and education. To date, One Hope has donated 7 Million dollars to support causes they care about. Check out their 2020 impact report here, which proves that they are the real deal! Consider a wine club subscription for your loved one, or give a classic bottle of pinot noir; either way, you're going to make a lot of folks happy with this one; without question. 

One Hope Wine



Gift Idea Number 4

How about for the shoe lover in your life? We recently introduced another Black-Owned brand, Rebecca Allen, that has us all excited. We love Rebecca Allen so much because her brand ensures that women of all shades are represented. When we purchase a 'nude' shoe, one shade will not fit all. Being innovatively disruptive, Rebecca Allen has discovered a solution to this problem in the most stylish way. Rebecca Allen's collection features shades that range from dark to light and are finished in classic and timeless styles. Whether you are attending a board meeting or heading to a night out, this collection of shoes has you covered. Consider picking up a pair as a thoughtful and practical gift, all while supporting a BIPOC brand! 



Rebecca Allen


Gift Idea Number 5

Give back in the name of a loved one or particular person in your life that has passed on. We have a host of people, places, and things that you can donate to in honor of your special loved one and wrap the donation receipt in a box with a bow or even put it in a stocking; whatever you choose, there isn't a better gift than one of service or community impact. If our list isn't quite right, a quick Google search will get you to many others like one created by Forbes Magazine found here. 


We share this information just as a prelude to the many other great gifting ideas that can be found on our website. If you haven't already been sure to download our app from the iOS Store or Google Play Store because all of our holiday promotions will be shared via our app this year, and we will be closed on Black Friday. 


Don't worry; we will be back in action on Small Business Saturday with a weekend women-owned holiday pop-up all weekend long starting November 27th. Be sure to stop in if you're able or tune in on Facebook or Instagram Live at 11 am on Saturday, November 27th, and at 5pm on Sunday the 28th and Monday 29th!


We want to give you as much access to the in-store pop-up experience as possible, as well as be by your side as you roll in the holiday season; Like we said before, you won't want to miss a thing because, as we all know, it's the most wonderful time of the


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