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Yummie Jodi Slim Shaping Bootcut Legging

Elevate Your Style with the Jodi Slim Bootcut Shaping Legging

Brand: Yummie

Do you covet a piece of clothing that amalgamates style and comfort? The Jodi Slim Bootcut Shaping Legging, a signature product from Yummie, is your answer. Crafted from breathable cotton fabric that offers incredible stretch and recovery, these leggings are as comfortable as they are stylish. Their unique design offers a 360° shaping effect from waist to knee, ensuring a flattering silhouette that boosts your confidence with every wear.

Experience edge-cutting fashion meet comfort with this exceptional slim bootcut shaping legging. Key to its unique design is its Hourglass shaped 2-ply signature waistband. The front waistband curves down to hold in your tummy while the back of the waistband curves up, offering a subtle rear lift. Sideseam free construction ensures added comfort for you throughout the day. An exclusive fashion product, the Jodi slim bootcut legging guarantees a journey to poise and elegance with each wear.

Additional Details:

- Provides 360° of shaping from the waist to the knee
- Breathable cotton fabric with excellent stretch and recovery
- Hourglass shaped 2-ply signature waistband
- Front waistband designs to hold in your tummy
- Back of waistband slightly curves upward to lift your rear
- Comfortable sideseam free construction
- Inseam length: 31 1/2”

Why You'll Love It:

Experience Phenomenal Fashion with Function: The Jodi Slim Bootcut Shaping Legging uniquely combines aesthetic design with comfort, offering you a superior fashion experience.

Feel Exceptional: Each wear of this legging transports you on a journey to confidence and sophistication. A magic blend of style and comfort, the Jodi slim bootcut shaping legging ensures you feel exceptional all day long.

Make it Yours: Give your wardrobe a touch of exclusive taste. Experience a world where style and comfort beautifully converge. Add the Jodi Slim Bootcut Shaping Legging to your cart now and express your individual style with a touch of glamour.

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