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Neu Nomads Charlie Linen Jacket

Step into the essence of timeless elegance with the Charlie Linen Jacket by Neu Nomads. Expertly crafted for the modern woman, this jacket combines timeless style with ethical fashion sensibilities. Designed with a relaxed fit that speaks to both comfort and sophistication, it features biodegradable corozo button closures and side slit pockets for a blend of functionality and flair. Whether dressing up for a special occasion or elevating your everyday wardrobe, the Charlie Linen Jacket is a versatile staple celebrating sustainable luxury.

Additional Details:

  • Product Type: Outerwear/Blazer
  • Color: Azure
  • Material: High-quality Linen
  • Care: Follow care instructions to maintain the beauty of the fabric
  • Eco-Conscious Brand: Made with sustainable practices and materials
  • Features: Relaxed fit, biodegradable button closure, side slit pockets
  • Ideal for: Everyday wear, special occasions, workwear
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