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ÉTICA Denim Fatima Jumpsuit

Experience timeless elegance with a modern twist in the ÉTICA Denim Fatima Vintage Jumpsuit, exclusively at Queen Anna House of Fashion. Inspired by vintage designs, this contemporary flight suit offers a relaxed fit that's accentuated by front pleats and utility seaming.

The captivating shade of lavender, achieved through natural dyes, is harmoniously blended with washed-down indigo, crafting a nostalgic and avant-garde look with a 13.5" Leg Opening 29" Inseam Made with ReFibra™ Tencel, an upcycled cellulose fiber made with recycled cotton.

Additional Details:

  • Product Type: Jumpsuit
  • Color: Lavender-Indigo Blend
  • Material: ReFibra™ Tencel with Recycled Cotton
  • Care: Cold water wash with natural dyes
  • Eco-Conscious Brand: 90% less water, 70% less energy, zero harmful chemicals
  • Ethical Production: Certified factory for social responsibility and clean practices
  • Sustainable Packaging: Trims and packaging from recycled and biodegradable materials
  • BIPOC Brand 
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