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ÉTICA Denim Callista Maxi Dress

The Callista Maxi Dress from ÉTICA Denim is the epitome of sustainable luxury. It is crafted from eco-friendly materials, including 59% Cotton, 36% Tencel, and 5% Recycled Cotton. It features an adjustable back tie design for a perfect fit and is produced through ethical manufacturing practices in Mexico. 

This dress not only ensures the highest quality and durability but also offers a timeless, versatile look suitable for a variety of occasions. Made with a low-impact wash process, it uses 90% less water and 70% less energy, highlighting ÉTICA Denim's commitment to environmental responsibility. The Callista Maxi Dress, with its lightweight and comfortable design, is perfect for the conscious fashionista looking to make a statement while caring for the planet.

Additional Details:

  • Product Type: Denim Halter Dress
  • Style: Dress
  • Fit: Tailored from premium quality denim, ensuring it maintains its shape and comfort. 
  • Gently flares at the hem to create a beautifully draped silhouette.
  • Key Features:  an adaptable tie waist that can be adjusted for the perfect fit.
  • Designed and crafted with a commitment to sustainable practices.

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