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LAUDE the Label Gilmour Button Up

Experience the opulence of the Gilmour Button-Up from LAUDE the Label. Immerse yourself in the artistry inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's floral paintings, manifesting in an elegant floral mesh lace. The Mandarin collar exudes sophistication, while the full sleeves culminate in bold exaggerated cuffs. Its tunic length promises ease and the allure of versatility. Each button, made from authentic mother-of-pearl, adds a touch of luxury. The shirt’s sheer fabric invites you to layer and style, encouraging you to transform it into a personal fashion statement.

Additional Details:

  • Product Type: Blouse
  • Color: Floral Lace Pattern
  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton Lace
  • Care: Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry
  • Handmade: Crafted with precision in India
  • Eco-Conscious Brand: Prioritizing our planet with sustainable practices

Craftsmanship at its peak: Every Gilmour Button-Up results from meticulous handcrafting in India. By supporting Queen Anna House of Fashion, you're not just buying clothing. You're preserving Indian textile traditions, supporting family-operated studios, and promoting ethical work conditions.

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