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Pixel Eyewear

Pixel Eyewear Rose Crystal Luna Glasses


The Pixel Eyewear Rose Crystal Luna Glasses feature a unique rose-tinted cat-eye frame that provides a pop of color and gives a chic and effortless finish to any look. These glasses help to stylishly filter high energy blue light that is emitted from your cell phone and computer screens; intake of too much blue light is damaging to the eye, making these Pixel Eyewear glasses a must-have. 

  • Protection against blue light wavelengths¬†
  • Reduces digital eye strain and headaches, improving sleep¬†
  • Cat-eye frame¬†
  • Rose-tinted design¬†
  • Measures: 2.1" x 6.75" x 2.6"¬†
  • Weight: 0.47 lbs