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Silhouettes of a Woman: Small Business From a Female Perspective


noun: silhouette; plural noun: silhouettes a representation of someone or something showing the shape and outline only.

Celebrating the second anniversary of the opening of Queen Anna House of Fashion, join us for the exciting launch of the branded movement, "Silhouettes Of a Woman" looking at small business from a female perspective.

"Silhouettes Of a Woman" is a movement coined to celebrate womanhood at every stage of life; tearing down the limiting barriers and mental limitations of shape, size, race, and roles.

Our kickoff event will feature an authentic panel discussion with women in business around Minneapolis as they share their journey on how they've learned and continue to embrace their “Silhouette” as they navigate through life and business. 

Come out for an evening of connection, inspiration, and insight from women who have experienced triumphs and struggles, all the while remaining focused on their vision and mission.

Wine, sparkling water and small bites will be provided. Tickets are available for purchase below.

Panelists to include:

Nicole Jennings
Owner & Founder of Queen Anna House of Fashion and One Posh Closet Luxury Concierge Service 

Wynne Reece
Partner at Reece Law, L.L.C. and Founder of The Creative’s Counsel 

Lani Basa
CEO of The BWC®

Priya Morioka
COO & Founder of Global Language & Staffing Connections

“Silhouettes of a Woman” is a movement that recognizes and celebrates the beauty of womanhood and its various silhouettes.

We are the #SilhouettesOfAWoman