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#BlackLivesMatter - How You Can Help

Black Lives Matter - Queen Anna House of Fashion

Our team at Queen Anna House of Fashion is devoted to helping our community and standing up for justice today and every day. We encourage you to join us in whatever way that you can. 

Donate Money:

Donate Supplies & Volunteer:


  • Text JUSTICE to 668366
  • Text FLOYD to 55156



  • Governor Tim Walz at 612-201-3400
  • Mayor Jacob Frey at 612-673-2100
  • DA Mike Freeman at 612-348-5550
  • Police Chief Arendondo at 612-673-3550
  • Sheriff Dave Hutch at 612-348-3744
  • Minneapolis Police Department at 612-673-3000
  • MPD Department of International Affairs at 612-673-3074
  • Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights at 612-673-3012

Don’t know what to say? This website will walk you through it. 

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Support Black-Owned Businesses:



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And don't forget to Vote

#BlackLivesMatter How to Help Minneapolis |Queen Anna House of Fashion | Queen Anna House of Fashion is a leading contemporary women’s lifestyle boutique offering brands from influential fashion houses, as well as independent and emerging designers.