TAH Bags

TAH Bags Commuter Black Leather Fanny Pack

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The TAH Commuter Fanny Pack is ideal for a fashionable life on the go. Fashionable and versatile you can put your most important things in this fanny pack with ease. Made with brass and full-grain leather this fanny pack is perfectly worn as a backpack, across the chest, as a messenger bag, and around your waist. These options along with the 100% lifetime warranty on this fanny make it an easy addition to any handbag collection.

  • Has three outside zipper compartments
  • D-rings for your keys
  • Fully lined
  • Handcrafted in full-grain leather
  • Solid brass hardware.¬†

Leather Care Instructions

Our full-grain leather requires relatively little care. There is no need for frequent cleaning; marks and scratches can be rubbed or polished out with ease. You do not need special products to keep your leather clean and looking good. Use a clean cloth, simple soap, and water. Avoid chemical cleaners and conditioners as they can damage your bag. If you are caught in the rain, do not panic. Gently blot away any drops of water and let the bag dry naturally.