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Business Boss, Creative, and Pioneer of Inspiration and Hope: Issa Rae

Business Boss, Creative, and Pioneer of Inspiration and Hope: Issa Rae

One of our values here at Queen Anna House of Fashion is instilling hope and inspiration to everyone that walks into our doors. This week we highlight one of our favorite leaders of hope, and business bosses, Issa Rae.

Issa Rae is the first black woman to create, produce and star in a premium cable series, as her hit television show Insecure, had humble beginnings as a YouTube show and became an underground sensation that was then picked up by HBO. Issa Rae is a strong advocate for the black community and uses her platform to impart hope and encouragement to the people that enjoy her art so much.

We would be remiss to only explore Issa Rae's style since she has contributed to her community philanthropically as well. Issa Rae brings light to many topics and issues that affect the black community throughout her HBO comedy, and that is representative of the things she's passionate about. She has donated $30,000 to the Black and Missing Foundation, as children who are black and go missing, especially girls, are under-reported and tend to receive less media attention. Even her character on Insecure works for a non-profit!

Issa also has a passion for social justice and helping marginalized communities when she can. She has spoken publicly at several colleges and other institutions on social justice and women's health topics where she explains how too often entertainers are reduced to entertaining and don't speak where it's necessary. Issa is also famous for a red carpet Emmy interview in which she comically responds that she is rooting for everybody that's black to win awards that night. This speaks to her natural comedic personality, but also her values, which are apparent in her identity and art. 

Issa Rae has dedicated her acting career to creating a series that explores race, culture, and social issues, which falls into the culture pillar that Queen Anna House of Fashion holds so close to its core; that is why we are so eager to share some of our favorite Issa Rae looks with you all this week. 

This first look has just the right pop of color for summertime! We pair the Able The Popover Chambray Button-Up Top with the Britt Sisseck Kornelia Pant. To add a cool, casual feel, we throw on the Tah Bags Nomad Fanny Pack with some of our Established Eyewear Havana Fade Sunnies. To finish this look off we add some gold accessories including the Janna Conner Minna Chain Hoop Earrings and the Janna Conner Wiley Wide Textured Ring. We finish this look off with the Sol Sana Marisol Heels.

This next look we have re-imagined is a super easy look as we use our Inclan Studio Cory Dress with the United Nude Rockit Op Sandals. We add the Tah Bag Work Traveler Wallet in red for a pop of color to the look. We add some gold accessories including the Collections by Joya Veronica Earrings, the Amanda Deer Jewelry Lucky Horseshoe Necklace and some of our Stella Grey Studio Cuff Bracelets

Our next look is perfect for a night out! We pair the Allen Schwartz Tara Blouse with the Amanda Uprichard Spenser Pant in a crisp white color, perfect for summer. We add in the Alias Mae Dua Sandal to add some color and texture to the look. We finish this outfit off with silver jewelry including the Piperwest Mini Mesh Minimalist Wrist Watch, the Chan Luu Mix Post Stone Earrings and one of our Mantra Band Bracelets. We finish off this look with the Tah Bags Envelope Mini

The next look we have created is the perfect daytime look. We pair our brocade patterned Amanda Uprichard Bronson Blazer over the Amanda Uprichard Montgomery Top. We add the Able The High Rise denim for a refreshing look. We add some neutral accessories including the Sol Sana Judith Mule, the Able Noemi Knotted Belt, and the Tah Bags Everyday Clutch and Backpack that is convertible! We add the Janna Conner Fionnoula Circle Drop Earrings and the Collections by Joya Starburst Lapis Ring and the Chan Luu Open Cuff Bracelet to finish off the look. 

Our final look is one that uses some of the presale pieces that we are so excited to receive! We have paired our new Allen Schwartz Nissa Blazer over the Maison de Papillon Kendall Silk Camisole matching back with the Allen Schwartz Katie Wide Leg Culotte. We have paired the gold Janna Conner Mina Chain Hoop and the Alias Mae Sling Heels to finish off the presale look.

We hope you find inspiration from Issa Rae's work on and off the screen. Take-away some of our styling tips and incorporate a little bit of Issa Rae into your everyday style. 

Shop these looks and the recreated looks of other style icons online and in our app. Don't forget that you get free shipping on all orders over $50 & free returns! Come back next week and see which iconic woman we are featuring right here on The Style Mark Blog.

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A Fearless and Resilient Woman: Serena Williams

A Fearless and Resilient Woman: Serena Williams

Our theme this week is centered around resilient women, and although we had many viable women we could highlight, we decided to go with 23 Grand Slam winner Serena Williams. Fashion, philanthropy, and culture are who we are at the core of our brand, and Serena "brings the heat" in every one of those pillars.

As we explore her style, philanthropic, and philanthropic efforts, we would never forget to mention her impeccable work ethic that has translated into her tennis game, leading her to win 23 Grand Slams, including 7 Wimbledon's, does it get any better than that? Oh, but it does. After her first child, Serena's complications with her pregnancy led her to invest $3 million dollars in Mahmee, a black-owned startup aimed at improving prenatal and postpartum care for women; which also contributes to the reduction of the maternal mortality rate, particularly among black women who are 3 times more likely to die in childbirth or from other pregnancy-related causes.

Serena Williams has also been a strong advocate for equal pay in sports and beyond and has made efforts to address financial abuse among women, which is present in 99% of abusive relationships. Serena partnered with Allstate on The Purple Purse initiative which focuses on supporting survivors of domestic abuse by providing job training, financial literacy, and funding grassroots organizations.

Criticized by many for often standing up for herself and letting her stance known; one that resonates close to home for us here in Minneapolis is her statement on the murder of Phillando Castile at the hands of the police. Following her 2016 Wimbledon victory, she made a public statement on her thoughts surrounding police brutality, as her victory happened after the death of Phillando Castile at the police's hands. Billie Jean King followed thereafter commenting that Serena should "focus her energy on the sport and not her philanthropic efforts."

During the summer of 2019 when Serena lost the Wimbledon prize, she made it a point to respond to tennis icon Billie Jean King's comment saying, "The day I stop fighting for equality for people that look like me will be the day I'm in my grave."

And is why we are highlighting the iconic Serena Williams on this week's style blog. Take a look at our most memorable looks inspired by Serena Williams.  


In this first look, Serena sports a corseted dress that we liken to our Allen Schwartz Calla Bustier Jumpsuit. We add the Able Tigist Clutch to play off the flower detail in the jumpsuit. We accessorize this look with classic silver jewelry including the Piperwest Marble Minimalist Wrist WatchThe 'Believe' Mantra Band Bracelet, the Chan Luu Petite Hammered Hoops, and the Nina Bernato Ego Arrow Ring. And of course, this summer look wouldn't be complete with a classic black sandal in


Our next Serena inspired look is a casual warm-weather take that we love! We pair our One Fell Swoop, Ashton Midi Dress, under the Able 'The Yuli' Jacket along with the perfect pop of color with the Sol Sana Milvana Heels. Throw on the Sancia Mini Gigi Bag and gold accessories like the Starbuck Designs Equation StudsThe Glamrocks Gold Bandit Necklace. the Sol Sana Marisol Heels. 


This is the Serena we know and love, it is the perfect glimpse into her edgy side! We recreate this look with two leather pieces; the Commando Faux Leather V-Neck Bodysuit with tucked into the J.ING The Fringe Black Leather Midi Skirt. We accessorize this look with the United Nude Molten Calla Mid Mesh Sandal, the Océanne Initial Necklace, and the unique Janna Conner Noe Acrylic Disc Earrings

The last Serena Williams look includes the perfect splash of color for summertime! We pair our Maison de Papillon Therese Silk Slip Dress in a vibrant cobalt blue shade with the daring snakeskin print Alias Mae Dua Snakeskin Mule Heel. We pair the Able Debre Minimal Wallet with the Tribe and Glory Ankole Horn Bangles and the Chan Luu Freshwater Pearl Small Earrings to simply accent the look. 


Our next inspired look is reminiscent of some of our new pre-sale items! We pair our Amanda Uprichard Pierre Dress, which is a summertime staple with the Alias Mae Ami Heels for a sophisticated touch. We finish off this look with some essential gold jewelry, including the Mod and Jo Pendant Necklace, the Able Caesar Stud Earrings, and the elegant Collections by Joya Jordan Freshwater Pearl Cuff

Be inspired by both Serena Williams' efforts on and off the court. Find your voice and use it for good, find your style, and own it for the world to see!  

Shop these looks and looks of other iconic women online and in our app. Don't forget that you get free shipping on all orders over $50 & free returns! Come back next week and see which iconic woman you might find right here on The Style Mark Blog. 

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Queen Anna House of Fashion Truth Teller: Beyoncé Knowles

Queen Anna House of Fashion Truth Teller: Beyoncé Knowles

As we take the time to explore fashion icons who put philanthropy and social justice causes at the forefront of their platforms. Queen Anna House of Fashion prides itself on the beliefs it holds; which include social justice, and relief for the marginalized populations in our community. We have chosen several black women whose style and values we admire, and are excited to share them with you.

This week we are diving into the fashion, philanthropic and social efforts of global entertainer, Beyoncé. Beyoncé has found extreme success stemming from her music, and has used her art platform to chronicle the experiences many black people have while living in America. Beyoncé uses her art as her form of truth; particularly using her latest album Lemonade, along with a visual component as a narrative that describes the plight of the black woman. Along with her music, Beyoncé has started several campaigns with her philanthropic organization BEYgood. BEYgood has championed several initiatives as of late to assist in COVID-19 relief. Beyoncé's organization donated $6 million towards coronavirus aid including testing, medical services, and food supplies. BEYgood has also done its part to advocate for the many black lives that have been lost at the hands of the police by encouraging fans and followers of her music to sign petitions and donate to the causes of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many more. BEYgood also has its hands in voting initiatives and registering people to vote, providing aid to South Africa along with the induction of a South African fellowship program for youth of color, and advocating for mental health awareness. 

Through Beyoncé’s art, performances, and philanthropic work she has been a model for the black feminist wave, and carved a place for women of color to be included in the feminist struggle that was often dominated by white women. Beyoncé is a prominent figure in pop culture, and we at Queen Anna House of Fashion admire both her fashion sense and efforts to change her community through philanthropy and the struggle for social justice. Here are some of our favorite, memorable Beyoncé looks recreated with a Queen Anna House of Fashion twist: 

Our first look includes a recreation of Beyoncé’s sleek jumpsuit look. We use our Amanda Uprichard Tuxedo Track Catsuit to replicate the black and white one-piece. Accessories are everything, so we add a pair of Janna Conner Makara Crystal Fringe Chain Earrings, Mod & Jo Emmy Bangles, the Janna Conner Wiley Textured Ring and the Able Cuff Ring for jewelry and finish the look off with the Alias Mae Xander Heels and the Able Fozi Slim Satchel

The next inspired look is certified for a night-out! We have paired the glitzy Dress the Population Emilia Dress with the super flashy Janna Conner Edeline Crystal Chain Fringe Earrings. We add a subtle bangle and the sleek Tony Bianco Latoir Sling Back Heels to effortlessly accent the outfit. 

A more casual Beyoncé would amplify typical jeans and t-shirt look by swapping out denim for the much edgier leather. We recreate this look by tucking the Splendid Abbie Crew Tee into the J.ING Yooni Faux Leather Cropped Trouser. We add the Mod & Jo Drew Statement Earrings along with the Able Dome Ring to expertly accessorize this otherwise simple look. Lastly we pair the Atelier Fantine Turquoise Sandal with the look to add the optimal pop of color.

 This next look is a summertime dream. Beyoncé stuns in yellow, so we recreate this look using our patterned Britt Sisseck Felipa Top playfully tied at the hem over the C/MEO Recollection Shorts. We add the Schutz S-Plina Heels to continue with the vibrant yellow theme of this refreshing look. The jewelry we add are the perfect gold accents to this look, the Janna Conner Mykal Earrings and the Mod & Jo Layered Necklace. And of course this warm-weather look wouldn’t be complete without a pair of sunnies, so it’s a must we throw on the Established Eyewear ELI Designer Sunglasses to finish the look. 

Our final look inspired includes Queen Anna House of Fashion presale items that are must-haves for the summer! We recreate Beyoncé’s chic bohemian look by pairing the Allen Schwartz Yael Kimono Overlay Jacket over the Commando Scoop Tee with a pair of the fresh Able High Rise Denim. We adorn the look with the Janna Conner Cristabel Geometric Chandelier Earrings, and add the Schutz Transparent Ariella Mules and the Tah Bags Envelope Mini to finish off the look. 

It’s impossible not to notice Beyoncé’s flawless style, but it's also impossible to overlook all of the contributions Beyoncé has made to society through both her BEYgood organization and her music. Take some of our outfit inspiration and style tips into consideration, but also take away the values and causes Beyoncé supports in an effort to make the world a better place. 

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Pioneer of Both Fashion Trend and Social Justice: Rihanna

Pioneer of Both Fashion Trend and Social Justice: Rihanna

Join Queen Anna House of Fashion as we take the time to explore fashion icons who put philanthropy and social justice causes at the forefront of their platforms. Queen Anna House of Fashion prides itself on the beliefs it holds; which include social justice, and relief for the marginalized populations in our community. We have chosen several black women whose style and values we admire, and are excited to share them with you all. 

First up, we are delving into the style, as well as the philanthropic and social justice efforts of Rihanna. Rihanna has started several businesses, including her intimate apparel line Savage X, her line of beauty products, Fenty Beauty, and her high fashion and accessory brand FENTY. All of Rihanna’s businesses have become successful black-owned endeavors that leave her fans and followers anxiously awaiting her next merchandise drop. Rihanna has used her Fenty Beauty platform to directly fund her charity, The Clara Lionel Foundation, named after her grandmother Clara. The Clara Lionel Foundation supports access to education, which Rihanna cites as “the ultimate weapon against injustice and equality.” The Clara Lionel Foundation also aids in preparing global communities for natural disasters that are results of climate change, as well as the establishment of The Clara Braithwaite Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, whose mission is to give the people of Barbados the highest quality cancer treatment possible. 

Rihanna is also noteworthy for her acceptance speech at the NAACP Image Awards, where she is famously remembered for calling her celebrity peers who are apart of the majority to “pull up” and support those who need it most when social unrest and injustice is occurring. Rihanna is an inspiration to us at Queen Anna House of Fashion, in terms of her fashion sense, but more importantly her efforts to make the global community a better place for all of us. Here are some of our favorite Rihanna looks recreated with our chic and elegant Queen Anna House of Fashion merchandise:

Our first look includes an edgy, bold print, that is signature Rihanna. We pair the Maison de Papillon Josephine Silk Blouse in a pastel blue hue with the RAVN Snakeskin Print Pant. This look pairs seamlessly with metallic accessories including the Janna Conner Xandie Crystal Shoulder Duster Earrings, and the United Nude Zink Patch Booties. We finish off the look with the Able Crossbody Bag in a rich teal shade. 

Next Rihanna serves us a simple, but impeccably chic jumpsuit look that we recreate using the Amanda Uprichard Cherri Jumpsuit, that is full leather, another staple Rihanna textile. We pair this stylish jumpsuit with the Alias Mae Dua Sandals, that are finished in a peach-colored snakeskin print. Finish this look off with some understated jewelry like the Amanda Deer Jewelry Floating Pearl Necklace and the Colletions by Joya Mixed Metal Bangle


Rihanna’s skin glowed in the chartreuse-colored gown we were so eager to recreate. We use our One Fell Swoop Forme Short Sleeve Shirt Dress paired with The Mode Collective Anicka Sandals to morph this red-carpet look into the everyday. Accessorize with the Glamrocks Palm Lariat Sterling Silver Necklace and the Stella Grey Classic Hoop Earring to finish the look. 


This next all denim number is one that is ideal for warm weather. We remake this denim look using the C/MEO Lifetime Jacket that has corset-like detailing featured on the front that is reminiscent of the denim jacket Rihanna wears. We use the Grace Willow Piper Pant as a relaxed alternative to very constrictive denim. We accessorize this look with the United Nude Molten Calla Mid Mesh Sandal. The ensemble wouldn’t be complete without Rihanna’s signature ring adornments, so we add in plenty of rings for this look including the Able X Ring, and the Able Cuff Ring

Rihanna is known for creatively pairing unconventional pieces together to create a show-stopping look, and this next recreated outfit is no exception. Rihanna makes the classic blazer, edgy and casual by pairing a hoodie underneath. We use our Cop Copine Valoma Blazer over the Able Alisha Relaxed Hoodie. We pair the European Culture Trouser Pant to give the allusion of a suit set. We add the Alias Mae Sling Heel and the Established Eyewear Amos Havana Fade Designer Sunglasses to keep the accessories minimal yet they still enhance the look at the same time. 


Perhaps our final look says Rihanna like no other. We pair the Line + Dot Stowe Vegan Leather Button Down Top with the Amanda Uprichard India Skirt for a head-to-toe leather look. Rihanna lives for a skinny heeled sandal so we add the Schutz Transparent Ariella Mules to keep with her signature look. Rihanna is seen wearing extravagant diamonds here, so we add the Janna Conner Edeline Crystal Chain Fringe Earrings to this look to replicate the glamour from the original outfit. Lastly we place the Established Eyewear ELI Designer Sunglasses and the Able Maria Tassel Crossbody Bag to complete the all-black look. 

Rihanna has displayed her impeccable style, while simultaneously championing change for the black community. Take-away some of our styling tips and outfit recreations to add a piece of Rihanna to your wardrobe, but maybe more importantly, tap into the causes and values Rihanna supports; “pull-up” for your friends, neighbors and community members who are experiencing social injustices and use your voice to contribute to the liberation of people who may not look like you.

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Grace, Beauty, Style and Royalty: Meghan Markle

Grace, Beauty, Style and Royalty: Meghan Markle

Queen Anna House of Fashion is excited to share another style icon. This week we explore Meghan Markle's polished style. While Meghan Markle’s life has drastically changed, starting as an American actress then marrying into British royalty, her style has always remained consistent and authentically her. Join us as we recreate some of our favorite Meghan Markle looks with our classic Queen Anna House of Fashion merchandise. 

Name: Meghan Markle  

Occupation: Philanthropist, Duchess of Sussex, Former Actress

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Mother, Positive Public Figure 

Body Type: Radiant Diamond*

How would you describe your ideal style? We imagine Meghan Markle would describe her style as one that is chic, classic and at times polished and casual.

Now, what's your style actually? Meghan Markle’s wedding gown encapsulates her style well; very simple, yet ultra-feminine. We feel Meghan’s style is the perfect embodiment of the phrase “less is more”. 

Tell us one thing you love about you? Meghan Markle is typically seen in very simple and light glam, even for royal engagements, so we like to think Meghan loves embracing her natural beauty and allowing her natural features (like her freckles) to show. 

The Duchess’s life is one that could have been taken straight from a fairytale, yet her style has remained one that is relatable and wearable for the everyday woman, which we admire. Here are some of our favorite Meghan Markle style moments recreated by our stylists at Queen Anna House of Fashion. 

In this first look, Meghan dons a chic sleeveless trench, that she styled as a dress. We liken this trench to our J.ING Exposure Sleeveless Trench Coat. We add the United Nude Raiko Sandals for a slight, summery pop of color. This look is accessorized with the Able Debra Deluxe Wallet, the Janna Conner Nylah Pearl Stud and Bar Earrings and the Mod and Jo Emmy Bangle to mimic Meghan’s minimal ensemble.

meghan markle sleeveless trench coat

In our next recreated look, Meghan Markle gives us a casual look that can take you almost anywhere. We use the Britt Sisseck Mida Top paired with the ABLE Highrise Black Denim. We add the Bagtazo Anglais Hat along with the TAH Bags Grab and Go Crossbody Bag and the Established Eyewear AMOS “HAVANA FADE” Designer Sunglasses for the perfect sun-ray protecting combination. We finish off the look with the Alias Mae Paige Sandal.

meghan markle travel outfit

Next, we re-imagine a look that is ideal for the workplace. We style the Able Srishti Knot Front Dress with the Able Debra Minimal Wallet and the Alias Mae Francis Heels. We add the Janna Conner Mila Earrings, Collections by Joya Jordan Freshwater Pearl Cuff, and the Stella Grey Studio Cuff Bracelets to create a rich interest from these gold accessories.

meghan markle blue dress

Meghan’s last look is a refreshing, warm-weather look that is perfect for a casual lake weekend. We pair the KES Silk Pleated Back Button-Up Blouse, with Amanda Uprichard Aviva Pants. We add the Sancia Gigi Mini Bag, Bagtazo Tulum Hat, and the Janna Conner Minna Chain Hoop Earrings to round out the look. Throw on the Sol Sana Milava Heels for a vibrant finish.

meghan markle blue and white striped shirt


Tap into your inner royalty by way of the Meghan Markle inspired looks from our stylists at Queen Anna House of Fashion. 

Shop Meghan's looks in-store, or risk-free with free shipping online and in our app with purchases over $50 and free returns.

*Visit our Style Mark Blog for more information about the diamond body silhouettes at

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Brand Spotlight: Amanda Uprichard

Brand Spotlight: Amanda Uprichard

This week we'd like to introduce you to one of the fabulous designers that we carry here at Queen Anna House of Fashion, Amanda Uprichard. 

Founded in 2008 as an outlet for her creativity and passion for fashion, Amanda Uprichard launched her namesake company - a contemporary women's fashion brand known for creating statement pieces in luxe fabrics and bold hues. Creating designs for all of life's events - weddings, parties, vacations and more, it's easy to see why our Queen Anna stylists gravitate towards her consistently stunning and feminine seasonal collections. 

Speaking to the 'everywoman,' who is fearless and fun, Uprichard's designs exude just that. The designer shared that the 'Amanda Uprichard Girl,' "...loves fun, family, taking risks and chances, and will not accept no for an answer.” Her designs allow women to look amazing and feel powerful. Here, here!

Queen Anna prides itself on carrying designers that focus on conscious consumerism and sustainable fashion. Uprichard falls right in line. The designer spoke with Washington Life on how her company prioritizes consciousness. “We’re always environmentally sustainable. We make everything in America, and we’re an organic business."

Without further adieu, let's dive into some of our favorite pieces!

 amanda uprichard yellow bronson blazer

The Bronson Blazer needs no introduction. Cheery yellow brocade makes a statement on its own with a basic tee or silk tank. Pair with the Aviva Pants for a breezy summer look - perfect for future days in the office or a special event. Balance out the bold blazer with neutral sandals, such as the Alias Mae Ami Heels and a complementary touch of gold sparkle with a fringe Amanda Deer necklace. Out the door you go!

amanda uprichard saffron midi dress

The Saffron Midi is summer wrapped up in a dress! The ultimate outfit on its own, the flowing fabric creates a romantic silhouette. Hitting around the knee with billowy sleeves, the relaxed fit gives us major boho vibes. Just add the ABLE Pearl Hoop Earring, a TAH Circle Bag, and a flat sandal - you're all set! If you're looking to add a little heel for an evening out or at home (because why not?!), check out the United Nude Rockit Op Sandals. They're a new instant favorite with our QA stylists. Showstoppers!

amanda uprichard blue edie skirt

Is there a dreamier summer color than a pool blue? Available now for pre-order in our summer collection, the Edie Skirt will become a go-to warm-weather closet staple. The skirt speaks for itself and can be paired with a simple tee, like the Splendid Abbie Crew Tee and ridiculously comfortable and stylish Alias Mae Paige Sandals. Pop on the TAH Commuter Backpack - your next weekend adventure awaits!

amanda uprichard green colbie top

Are you seeing a pattern here? Bright, bold, and beautiful colors from Amanda Uprichard's collection. Love, LOVE!

Rounding out our top picks, the Colbie Top. A yummy mint green that can be worn with just about every color. Seriously. Pool blue, sunny yellow, melon, lavender, mint green (tone on tone!)... the list goes on! For the spring to summer transition we paired it with a black and white striped pleated skirt (Allen Schwartz Roe Skirt) and a chic Piperwest Saffiano Marble Watch. Outfit complete! Accessorize and stay safe while we continue to practice social distancing with a Ripley Rader Face Mask.

Which Amanda Uprichard piece is your favorite? Shop our entire collection on or our Queen Anna Fashion App. 

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Business Woman and Classic Fashion Icon: Victoria Beckham

Business Woman and Classic Fashion Icon: Victoria Beckham

Queen Anna House of Fashion is here again to share another one of our style icons. This week we explore Victoria Beckham's iconic and memorable style. We admire her ability to balance a successful business, post-performing career, while being a mom of four and her sense of fashion speaks to the life transition she has undergone like so many women. Stay with us as we recreate some of our favorite, Victoria Beckham looks with our timeless Queen Anna House of Fashion merchandise. 

Name: Victoria Beckham 

Occupation: Fashion Designer, Beauty Company Owner, Singer 

The Makeup of your Silhouette: Mother, Creator, Entrepreneur, Performer  

Body Type: Emerald Diamond 

How would you describe your ideal style? We imagine Victoria Beckham would describe her style as one that is minimal yet ultra-chic. 

Now, what's your style actually? Victoria Beckham tends to wear a lot of straight lines, constantly wearing the iconic shift dress, and is almost never caught without a pair of shades on. Her style is one that we admire, and we think a lot of women can relate to and emulate in their own way. 

Tell us one thing you love about you? Victoria Beckham is always posting on her social media pages about both her family and her business, so we would like to think that those are two of the most important things to her, and that she loves the work-life balance she has achieved that so many of us strive for. 

The once Spice Girl was captivating our attention with her fashion choices throughout the late 90s, and we now see it's no coincidence that she was dubbed Posh Spice; a fitting name for her iconic style today. Here are some of our favorite Victoria Beckham style moments recreated by your stylists at Queen Anna House of Fashion. 


Victoria Beckham dresses in a business casual look that can easily translate from the office to running errands to happy hour! We recreate this look by pairing our Soia & Kyo Carolina B Double Breasted Tailored Jacket with the Allen Schwartz Tara Blouse in the rich copper colorway. We add the Commando Leather Leggings for an edgy finish. Accessorize with the Chan Luu Petite Hammered Earrings and Janna Conner Elston Medium Cuff Bracelet along with the Established Eyewear Eli Designer Sunglasses. Throw a pair of the Tony Bianco Latoir Sling Back Heels and the look is complete. 

Victoria's next recreation is the epitome of a feminine summer look. We tuck the Britt Sisseck Mida Top into the Allen Schwartz Roe Pleated Circle Skirt. We add the Established Eyewear Eli Designer Sunglasses, the Chan Luu Baguette Stud Earrings, the Able Forever Ring and the Oceanne Empowered Women Tote bag to complete this feminine yet chic look. Add the Jagger Woven Leather Wedge Sandals to top it all off.

In a much more polished monochrome look, we reimagine Victoria's outfit with the Grace Willow Rumer Dress paired under the Amanda Uprichard Black Tuxedo Cape Blazer. We add the Mod and Jo Emmy Bangle, the Chan Luu Freshwater Pearl Small Earrings, the Chan Luu Swarvorski Crystal Short Necklace and the Alias Mae Francis Heel

Victoria Beckham stuns in this jumpsuit! We use our Amanda Uprichard Micki Jumpsuit to stay true to the utilitarian feel. We pair it with the Warrior Mantraband Bracelet, the Stella Grey Studio Hoop Earring, the Established Eyewear Eli Designer Sunglasses, the Able Maria Tassel Crossbody Bag, completed with the United Nude Tetra Chelsea Boots

Next, Victoria serves us with the perfect casual look. We pair our Maison de Papillon Josephine Silk Blouse with the Britt Sisseck Kitt Pant. We add some femininity to the look with the Alias Mae Xander Heels. This look is accessorized with the Abel Maria Tassel Crossbody Bag, the Glamrocks Palm Lariat Sterling Silver Necklace, the Able X Ring and of course the look wouldn't have the signature Victoria Beckham seal without the Established Eyewear Eli Designer Sunglasses

Lastly, we recreate a classic black and white look of Victoria’s by layering the Maison de Papillon Hailey Silk Button-Down under The Cause Collection Hansen Cashmere Sweater tucked into the Allen Schwartz Reeve Cropped Pants. We accessorize the look with the Piperwest Mini Mesh Minimalist Wrist Watch, the Queens Metal Circle Stud Earrings, the KES Recycled Shearling Pouch and the Fifth & Ninth Pheonix Blue Light Blocking Glasses finished off with the ALIAS MAE Sling Heels.

Channel your inner Spice Girl through our Victoria Beckham inspired looks recreated from your stylists at Queen Anna House of Fashion; come back next week as we continue to explore the styles of some of our favorite iconic women. 


Shop Victoria's looks risk-free with free shipping when you spend $50 & free returns. Online and in our app!

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Brand Spotlight: Gravitas

Brand Spotlight: Gravitas

The idea of Gravitas came from CEO & Founder Lisa Sun’s desire to better herself to make it in the business world at a young age. The word was first introduced to her by a professional evaluation, stating that “gravitas” was something she lacked as an employee. Sun spent the next decade working to achieve gravitas. Eventually, Sun found she needed the perfect dress to own her moment. Her goal was to make a dress that was as chic and high quality as high designer pieces, with the comfort and fit of her favorite yoga pants. So, she made it realizing how much confidence came from the perfect outfit. Today, Gravitas revolves around the idea of helping women own their professional life by finding gravitas through fashion and being inspired by those that already have found gravitas.

Nicole and the Queen Anna House of Fashion team were immediately inspired by Lisa’s story and the powerful road to finding gravitas. Anyone that is familiar with Gravitas can feel the same passion and dedication in the quality and fit of their clothes as Sun’s journey. Today Gravitas stands strong with a community of like-minded women, something that Queen Anna is also proud to offer.

Queen Anna House of Fashion has a wide-ranging collection of Gravitas pieces. Aimed to flatter and empower, these pieces will seamlessly transition from work to weekend, day to night. 

The Georgia Jogger Trousers are an easy essential. A versatile, form-fitting pant, they can effortlessly be dressed up or down. Pair with the Lilly Blouse by Allen Schwartz and a pop of blue with this lovely handbag by Able for a warm-weather friendly look.

Alexandra Wrap Dress Queen Anna House of Fashion

The Alexandra Wrap Dress is an essential Gravitas piece. Amazingly flattering and equally versatile, you will reach for this dress time and time again. Pair with a timeless necklace, like our favorite by Glamrocks, a Janna Conner ring, and stunning Sol Sana heels. Don't delay, we only have a few left!

The Revolutionary Joggers truly live up to their name. Comfort meets chic in this slick pant. Perfect for working from home, running around town, or anchoring an outfit - they pair so well with a pop of color, like this new Amanda Uprichard Top. Further, elevate the outfit with effortlessly cool the Paige Sandals by Alias Mae and a pair of fashion-forward sunglasses by Established Eyewear

A classic style engineered for the perfect fit, The Rosalind Pencil Skirt is the ultimate better basic. Dress up for work or an evening out with ABLE heels, a sleek blouse by J.ING, and simply beautiful Janna Conner Earrings

Explore our full collection of more great pieces by Gravitas. 

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Diamonds Are Rare...and So Are You

Diamonds Are Rare...and So Are You

Which fruit shape are you? If you are a woman over 25, you probably know what I’m talking about. 

For years, the shape of fruit has been metaphorically used to describe the shape of a woman’s body. While I’m sure at the time, this was useful and effective, but eventually, we found ourselves wondering, “Must my body be compared to a fruit? 

About a year ago, our team was preparing for an event where we were teaching clients “how to dress for your body type.” As we were preparing the content and imagery we hit a snag. While we wanted to provide visuals of varying body types, we certainly didn’t want to use fruits! 🤣 Our founder said to the team, “I don’t want to be a fruit. There has to be a better way to describe our bodies. How would you want to describe your shape? What do you love?” Then someone shouted “Geometric shapes,” that’s not it. “Precious stones,” mmm that’s not it either, “Pearls!” close but not it, then Nicole shouted, “DIAMONDS,” and then there was a simultaneous, “YESSSSSS That’s it! Diamonds!”

Diamonds are rare. Diamonds are precious. Diamonds are beautiful yet incredibly strong. This was our way to shift the narrative of how we describe our bodies. For us, this felt more empowering, more graceful, more encouraging. So, we quickly realized that there were  various types and shapes of diamonds that we could use to visualize the varying body types and the rest is history. 

With that, we are excited to share with you, our Diamond Silhouettes. Below, you will find our version of “body shapes” described by diamonds cuts. Please keep in mind that this is a GUIDELINE. 

You may find that one diamond silhouette is more relatable to your body or you might find you are a mix of two. Just know that your body is beautiful and so unique that it cannot be fully described by any fruit, shape, or even diamond. This guideline is meant to help you to visualize your body shape as close as possible.

Radiant Diamond 

With this silhouette, you have more of an athletic shape. Your shoulders may be wider than your hips but you also have muscular legs and thighs.  

Trillion Diamond

With this silhouette, your hips are typically more voluptuous than your bust & chest area.

Heart Diamond

With this silhouette, your bust and chest area is typically more voluptuous than your hips.

Princess Diamond

With this silhouette, your bust and chest area measures at about the same as your hips but your waist typically measures smaller.

Emerald Diamond

With this silhouette, your measurements are fairly even throughout your bust, waist and hips.

And there you have it! Those are our FIVE diamond silhouettes to help you identify with your body shape. Now, tell us, which diamond are you? 

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Brand Spotlight: Inclán Studios

Brand Spotlight: Inclán Studios

Queen Anna House of Fashion is so proud to share Inclán Studio’s pieces with our stylish clients. Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, our collection of Inclán is sure to stand the test of time. Their exciting, yet timeless styles will continue to capture the spotlight when dressed up or down. We love that both brands are inspired by our grandmothers, which is one of the many reasons why Queen Anna continues to be drawn to Inclán’s collections season after season. We are also very proud of Inclán’s initiatives in the wake of Covid-19, using their factories to make masks for essential workers. More information can be found here if you would like to learn more or support this initiative.

Inclán Studio, pronounced [INK•L•AH•N] is a contemporary Houston-based women’s fashion label. The name serves to honor Paola, the founder of the brand with Mexican roots, and her grandmother, Martha Rocha Inclán. Inclán is a wonderful addition to the roster of Queen Anna’s brands, offering versatile clothing for effortless outfits. Their team is highly-skilled, bringing high-quality styles for the strong women who wear them.

Our favorite thing about Inclán’s clothes is their wide versatility. Whether worn to work, brunch, a Zoom meeting, or a night out (which we will hopefully be able to enjoy again soon!), our selection of Inclán pieces are ready for it all. A few pieces definitely not to miss are the Cory Dress, The Dani Pants, and The Emory Top. 

Perfect for a spring weekend, The Cory Dress offers effortless elegance. The crossbody tie flatters all, while the lightweight fabric is sure to keep you cool all season long. Pair with a Sancia Bag and Oceanne Necklace during the day and dress up the look at night with Sol Sana heels and a Joya Cuff

Light, airy, and always on-trend, The Dani Pants are a warm-weather must-have! Made to be multipurpose, they are magic with The Fable Silk T-Shirt and vibrant Sol Sana Mules for a fresh day look. Switching over to evening, Inclán’s pants pair nicely with Alias Mae heels and simply beautiful Janna Conner earnings

The Emory Top exudes a relaxed, cool vibe and is incredibly comfortable. Full of fun, the dusty blue shade will add a kick to your closet. Pair with The Mia Pant, also by Inclán Studio, for a dreamy monochromatic look. Accessorize with one of our favorite Oceanne necklaces and you’re good to go! This top also transitions well into a more formal look when paired with The Gigi Mini Bag and chic slingbacks by Alias Mae

We hope you enjoy learning about the story behind the brand. Shop our must-have Inclán collection now, before it's gone!

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