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Fashion How To: Learning to Style My Silhouette

Fashion How To: Learning to Style My Silhouette

The backstory is that in two years, I gained about 30 pounds. While it did not happen overnight, once I recognized the change, it had an immediate effect on my state of mind. If you’ve ever gone through something similar, you’ll be familiar with how quickly a weight change can impact your self-esteem.

NOTHING in your wardrobe fits your body.

So, you avoid leaving the house. Then, the tears flow when you stand in your closet, which is now chock-full of clothes that no longer work for your body type. 


We often punish ourselves when our body shape is not what we want it to be. We don’t go to the beach because we don’t think we’ll look great in “beachwear.” We don’t buy that amazing blouse because we want to lose 10 pounds first. We believe we deserve stylish, fashionable clothes only after we’ve achieved a body type that we may, honestly, never have.

Trust me, I’ve been there. However, what I've learned is that this kind of behavior only hurts YOU. I’ve realized that all you can do in the present moment is to learn to love the shape you are and dress for the body you have today. 

Embrace yourself today, which includes your shape and size. Love on your shoulders, arms, waist, hips, thighs, and ankles. When I did this, I finally felt like myself again. Is it perfect, no and I'm okay with that. 

Even if you still intend to lose weight or change your body, this is an important first step to style your body type. Making changes that start by embracing where you are today. 

There is something about getting dressed in clothes you feel GREAT in. You feel unstoppable. You feel free. You feel…beautiful.

Here are three quick ways to help you start:

  1. Compliment yourself every day

Look in the mirror and say, “I like my…” (insert thighs, legs, smile, hair, eyes, wrists, waist and hips…you get my drift) You may not truly mean it on the first try, but you will over time. Your body is a beautiful creation, so show it some love!

  1. Go shopping (with a plan)

No matter where you are in your body journey, there are items that will work for your shape! A pencil skirt, sheath dress, statement jacket, bootcut jeans, or shoes will never steer you wrong. If you find that you need to add some flavor to your look, these are tried-and-true classic pieces that can work at any size.

  1. Learn how to style your body type

Weight fluctuates, especially as we get older. But never let a weight change convince you that you’re no longer beautiful, or no longer worthy of stellar style. There are tricks to the trade on learning how to dress for your body type no matter what size you are. Find out what fit and style works best for you and repeat it.

In fact, we are hosting an upcoming Style Masterclass on How to Dress for your Body Type, you can click here for more details.

After attending our Style Masterclass, you are guaranteed to have a better understanding of your specific body type, learn ways to dress for your body type, make getting dressed in the mornings a lot easier, and new style tips on how to take your look from day-to-night. We hope to see you there!

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