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Exclusive Guest Writer: One Posh Closet

Exclusive Guest Writer: One Posh Closet

How often do you find yourself wanting to see different clothes in the store? Something that reflects your inner world, inspires you and the people around you. It's all typical, the same, boring. 

Queen Anna House of Fashion doesn't just carry the most unique clothing pieces in the Midwest, they also house their own luxury concierge service, One Posh Closet.

One Posh Closet was created with the intention to provide a service to help busy women on-the-go find pieces that not every person walking down the street owns. Service offerings include personal styling, personal shopping, closet organizing, sourcing of art, and our newest (and most unique!) addition 'One Posh Design.' 

ABLE 'Mina' Denim Jacket  // ABLE 'Minelia' Jacket (available in-store)

One Posh Design is an exclusive addition to Posh's services because of our ability to elevate an everyday jacket and customize it to fit your personality and style. With the design of embroidery or hand-painted, we can create endless pieces of wearable art. 

Embroidery is one of the most ancient trends in art. We're reviving it in a new force with a modern, relevant, stylish, and unique perspective. One Posh Closet has always appreciated unique and exclusive things - the ability to not be replicated. In life, you will never meet two absolutely identical people, and that's the same standard of work that One Posh Design creates for every client. Exclusively for you!



Embroidery is a reflection of a person's state of mind: color, shape, texture, and any motif or text. The scope of imagination is not limited. Are you a fan of Andy Warhol? He is an American artist that was at the forefront of pop art culture. His use of delicate flowers, pastel colors, and beautiful birds are among the favorite topics of our Posh Designer that she uses to create and inspire her every day. What inspires you? What could One Posh Design create to make your jacket perfect through your eyes? That design that makes others stop you on the street to ask where your jacket is from - not knowing that it cannot be replicated. It's one of a kind.



Currently, all custom jackets found within Queen Anna House of Fashion, are available for purchase. To get information about starting the process customizing your own jacket, contact One Posh Closet or visit Queen Anna in the North Loop.

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