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How To: Update your Beauty Routine this Fall

How To: Update your Beauty Routine this Fall

We've all been there. The weather begins to dance between warm and humid and cool and dry, and our skin reacts just trying to keep up with the change. With the annual dip in temperature, it's officially time to put away the lighter skin care products and punchy shades of makeup and lipstick and turn our attention to moisture-rich products (we're looking at you body lotions and facial moisturizers!) to calm and renourish our newly dried-out skin.

We've got just the product line for you. Insert, BeautyCounter. Carried at our North Loop boutique, BeautyCounter is known for its wide array of clean beauty products. We've highlighted a few of our favorite finds, along with a new fragrance line, to add to your beauty routine ASAP. You'll fall in love with these picks, trust us.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat

First things first. When switching up your seasonal skincare routine you need to start with cleansing. Since the fall air has a tendency to dry your skin out, opt for a gentle cleanser that won't be too harsh on your newly sensitive skin.

Before cleansing, give your face a clean slate with their Instant Eye Makeup Remover. Simply grab a cotton pad and remove your makeup in a snap - it even wipes away waterproof products!

One of the many wonderful things about BeautyCounter is that their extensive line of facial products suit all skin types and problem areas. From fine lines and wrinkles to acne-prone skin, there's a product that aids in every type of problem area.

Moisturize to the Max

With the dry air your skin is dying for some moisture. Give it some extra TLC with heavier face creams and serums.

What's the ultimate solution to hydrated skin? We're stocking up on the Countermatch Collection. Known for it's anti-aging and hydrating benefits, choose from a cleanser, serum, eye cream, lotion, and sleeping cream, or put them all together for the ultimate skin quench.

Keep up the dewy look by giving dull skin an additional boost with Glow & Go facial oils a few times a week. And remember, even with the heat dropping you still have to protect your skin from the sun - be sure to find a moisturizer that includes SPF.

Lather on the Lotion

Now that you've got your facial routine set, give the rest of your body the hydrating boost that it needs with thicker body lotions, such as a Body Butter in a yummy scent. Packed with shea butter and mongongo oil, the thick, buttery formula leaves even sensitive skin feeling nourished and non-greasy.

New Season. New Scent

Time to put away the summery citrus and sweet floral scents, fall provides an opportunity to usher in fresh seasonal fragrance.

New to our store, Skylar fine fragrances. Clean and refreshing, try a spritz of one of their signature scents - you'll be sure to love them as much as we do! Plus, they're hypoallergenic.

Color Change

Raise your hand if you love a good lipstick. At Queen Anna, we're all for a pop of lip color, and we're especially excited to bring out the deeper berry and wine shades. We carry many of BeautyCounter's luxurious lip gloss shades, and we even have a sample pack for when you can't choose just one.

If you're looking for a specific product, or if you're looking for additional information on the products carried in our store, don't hesitate to ask! You can shop all skincare, makeup and beauty products at our North Loop boutique. 

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