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How To: Design a Custom Bano eeMee Leather Jacket

How To: Design a Custom Bano eeMee Leather Jacket

This holiday season make your leather jacket dreams come true. The Canadian premium luxury leather brand Bano eeMee is offering the opportunity to create custom men's and women's leather jackets. 

We originally rolled out the opportunity at "The Art of Leather with Bano eeMee" during Fashion Week Minnesota, and we are SO excited to take it one step further by offering our customers true customization through the holidays. 

As a brand that truly cares about their social makeup and footprint on the world, all of their leather sourced is by-product of the food industry. The design house acheives an array of stunning leather colors by using  vegetable based dyes and REACH certified chemicals in the tanning and preservation of their leathers. In addition, the sale of a Bano eeMee jacket translates into fair paid work for their artisans. 

 Watch how Bano eeMee leathers are designed and created:

If you're ready to take the leap and design your own investment piece follow the steps below. Your closet will thank you for your new wardrobe staple.

Step 1: Pick Your Style - Men's or Women's

Major decision number 1. What style to get? Moto, crop, blazer, tunic, vest, collared... the list goes on. Once you've chosen your style we'll work with you on your custom measurements to make sure that the jacket will fit you (or the gift receiver!) just right. 

womens and mens bano eemee leather jackets
mens leather jacket  womens leather vest

Step 2: Pick Your Color & Hardware

Once measurements have been finalized we'll move on to picking your perfect color and complementary hardware. Flip through the supple leather swatches to view seasonal hues such as blush and oxblood and tried and true classics such as black and camel. Top it all off by choosing your hardware (zippers, snaps, buttons, etc) - you'll have the option to order rose gold, black, and silver. Now your jacket is starting to take shape! Let's move on.  

leather swatches and hardware

bano eemee leather jackets

Step 3: Pick Your Liner

The ultimate surprise element. You even get to choose your liner. How chic is that? Bano eeMee offers classic and seasonal designs such as geese and yellow jackets. 

bano eemee jacket liners

Step 4: Place Your Order

Now that you've provided measurements, chosen a style, picked a color, finalized hardware and liners you're ready to go! The entire customization and order process can be done at our North Loop boutique or from afar (just provide your measurements), simply email to get started.

On a time crunch? We offer a variety of seasonal Bano eeMee styles which you can shop anytime online, in-app or at our North Loop boutique. Happy designing!

womens bano eemee leather

Women's Full Catalog

womens bano eemee leather jackets
womens bano eemee leather jackets
womens bano eemee leather jackets
womens bano eemee leather jackets
womens bano eemee leather jackets
womens bano eemee leather jackets


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