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Empowering Graphic Tees can Elevate Your Mind

Empowering Graphic Tees can Elevate Your Mind

So much has gone on in 2020 and now we are into the second half of the year. I feel like the snow just melted and my humans just got out of school. In actuality my kids are (potentially) going back to school in less than 30 days, I am 75% through a brief summer due to COVID and being in the house and have not left the state of Minnesota in so many months I have lost track.

I think of the sunlight as this beautiful thing that makes the earth warm, helps flowers grow, and keeps me sane. Literally. I love waking up at 5 AM when the world and my house are still (and quiet) and I can enjoy the sunrise and find my center and intention for the day.

If the later doesn't occur, my day has a habit of finding a way of spiraling out of control and I go to bed feeling unaccomplished, regardless of how many fires I put out in one day.

When it came time to evaluate the current inventory assortment that we have available in Queen Anna, that is when I took the opportunity to incorporate empowerment t-shirts because I knew that given the day I might need to be reminded of one or all of the sayings on the shirts. Plus, if for some wild reason they haven’t appreciated the way that I appreciated them, they would still be great to look at hanging on the wall, any time of the year; but who am I kidding, that would never happen (would it?👀)

Resilient Tee

Between the empowerment graphic tees for daily and fashionable reminders about how resilient you are and what a phenomenal woman you are and the sequin masks to stand in for the sparkle from the sun on the days its none existent, I think we women are covered through the end of the year and we can look forward to starting 2021 out with a bigger and especially better start on the year.

By no means am I saying the year is over or throw in the towel (you all know that is not in my DNA) I just know how many of us had goals set for the year and how a New Year generally is equated to a fresh and clean start, and if that is you then our latest graphic tee and sequin mask collection is here to fill your joy reservoir until then.

I'm Gonna Win Tee

I believe that even though the year hasn't been what many of us had originally envisioned I am still able to find silver-linings woven throughout the entire first six months of 2020. Navigating life is 90% about your mindset and 10% of anything else you need to make it through. I have found myself reflecting on the things I played a part in and things that were out of my control and the difference in how I responded to the various situations regardless of how big or small always boils down to how I chose to look at the situation.

With the recent shift in listening ears to the voices of people of color, I have had the honor of telling portions of my life experiences as a Black Woman to people who really want to know how they can help and to others who want to unlearn what they once knew as normal in hopes of changing their mindset and outlook on the world around them; which has been wonderful.

With August being Black Business Month, we have decided to create yet another platform in which we will be Elevating and Amplifying not only Black Voices and Experiences but Black Businesses too!

Elevate & Amplify

So many people are being more thoughtful about where they are spending their resources and want to be more strategic in partnering with Black businesses but not sure how to start those conversations. Elevate & Amplify will be doing that and much more. I have been explaining it like a Black Business Marketplace meets Diversity and Inclusion Forum meets Networking, put into a Queen Anna House of Fashion blender, and then packaged with an elegant gold wrapping paper and a big red bow🎁.

We will be putting more information out within the coming week, but for now, make sure to hold space for us in your calendars because you are not going to want to miss the opportunity to surround yourself with these innovative and excellent Black-Owned Businesses.

Stay tuned! And until next time! Bye-Bye❤

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