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Designer Spotlight: Slate Collective

Designer Spotlight: Slate Collective

Here at Queen Anna we are always looking to expand our royal family and we're pleased to announce that we are now offering pieces from local Minneapolis designer Slate Collective, exclusively in sizes 12-14. Slate Collective is a contemporary design house for the modern woman, full of elevated yet wearable classics.

Allison Quinnell, the leading lady behind the brand believes every day is deserving of creative expression. The line is a combination of flattering silhouettes and modern interpretations of the Little Black Dress, punctuated by limited-edition "Artist Sessions" - collaborations with up-and-coming female artists. All of Slate Collective's products are proudly designed and crafted in the USA.

Collective Artist Sessions: Each Session is a unique interpretation of wearable art from an up-and-coming female creative, with a portion of all sales returning to the artist.  Released on a limited basis, each piece is a collectors piece, an original masterpiece for your closet.

Session 01: Kim Kei

Kim Kei evokes the body without depicting the figure as a form. The body is implied by mimicking the skin's surface and the gesture of the form. The paper captures the cracks and wrinkles, the body's acquired marks through time, injury, repair, and illness revealing what we attempt to keep hidden - bringing these unruly parts of ourselves fully to the surface communicates a body in motion as if to say, "It's okay to look, we're still alive and notice how we're touching."

See below for a few of the chic designs we're now offering in sizes 12-14 at our North Loop location.