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BoldinBeautiful x NYFW Roundup

BoldinBeautiful x NYFW Roundup

We all have a favorite celebrity that we follow on Instagram, we have a secret Pinterest board with all of their looks, and we buy every magazine that we THINK they might be in. Trust me, there's nothing wrong with it, because I do it too. 

I also am very blessed to have colleagues and friends that I adore just as much, if not more. This week Queen Anna's Style Mark is being taken over by my friend and lifestyle blogger Dionne Boldin. She has her very own fashion blog called and after reading it, you will be following her on IG and pinning her fashion forward looks on a secret Pinterest board too!


There is no time more exciting for a fashionista than New York Fashion Week (NYFW). The week (or so) long series of international fashion houses, coming together in one city, is enough to drive any fashion maven wild! The street style, especially, gives me my life just as much as seeing the new collections grace the runways. And I must admit – Spring/Summer fashion is my absolute favorite! I love the bold patterns and colors of those seasons, which are always so refreshing after the winter months.

Hurricane Irma kept me grounded during the start of NYFW, but thank goodness for technology because I was able to tap into the happenings of Fashion Week from the comforts of my home. The Spring 2018 collections seem to fashionably persist with oversized trends, and I’m loving the addition of a little skin, here and there, which a few collections happened to showcase. I’m particularly in love with the Deplozo Spring 2018 collection! Its bold prints and vivid colors totally captured my attention. Neons and neutrals together?! Please and thank you! The feminine details of these pieces totally scream flirty with a punch of wow.

Image source: Vogue

Oh, and can we give the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2018 collection two snaps and a twist, too?! Creative directors Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim gave us a fresh, youthful look for spring. Keeping in line with the spring trend of bold colors and oversized prints, the design duo even gave us denim on the runway! You know I love me some denim, honey! The scribble-design, paint splatter pieces from this collection will certainly be on my must-have list for the spring.   

Image source: livingly

The Oscar de la Renta show is always one of the most coveted shows of NYFW, and with the spring collection coming,  I can see why. Garcia and Kim continually remind fashion lovers that classic, inventive fashion always translates to a timeless, yet unabashed, wardrobe. This collection is a winner – fresh, modern, and unlike any other – and I’m here for it!

Did you happen to tune into the beautiful mayhem of New York Fashion Week? Which fashion house caught your eye? We would love to hear your thoughts on NYFW ’18!

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