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A Size For All: Inclusively Sized Fashion

A Size For All: Inclusively Sized Fashion

This week, Queen Anna House of Fashion is continuing the celebration of the diversity within women’s body types, as we strive to include clothing options for every shape and size at our store. This week we are also highlighting the movie The Greatest Showman, which leaves us with the lasting impression that pursuing, and believing in your dreams is paramount. We love this message, and seek to make our clients feel confident, special, and ready to achieve all of their goals, no matter your shape or size we have something for you!

As we continue to bring in brands with extended sizing and as we grow our plus-size collection, we wanted to highlight some additional brands that we don’t carry, but have the same values as us, and make inclusive sizing their main mission. 

Zelie For She is a black-owned plus-sized clothing brand that is founded on the “unapologetic expression of one's individuality,” which is also a cornerstone here at Queen Anna. This brand brings the concept of fashionable leisurewear to life. Their merchandise includes casualwear with a twist; that can be dressed up depending on how it's accessorized. Just adding a pair of heels and layering some jewelry on top makes all the difference! Zelie For She is designed and produced in Los Angeles by designer Elann Zelie. 


Jibri is an inclusively sized clothing brand, that offers sizes ranging from a 10-28, while still offering fashionable options. Jibri is dedicated to creating garments for the fashion-conscious curvy woman, which aligns with one of our missions here at Queen Anna, making every client feel refined and stylish, no matter their shape. Jibri designs have been featured in publications such as Essence Magazine. and are designed by American fashion designer, Jasmine Elder. 

Since our focus this week is on the movie The Greatest Showman, we have recreated looks inspired by one of the stars of the movie Kaela Settle using our own inclusively sized brands that we carry at Queen Anna. This look features a top from European Culture and a pair of wide-leg pants from Ripley Rader. Both of which offer a variety of sizes, and super forgiving silhouettes. We love these brands because they keep real women in mind, and design clothing based upon the busy reality of many women's lives. Gravitas, And Comfort, and Taylor Jay are a few more of our favorite size-inclusive brands that are expertly crafted and designed to address the needs of real women. 

Keala Settle Iconic Woman

Queen Anna House of Fashion prides itself on making every woman who walks into our doors feel more confident and ready to take on life by the time they leave, and offering options that fit every body type is crucial to make our mission a reality. 

Shop our size-inclusive brands and more in-store, online, and in our app. Don’t forget that you get free shipping when you spend over $50 & free returns! Come back next week to see what theme we are highlighting and the iconic looks that we have recreated for you right here on the Style Mark Blog.