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5 Ways to Add Brown into Your Workwear Collection

5 Ways to Add Brown into Your Workwear Collection

This season brown seems to be the new black. From shoes to suits to jackets to accessories, brown is likely invading your wardrobe throw many different realms, especially your office collection. For many, it has been difficult transitioning work-from-home athleisure to back to the office attire. The good news is we are here to help with ideas on how to add brown into your workwear attire. Let’s take the frown out of brown and bring it to your office with these timeless five pieces.

1) Brown up Top - A Solid Top

When the seasons change, layers are everything. We love a statement top that can stand out on its own, worn well below a cardigan or worn a base later under an outer jacket. With workwear tops, versatility is key. When you seem to experience four seasons in a day, it is important to have pieces that can stand alone or worn with layers. This is why we are currently swooning over the Amanda Uprichard Anders Top.

The premium brown stretch leather makes the top pop on it’s own and able to blend in with additional pieces that may be needed for warmth. The details ont his specific top are ingenious. The classic neckline, added drop in the back and flare at the waist make this top a staple piece for the office and your wardrobe.

Model wearing brown Amanda Uprichard Anders Top


2) Brown on the Ground - A Trusty Pair of Heels

Brown shoes have always been a staple in a boss ladies footwear collection, yet finding a workwear shoe that looks good and keep you comfortable all day is a bit of challenge.

For the office, we are fans of a closed toed shoe that gives your just enough lift to elongate your legs yet is generous on the toes. It’s hard to find a pair of heels that can deliver both so until you find the perfect heel that you can wear all day, we recommend packing an extra pair of shoes on the way to the office. Who says you can’t heel up for the meeting and cozy down when your day is full of zoom calls or drive time?

For your statement shoe, we love this Brown Pump by Rebecca Allen. It provides the right amount of coverage for a comfortable lift and can be worn with just about anything.

Brown Rebecca Allen Pump

3) Staying Warm in Brown - Protect the Neck

In our opinion, one of the benefits of the cooler weather is the ability to add accessories for functionality, fashion and fun. Adding brown into your look can sometimes feel a bit boring but when you balance it with pops of color, you can blend the classic business look with your fun personality.

Having a brown scarf handy is never a bad idea. It can be used to tie in your shoes or slacks to the rest of your outfit not to mention, it’s a lightweight and functional piece that can keep your warm on those cold mornings and lunch breaks. We love the Peruvian Baby Alpaca Scarf for is quality, versatility and design.

4) Accessorizing with Brown - Off the Shoulder

Adding a brown bag to your wardrobe is a move that is tried and true. A high quality bag never goes out of style and tends to fit with almost any outfit. The bag gives you the ability to carry around something useful that is also fashion forward.

We are fan of a small, over the shoulder bag that gives you just enough pizzazz to highlight any outfit with ease. The beauty in your bag collection is that each bag can be easily swapped depending on your mood, plan or mission. And the right bag can absolutely transform your look.

We have been obsessing over the Sancia Cesanne Saddlebag. Did you know the saddlebag has deep roots in Hispanic heritage? We wrote a blog about how the saddlebag came from the cowboys to your closest. Give it a read here. 



5) Functional Fashion in Brown - Cozy Coats

Depending on where you live, a solid jacket in essential to staying warm many months out of the year. Since brown is such a versatile color, we believe a functional & fashionable brown coat is worth the investment. A solid coat is versatile, matches nearly everything and holds its value for years to come.

This year, we are loving the Moon River Waist Tie Fur Coat which hits all those bases and more. Finding an outer layer that suits your needs for warmth, style and ease is an important upgrade to your wardrobe. Not to mention with a beautiful coat, it is useful for days at the office that spontaneously turn into night’s on the town.

Moon River Waist Tie Fur Coat

Moon River Waist Tie Fur Coat

This season brown should be brought to life in your wardrobe with options ranging head to toe. When dressing for the workplace, this classic color can easily transcend seasons, age and fashion limitations to bring out your inner fashionista . Here at Queen Anna House of Fashion, we aid to empower you to feel your absolute best when you are at the office and hope these five classic ideas will help evaluate your inner goddess.


Brown, Black, Neutral and White, we’ve got your wardrobe bases pieces on lock. Check out for all your fashion staples this season.

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