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10 Easy Outfitting Ideas for a Quarantined Holiday

Welcome back to the Style Mark Blog! We are ecstatic that the holidays are upon us, and find there to be even more cause to celebrate especially after the 2020 we’ve all had. STILL, we are not on the other side of Covid-19 just yet, so we must stay diligent and continue to mask up for the remainder of the year. 

Just because we are practicing social distancing and quarantining ourselves in the house doesn’t mean that our style has to be compromised. Join us as we take you through some easy outfitting tips that are festive and work perfectly for a quarantined holiday season! 

#1 Sport your Favorite Matching Sweatsuit or Tracksuit 

Whether it’s tradition in your household to get the entire family matching pajamas for Christmas or you just crave comfort, a matching sweatsuit is the place to start! Our Maison de Papillon Eros Hoodie and Jessica Joggers are the most luxurious way to sport your sweat suit as they are crafted in all-over cashmere. Just throw on a pair of slippers and you are ready to open gifts with your family all Christmas morning long. 

 Cashmere Hoodie and Joggers

#2 Dress Up for Fun! 

So many of us have been stuck in the house for months working from home which hasn’t permitted anyone to really get fancy, but what better time to change that then in celebration of the holidays? Pull out your sequins and heels for holidays at home and snap a few pics while you’re at it! Our new Allen Schwartz Holiday Top paired with the Allen Schwartz Carolina Skirt would give your look just the right amount of “extra” to appropriately celebrate the holidays.  


#3 Mix and Match Casual/Comfy with Dressy Pieces 

Use the holidays as an excuse to still get wear out of your going out pieces, but style them more comfortably with casual pieces! Take our Phenomenal Women Action Campaign Crewneck for example and layer that underneath a Bano eeMee Leather Jacket and your look has the perfect balance of dressy and comfort. 

#4 Wear Something that is a Conversation Starter 

Maybe you haven’t seen your family or in-laws in several months and the traditional small talk has begun to run dry, wear a comfortable graphic tee that has a statement that you are passionate about and let it do all of the talking. Try pairing one of our Know Purpose Tees with joggers or denim and explain to your family what your t-shirt means to you! 

Graphic T-Shirt and Joggers


#5 Add Excitement with Color! 

The holidays are the perfect time to add some color to your look, and it doesn’t just have to be red or green! Try an unexpected shade like the lime green of our One Fell Swoop Forme Dress or a royal blue similar to our Amanda Uprichard Keely Top to add a pop to your outfit! 

#6 Bring Back the Culottes! 

The nature and silhouette of culottes just automatically lends them to be comfortable, which makes them especially ideal for any food belly that may occur! Whether your a leather person or tend to prefer a printed style we have options! The Grace Willow Vera Leather Culotte comes in two shades and will have you reaching for them constantly this fall and winter. The Inclan Studios Andi Culotte feature a subtle houndstooth print that makes for the perfect touch of variation to your outfit.

Culotte Style Pants

#7 Support Your Feet! 

Whether you are in the kitchen serving up holiday meals or you are spending coveted time with your family it’s a must to make it a priority to preserve the comfort of your feet. Our new Vision Quest Shoes Pebble Grain Shoes are the perfect combination of style and comfort. They are crafted with environmentally conscious materials and feature a foot bed of memory foam that provides all the comfort!

 Vision Quest Shoes

#8 Bring Out the White

Snow is likely falling where you are and the holidays are in full swing, so why not incorporate some winter white into your wardrobe to compliment the season. Try a cream outerwear piece like the Grace Willow Caspian Coat; this shearling coat is so cozy and versatile that it will work layered over a hooded tracksuit or over a more formal dress or jumpsuit.

#9 Use Jewelry to Accessorize and Let your Family Know Who’s the Queen of the House 

At Queen Anna we strive to make everyone that walks through our doors feel like the royalty that they are, and we have some jewelry pieces to complement that sentiment. The Nina Berenato line of crown jewelry features earrings and rings that give all of your visitors this holiday season a subtle reminder of who’s castle they’re staying in ;)

Crown Earrings

#10 Silk, Silk, and more Silk!

The holidays are the best excuse to pull out your luxurious silk pieces, even in the house! Now is the time to reach for our Maison de Papillon Josephine Silk Blouse and use it as a layering piece this holiday. Throw a cardigan on top and your look is both luxurious and comfortable. 

Use this holiday season to be grateful that we have almost made it through 2020 and are headed into a new year. We hope you have the opportunity to spend time with your families whether distanced or simply in your homes and find these quarantined styling tips helpful this season. At Queen Anna and One Posh Closet we are always standing by to assist with any of your styling or fashion related needs! Click Here to fill out a simple form to begin your journey to securing your very own personal stylist. Meet us back at the Style Mark Blog for more holiday themed fashion!